Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Ramadan 20, 1425/ November 4, 2004 #109


Ramadan 1425 is the anniversary of 'Ayesha Siddiqa [radi Allah 'unha]. She was the beloved wife of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and daughter of the greatest Muslim male sahabi, Abu Bakr, r.a. Moreover, she was a great woman as a woman, a person in her own right.
Here are some of her qualities which put her above other women:
  1. Greatest narrator of Hadith.
  2. Best among the Companions in understanding the Qur'an.
  3. Best in giving religious rulings [fatwas].
  4. Leader of both men and women. [Commanded an army including some of the greatest sahaba at the Battle of the Camel.]
  5. Poet of superb quality.
  6. Teacher and educator.
  7. Battle participant [including the greatest battles of Islam, Badr and Uhud].
  8. Allah revealed verses of the Qur'an to exalt her character and honor.
  9. The angel Gabriel brought her picture image to Muhammad (pbuh) to urge him to marry her.
  10. Allah, in the Qur'an, gave her the choice to leave Muhammad (pbuh) if his life was too difficult to share. SHE CHOSE MUHAMMAD (p), refusing to consult her parents.
  11. She shared life with Muhammad (p) in war time when there was little to eat and a fire to cook food was seldom lighted in their home.
  12. Her charity was incredible. Once she received 70,000 dirhams after the fall of the Persian empire. She distributed ALL of them to the needy and got up dusting her clothes as if she had gotten rid of something unclean.
For arrogant men, a woman like Ayesha (r.a.) is difficult to deal with. At the Battle of the Camel, a man in Ali's (r.a.) army [opposing her] made some disrespectful remarks about her coming out of her home to lead men. At this, a Companion of the Prophet, p, who was siding with Ali (r.a.), named Ammar, r.a., rebuked the man, saying: "O Fool! May dogs bark at you!
Shut your mouth! Are you not ashamed of yourself that you are showing disrespect for the beloved wife of the messenger of Allah, peace be on him. Do you not know that in Paradise too 'Ayesha will be his wife."
[ This quote and the facts above are from the classic biographical Hadith collection of Ibn Sa'ad, died 230 H., in his TABQAT al-KUBRA.]


A day before Ramadan began, IARA [Islamic African Relief Agency], based in Columbia, Missouri was shut down by the U.S. government on vague charges of "terrorism." The action helps explain the methodology of the hand behind the propaganda about Darfur, Sudan. Almost daily, Americans are told that people are dying in Darfur owing to the actions of the relatively Islamic government in Khartoum. But then the Muslims helping deliver charity to the suffering people of Darfur are shut down!
[National Public Radio mentioned in passing two weeks back a Jewish group which is working in Darfur, Sudan.]

White, Christian Backlash Swamps Kerry
Open Ended Era of War Coming Up

[New Trend Special Report.]

The U.S. election cost $6 billion in the 7 months till a couple of days before November, with $600 million spent on TV advertising alone. It was an election of the rich, for the rich, by the rich. The American people had to be put under tremendous propaganda pressure to be persuaded to vote. People who look at the beautiful harmony of election day itself do not realize how the process is developed and processed so that the poor and the needy are left completely out of it. In spite of all the hype, 40% to 60% of the citizens of the U.S. do not even register to vote. Bush knew what he wanted: War, nationalism, more power to the elites. His people successfully energized the American heartland. It was a clean sweep for Bush from Virginia, to North Carolina, to Georgia, to Oklahoma and Nebraska. The White Supremacist idea mingled with Christian evangelism to produce a deadly mixture. In addition, many were afraid that "gay marriages" would be introduced to their states by Kerry supporters.
Kerry was a failure. He dared not speak openly to his support base. Most of the time he seemed to be a clone of Bush. Most of America's poor and needy were not convinced that he was for them. He tried to cash in on the anti-war sentiment but would not say when and how he would end the war. The 9.11 Factor The Liberal and Left communities have not understood the impact of 9.11 on the American psyche. For the Left, the idea that Islam and America are at war is absurd. How can Islam be a factor against a superpower like America. So we see lunatic fringe type conspiracy theories floating around about 9.11. Sometimes we are told 9.11 was like the Riechstag fire which catapulted Hitler into power [with the implication that Bush is another Hitler]. Often, the conspiracy theorists come up with stories about "remote controlled" planes!
[This was before voice from the planes were deciphered.]
[The Muslim world has its own version of these stories and we are told: The Israelis did it! 4,000 Israelis did not turn up on 9.11! When we ask, how do you know? We are told: Look at such and such web site!]
Thus the issue of 9.11 which is now part of America's psyche is sidetracked by the Liberal/Left.
New Trend showed from day one [September 11] onwards that America was totally surprised by the elite Islamic commando lead by Muhammad Atta which killed 3000 Americans in one day and struck down the symbols of America's economic and military power. America's response was that of a powerful person who cannot believe that the despicable Islamist would dare to carry out such a horrific attack. To understand it, one has to understand the terror Nat Turner inspired among the slave holders. Alex Haley's ROOTS has an image of an oppressed Black man doing the unthinkable: pointing a gun at the dominant White. On 9.11 New Trend had given the image of CYCLOPS whose one eye was taken out by Odysseus.
[America's world famous intelligence agencies could not see who had come out of the east to carry out the attacks, using America's own planes as weapons!]
Cyclops went berserk and started throwing huge boulders at the fleeing assailants in the vain hope of hitting one. Compare with America's assault on Afghanistan which killed thousands but missed most of the Taliban and just about all of Al-Qaida armed formations.
The Left saw the Jihad in Afghanistan which brought down the Soviet empire as merely a CIA operation. It could not see the one million people killed by the Russians. Now it cannot see that the Taliban are defying the power of the USA.
The liberals and the Left sympathize with Muslims in Iraq and Palestine but it's a hollow sympathy. They never bother to understand that Islam is a complete way of life. It cannot be pigeon holed into pseudo-Marxist theories. Osama's latest video gave Bush the little extra mileage he needed. Most of America noted it, but for the Left [as well as Iran] Osama perhaps is not even a real person, ingeniously invented by the devious White House. Osama wants Bush to attack, so that millions in the Muslim world should be able to make that extra effort to join the "non-state" forces of Islam.


Almost half of America, Christian/White, supported by Zionist infiltrators and agents wants war. The evangelicals openly state that they want to blow up the Al-Aqsa mosque. They have hooked up with Israel. In fact those of us who see Israel as the prime mover in U.S. foreign policy should start facing up to the fact that Israel is only ONE of America's several tools in the Muslim world, along with dictators, kings, generals in Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Tunisia, Algeria ..[the list goes on].


Both Kerry and Bush support Israel 100%. However, Bush's support was not apparent to the American hinterland. His theme was American nationalism. Flag waving covered up the Israeli connection and the close Sharon-Bush relationship. It was clever camouflage. By contrast, Kerry was clearly identified with the New York establishment. The Christian populations are racially antagonistic to Jews but afraid of being accused of anti-semitism express it in weird concepts such as: Fear of ONE WORLD government, or the "U.N. is about to take over the U.S.", or Kerry wanted U.S. troops to be put under U.N. command. Kerry sounded fake in his views against war when he dared not criticize Israel or come up with any rational explanation for the hatred Israel excites in Asia and Africa. Hence even people who would be expected to support Kerry against Bush did not feel excited about Kerry's opposition to War.

IMBECILIC BEHAVIOR of U.S. Muslim "Leaders"

Election 2004 once more exposed the intellectual mediocrity and spiritual bankruptcy of self-appointed American Muslim "leaders." In 2000 they had carried out a bloc vote for Bush, with disastrous results. Bush used them and then spat on them. Instead of apologizing to the Muslim community or subjecting themselves to critical self-analysis, these "leaders" simply made a U-turn and started rooting for Kerry. They were able to deliver a few votes, specially picked up and driven to polling booths. Even more pathetically, in some places mosques were turned into polling centers.
Then, these "leaders" announced that 93% of Muslims had voted for Kerry. So, if 100 people vote, and 93 of them are for Kerry, the rich Muslim group can use the "sample" and say 93% voted for Kerry. This self-serving statement was made before these "leaders" realized that Kerry has lost.
It is about time that these "leaders" should pack their bags and go look for other business. It is remarkable how these people who put the name "Islamic" in their organizational names cannot come up with ONE VERSE FROM THE QUR'AN or ONE HADITH which would support their drive to vote first for Abu Jahl and then for Abu Sufian.


Most Muslims boycotted the elections, fully aware that neither Bush nor Kerry care that 100,000 Muslim civilians, mostly women and children, have been killed in Iraq by the U.S. airforce. [Source: Lancet magazine.]
Most Muslims realize that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was called a terrorist, and neither Bush nor Kerry cared. Israel has destroyed 131 mosques: No response from Bush or Kerry. Putin's Russia has perpetuated GENOCIDE in Chechnia, but American politicians are interested only in the Russian version of the tragedy at Beslan.
The Qur'an and the Prophet, pbuh, give us a program, a plan, a methodology for peaceful change in America. Muslims need to organize and make Islam real in America. It won't happen if we join the oppressive power structure.

Montreal Perspectives
By Jalaluddin S. Hussain
Dr. El-Masry is hounded: Dr. Bernard Lewis is Praised!

National Post: a love-hate relationship

Perhaps I have a love-hate relationship with the ultra-conservative and pro-Zionist English daily of Canada: National Post. Although, I do not subscribe to it on a monthly basis,I read it regularly, either by buying it or by going to the local library. My rationale: how can I know their views if instead of reading them, I boycott them?

Canadian Jewish Congress hounds Dr. Elmasry

Currently, Dr. Elmasry, President of the Canadian Islamic Congress is the target of National Post and Zionist attacks. In a recent Michael Coren Live TV Talk Show, from Toronto, Dr. Mohamed Elmasry, in part, reportedly said:

"The totally innocent people (are) obviously the children, but they are not innocent if they are part of a population which is the total population of Israel (which) is part of the army...They are part of the Israeli army, even if they have civilian clothes." This remark, besides some other responses, have raised the ire of various Jewish groups, including the Canadian Jewish Congress, Binai Brith and the daily National Post. Prudently enough, Dr. Elmasry has issued a news release last weekend, and has insisted that his remarks, made on a television program were "regrettable and misunderstood." This should have constituted sufficient apology and the demands of certain Jewish and Muslim leaders that CIC President resign, tantamounts to carrying the matter too far and may encourage the fundamentalist and extremist elements within CIC to adopt more anti-Zionist attitude, considering current cruelties particularly being perpetrated by the Israeli army in the Gaza strip.

Iraqi dead people less important!

There is an interesting and apt cartoon by Aislin (Terry Mosher) in daily, "The Gazette" of September 9, 2004. It shows two readers, of a common newspaper page, reading an Iraqi news item. The news item reads: 1000 have died in Iraq. The first reader remarks, "It is very sad". The second reader responds, "yes". At this reply the first reader asks: Should not that read 12,000?" How so? counter-questions the second one. "Well, 11,000 Iraqis have also died." But then the second one contemptuously remarks: "Oh, them!" This series of cartoons poignantly and graphically highlights in a timely way, the exteme biases and prejudices of a section of Canadian print media.

Bernard Lewis lectures in Montreal

Dr. Bernard Lewis, the author of "What Went Wrong: Western Impact and and Middle Eastern Response", recently visited Montreal on a lecture tour. He delivered a highly biased and slanted speech, on the subject of, Islam and the West, in the Beth Israel Beth Aaron Congregation, on October 18, 2004. The ad in daily, "The Gazette" proclaimed him as " the greatest living student of Islam, author of twenty-three books, and editor of "The Cambridge History of Islam". His lecture to a dominantly Jewish audience left much to be desired and gave a one-sided perspective on the Middle East problems. It is incmbent on the genuine Islamic scholars within the Muslim diaspora community of North America to carefully listen to this poison-tongued "Islamic scholar" and give him appropriate responses. These so-called scholars should not be ignored and left un-answered

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