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(Ref: June 21 Khutba published in Arab News, Jeddah, of June 28)
Jewish Federation's Complaint: North Carolina Muslims' Response on Boycott
FBI-Pakistani Intelligence Forces Raid Well-Known Kuwaiti Charity Helping Children

As noted in our previous issue, the Jewish Federation which monitors Arab newspapers, noted Dr. Kaukab Siddique's Khutba of June 21 which was published in Arab News, Saudi Arabia's leading English language newspaper on June 28 (published in advance of the date on it). The JF alerted its branches in American cities about Imam Badi Ali's boycott list of Jewish products which was projected in the Khutba. The JF's complaint reached Greensboro daily newspaper which contacted Imam Badi Ali and asked for a response.

On June 28 afternoon Imam Badi Ali and other Muslims met the representative of the local paper and spoke about the boycott in detail. Imam Badi said that the least we can do for the Palestinian people is to boycott Jewish products and companies which support Israel. Funds which are sent from Jewish businesses in America to Israel help to fund OCCUPATION, STATE TERRORISM, MURDER OF CIVILIANS, including children, and collective punishments imposed by Israel on the entire Palestinian population.

Here are some of the slogans of the boycott campaign issued by Imam Badi Ali:

1. "Every time you buy Mcburgers and fries, a Palestinian child dies."
2. "McDonalds kids meals/ kill Palestinian kids."
3. "Starbucks coffee = Palestinian coffins."
4. "Nike steps out for Israeli terrorism."
5. "Coke is Israeli dope/in it, for Palestine, is no hope."

Imam Badi concluded that people of conscience have no choice but to boycott businesses which support Israel, otherwise the blood Israel is spilling would be on our hands too. Tanks in Palestinian population centers and support by American businesses for those tanks makes it imperative that we do not spend our money on this "murder, inc." whose other name is Israel.
New Trend would like to add a couple of slogans:
1. "The star in Starbucks is the star of David."
2. "Disney money for Israeli murderers is no mickey mouse stuff."

On May 27, 2002 in Peshawar, Pakistan, there was a raid by Pakistani police backed by the FBI on a 15 year old charity which has helped tens of thousands of children and helpless people. The charity, from Kuwait, is known as Jamiat Ihya Tarath al-Islami. It is a legal charity, properly registered both in Pakistan and Kuwait. It strictly keeps away from politics and sectarian strife. It runs schools which combine traditional and modern education. It is always at the front of causes to help the poor, such as the drought in Baluchistan. On both festivals of Eid it gives gifts worth millions of rupees to orphans. It has helped many Kashmiri refugees too.

When Bush's "war on terror" started, the FBI approached Musharref to investigate the charity. The charity provided all its records to the government of Pakistan and no fault was found. The FBI also approached the Kuwaiti government which too, after investigation, gave a clean bill of health to the charity.

However, the FBI seems to have been more interested in closing down the charity than in investigating it. The Pakistani mercenaries were in front and the FBI was making sure Musharref's men do their job. The raid on May 27 trashed the offices of the charity. Musharref's dogs (the police) dumped copies of the Qur'an, hadith and tafseer on the floor and treated them like garbage. All the contents of the office were trashed. The computer hard discs were taken away for "investigation."

Simultaneously, the Police/FBI raided the HOMES of the charity's workers. They broke into the homes and insulted the female members of each household. These women are strict observers of purdah but were not permitted to dress properly. The men were beaten, tied up and taken away along with their computers. At least 15 Kuwaiti and other Arab Muslims were arrested.

Musharref's police scaled home walls and broke into private homes in this "operation." In each home, the police broke down doors for entry and dumped all the Qur'ans, hadith and books of religion which are common in Muslim homes.

People in Kuwait are convinced that the FBI Director MUELLER lied when he told an AMC convention in Washington on June 28 that it is "not a war on Islam." If the most non-political, fully documented Islamic charities are being closed down to please the Jews, only a moron would believe FBI Director Mueller.

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