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Safar 15, 1426/March 26, 2005 #25
Please scroll way down to interesting letter in defense of Imam W.D. Muhammad.
Also, report on huge new rallies in Lahore and Quetta, Pakistan which trashed Busharraf.

Rachel Corrie

[A tribute by Anwar Ul Haque , Islamabad, Pakistan.]
A pretty and innocent girl Rachel Corrie 

Stood like a mountain in front of gross terrorism 

Although Bulldozer killed her, she is still alive 

And her fight continues against terrorism 

Rachel Corrie is the symbol of principle and humanity 

She is the crown and jewel of human dignity 

She is the voice of human conscience and morality 

Rachel Corrie! You will be loved and respected till eternity 

Rachel's blood drops poured in the sacred land 

Giving birth to the trees of freedom in the wonderland! 

The beautiful flowers of those trees remind us always

The softness of her heart, firmness of her moral ways. 

Corrie is larger than life, taller than others

Her mission, her zeal, her understanding 

Of the meanings of life are so perfect 

It will attract forever love and respect! 
Rachel Corrie is crown of creation. We salute her for her principles, courage, care for humanity. She stood in front of the number 1 Terrorist of the world i.e Illegal and illegatimate Israel and its leaders Sharon & Co who on 16th September 1982 killed 3000 unarmed, peacful women in Shatilla and Sabra camps.
Jamaat al-Muslimeen News [3 items]
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  1. VOICE OF IMAM JAMIL al-AMIN [ex-Rap Brown] FROM PRISON. Copies of the Block Report cd are now available. Why should the Imam's voice be heard and listened to carefully?
  2. Because Imam Jamil is a natural heir to the heritage of Malcolm X [al-Hajj Malik Shabazz]. He is TOTALLY UNCOMPROMISING with the oppressors.
  3. He understands America as few do. He speaks to the people of African descent in the pure language of Islam and makes it relevant.
  4. Imam Jamil follows the Sunnah. You won't find any shilly shallying here. He accepts ALL of Islam.
  5. He has been railroaded in a most shameful way. He is a family and community man and the system of injustice tried to present him as a criminal. [His wife, sis. Karima, is among the best of womanhood, and has been struggling all her life to stand with the Imam against oppression.]
  6. Astonishing courage! Imam Jamil says that the Jewish power structure, big business interests linked to elite Jews, is behind the dirty lyrics and songs being pumped into the Black community, especially meant to demean the Black woman.
[Order the Imam Jamil cd by sending a donation, $20 at least, to the Jamaat address given above. Send check, if not in a hurry; send money order if in a hurry.]
A few copies of of AMIRI BARAKA's INTERVIEW ON LOCAL TV with DR. WILMER LEON is available on DVD. These are complimentary and will be made available to readers who want to help Jamaat al-Muslimeen. On screen, Amiri Baraka reads his powerful poem about 9.11. He challenges the idea that 9.11 was the worst thing which ever happened in America. What has America's power structure been up to, he asks?

Also Amiri Baraka has some enlightening comments about Condoleeza Rice and other Blacks working with the power structure. These people are simply agents of imperial power, he thinks, and their color is not relevant. There are many like them.

Write our Jamaat al-Muslimeen address above for the Baraka DVD. Send a donation with it.

Jamaat has received more info on NESTLE. One report, pro-Palestinian, says, Nestle started investment in Israel in 1995 by "buying 10% of Israeli food maker Osem Investments." In 1997 Nestle got the controlling share by increasing its investment in Israel to 50.1%.

Pass this on! BOYCOTT NESTLE, BOYCOTT STARBUCKS and all those who fund Israel.
[If you have been eating too many KitKats and using Purina and Tidy Cats for your pets, that's Nestle too.]

Visit to the Sepulchre of Jesus, peace be on him.

[See Day 1 and 2 in previous issues of New Trend.]

by Rizwan [London, England. [Exclusive to New Trend.]

Dear All,

Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh.

All praise is due to Allah (swt), Lord of the Worlds.

Tuesday 30th November: In and around Jerusalem
Hear more demolitions may be taking place this morning, hang around for updates, now think they will happen tomorrow.

Need to mobilise myself and get to Project that I am here for. Call Jeremy in Canada (bill is going to be huge, yelp!) to get update. Aiming to be there this Thursday insha'Allah, planning for 2 week stint so that I can pray my final jum'aa in Al-Aqsa, insha'Allah.

Told do buy a new edition basic and intermediate English teaching book and take that with me. Go to the local book shop only to find that they don't have it - then advised that the shop near Ben Yehuda in the Jewish Quarter would...what was I thinking eh, getting the latest book from the Old City?! Don't bother making the trip now.

Head into Old City with Christian and Emma. Think it is their last day here before they go back to Oz via Thailand...though they are trying to extend trip as we speak (or write!).

Visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where Christian's believe that Isa [Jesus] (alaihis salam) was crucified and is therefore Christendom's most important site. Go onto the Via Dolorosa (way of the sorrow or way of the cross) - this winds up through first the Muslim Quarter and then the Christian Quarter and again, it is where Christianity belief is that this is the route taken by Isa [Jesus] (peace be on him) as he carried the cross.

Go on to visit the Israeli Museum, the Citadel, known as the Tower of David Museum, basically a museum of the history of Jerusalem. Watch video, take the tour, interesting. Mention of the crusaders (Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi) and ottoman empire etc, right through to the Jewish Revival to present day.

Next head to the Mount of Olives, east of the Old City, is dotted with numerous churches and white-stone graves dating back to biblical times. The hillside graveyard on a steep path upwards had superb panoramic views of Jerusalem, especially the Dome of the Rock at sunset, alhamdolillah.

Not asked for passport once today! - reiterates to me how inconsistent the Israeli Services are.

Love, Ridwan
Revolutionary Khutbas
[see New Trend web site for earlier ones.]

What's behind the "woman leading juma' " story?: "Made in USA Islam" is latest Fad. Qur'an without jihad verses? Sharia in Nigeria vs AIDS in South Africa

[During February and March Dr. Kaukab Siddique gave 4 Juma' khutbas: three in three different Baltimore communities and one at Lincoln University. This one, the latest, on March 25, was given at Johns Hopkins University.]

Texts: "... The two were in the cave, and he said to his companion, 'Have no fear, for Allah is with us'..." [The Qur'an 9:40]

"Jabir ibn Samura, r.a., said that the Messenger of Allah, pbuh, used to deliver the khutba while standing. He would then sit down and then stand up and address in a standing posture. And whover informed you that he delivered the khutba while sitting told a lie. By Allah, I prayed with him more than two thousand times." [Hadith: Sahih Muslim]

Main points of the Khutba: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Pakistan News:
From New Trend's Pakistan observer

MASSIVE ANTI-MUSHARRAF, anti-U.S. RALLIES in Lahore and Quetta.

On March 23 the Islamic coalition, MMA, held a huge rally in Lahore, followed by an equally impressive rally in Quetta on March 25. Thus the Islamic leadership, with the surging masses of Pakistan, delivered a "one-two" blow to General Musharraf's power structure WITHOUT EVEN ONE VIOLENT INCIDENT.

The U.S. is very concerned and has announced that it will deliver F-16s to Pakistan. This is an attempt to bolster Musharraf because the F-16 issue has a nationalistic echo in Pakistan. {They were paid for years back but never delivered.]

In Lahore, in addition to the hundreds of thousands of people who came from within the sprawling city, tens of thousands also travelled down from cities all the way up to Rawalpindi. The leadership jointly declared that the peaceful movement will not only TOPPLE MUSHARRAF but will continue till a democratic ISLAMIC SYSTEM is established.

In a deeply inspiring speech, Qazi Hussain Ahmed, ameer of Jamaate Islami, quoted ALLAMA IQBAL who taught that our homeland is ISLAM and our NATIONALITY is Mustafwi [one who follows the example of Muhammad, pbuh]. By contrast, he said, Musharraf wants to import the American system and wants to implement Agha Khan's educational syllabus.

Imran Khan, former cricketer, now gaining support after his Islamic transformation,condemned attempts to create a "made in America" Islam. The danger to Pakistan, he said, is from within, from General Musharraf. Iqbal was enlightened, he said: His thought has no relevance to the program of Musharraf.

Prof. Sajid Mir, leader of Ahl-e-Hadith, said that Musharraf is "licking America's boots" to save his own chair but very soon we'll drive him away.

In the MASS RALLY IN QUETTA, March 25, the MMA [Islamic coalition] urged an end to military operations in Baluchistan. Maulana Fazlur Rahman taunted Musharraf and said: You won't be able to get rid of the 'mullahs' because the people are with us. Baluchistan's problems need to be solved with discussion and negotiation, not through military operations.

He also condemned the attempt to bring in a flood of immoral and sexually explicit material into the country which is part of the government's attempts to undermine the Islamic integrity of the country. [Message incomplete.]
General Musharraf's ministers are carrying on a hectic propaganda campaign to discredit the huge rallies in Lahore and Quetta. On APRIL 2, the MMA is calling for payah jam STAND STILL STRIKE ALL OVER THE COUNTRY as a referendum against Musharraf.

The General's entire team is working hard to make the strike fail.
PLEASE PRAY FOR THE HEALTH OF SYED MUNAWAR HASAN, the dynamic Secretary General of Jamaate Islami. After speaking at these rallies, his throat has given way.
THERE HAS BEEN A STOCK MARKET CRASH in Karachi. On March 25, dozens of small businessmen who have lost all they had protested at the Exchange and clashed with police.

Imam Warith Deen Muhammad has Done Much Good.
Association with "Ahmeddis" [Qadianis] was only a Stage

I am not a follower of Imam Warith Deen Mohammed. But in my heart and with my du'as, I support his efforts. I have no reason not to. I respect him greatly. I have no reason not to.

You notice I refer to him as "imam." That is because I have no amir in this country. I want one. He is it for now.

I have been troubled by your apparent antipathy to Imam Mohammed. I have not been able to understand it. Now I think I have a clue.

I have in my possession many books published by followers of the Ahmadiyyah Movement. Why I have them is another story. I am not an adherent. Never have been. I have no interest in the movement beyond a slight historical interest. I did not buy the books. (I suspect you, being a South Asian, are saying to yourself, "Brother, you should burn them!")

As I was driving the other day, my wife read to me from a pamphlet published in 1916 by a movement member. It was not about the movement. It was a thought-provoking commentary on an event related in the Qur'an. (Not about Prophet 'Isa.) At my request, she also read to me from the same pamphlet the claims of the movement. That turned my stomach, and I asked her to discontinue reading aloud. Of course I had always known of the controversy, but that reading was the first time I had ever experienced a direct appeal to support the movement.

I recall giving a khutbah at a college years back. Most attendees were Pakistanis, some students and one professor. In the course of the khutbah, I read in Arabic a well-known short surah. I mentioned that I was reading a Qur'an with a translation by an Ahmadiyyah follower.

After salah, the professor, a brother in his fifties, asked me to never again use in a khutbah materials in any way related to Ahmadiyyah. I think I had ruined his salatul-Jumu'ah. I didn't realize at the time that he must have experienced the same revulsion I felt while driving and listening the other day.

I was a black child in the forties. My self-esteem was somewhat intact, but I was aware that whites thought of me as nothing. To say the least, that awareness did not make me feel good. So imagine, if you can, how good I felt when the Honorable Elijah Mohammed came along-during my emotionally volatile teen years-with "proof" that I was actually better than the people who despise me. And what I felt, I felt for more than myself. I had a sense of the emotional and psychological benefit he was bringing to black people nationwide and worldwide.

I never joined the "Nation." Occasionally I listened to street-corner orators (Malcolm and others) and read the paper. Until some years after the death of Mr. Mohammed, I was devoted to material achievement and to fun, with my drive for both enhanced by the bolstered self-esteem given to me by the Nation.

I have been a practicing Muslim for twenty-seven years. Allah knows best, my aqeedah is fairly sound. That notwithstanding, nothing can diminish the veneration and love I feel for the Honorable Elijah Mohammed--and for his son.

I doubt, Brother Kaukab, that you share my love and veneration. However, I think you share my revulsion to Ahmadiyyah. But unlike me, you probably associate Ahmadiyyah with Elijah Mohammed-and with his son, Warith Deen. I am talking about an EMOTIONAL association.

The association is undeserved.

Brother Kaukab, you are a significant force in Islam. You have, therefore, significant responsibility. You may not have intended to become such a force, but here you are. Allah plans best.

I encourage you to sit with Imam Mohammed and learn from him first hand what he thinks, what he means by what he says, and what are his goals. I think the result of such a meeting will be mutual respect and cooperation.

Ma' salaam,
Best regards,
Na'im AbdurRafi
The Clear Choice

Editor's Response:

walaikum asalam

Thank you kindly for your valuable letter.

I am sure that Imam Muhammad has done much good and I have no doubt about that. I also appreciate the development of the NOI because it fulfilled an important need at a time in the history of the people of African descent.

Where I do not see Imam Muhammad as an Imam is in the last 10 to 15 years of his development. He has cooperated consistently with the forces of Zionism and Imperialism and has been silent about the suffering of the Muslims.

People do change. We can't base our allegiances entirely on the past if the person changes direction and starts working with the oppressors. I wonder if you have noticed who are his best friends?

I wish you the best but I would like you to reflect on the here and now rather than on the past.

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2005-03-27 Sun 19:08ct