Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Shawwal 6, 1425/ November 19, 2004 #114
[Courtesy Br. Issa Smith, Washington, DC]
[This from America's Imam was distributed on Eid Day.]

Imam Jamil Al-Amin's Eid Message: We Vote for Allah Five Times a Day: Comments on Elections, War and Power Structure: Quotes the Qur'an & Hadith

From Allah's slave, Jamil Al-Amin

To: The Muslim Ummah

As salaamu 'alaikum wa Ramadan Mubarak wa Eid Mubarak!

"O you who believe, fasting is prescribe to you as it was prescribed to those before you that you may become God-conscious."

I began in the name of Allah, The Beneficient, The Compassionate. I seek refuge in Allah from Misleading and from being misled and being betrayed into ignorance by others. I ask Allah to guide my heart and to guide my tongue. First, I would like to thank everyone who have supported me and have kept me in their memory and duaas.

The Creator's way is circumscribed by Justice and clothed in Mercy. Justice is a Master Virtue, no light matter, no civil rights issue, just Truth and falsehood, no nicely calculated less or more. Truth is a Trust; and falsehood is Treason.

Huey P. Long, former governor of Louisiana, was once asked if Fascism would come to America; he said, "yes, Fascism will come to America, but it will be called Patriotism."

The Struggle aganist Fascism is in fact, a Global Struggle, and Struggle is our Mantle. "Truth comes and falsehood is vanquished, and falsehood by its nature is bound to perish."

The absence of Conscious Struggle based upon Truth, allows the Human to be slaughtered by ideologies. To be successful in struggle, one must have a consciousness and a discipline molded and shaped by a high moral system which is favored by Allah. The Prophet (pbuh) said: "If you imitate a people, then you are of that people."

There are no new answers for old problems. It is futile to invest in a process that is not only corrupt but it is bankrupt. You can't vote your way out of this situation. If voting could change the system, it would be illegal. The Muslims vote five times a day for Allah, His Messenger, and the Righteous leaders among them, and the Masaajid are their polling places.

A society that kills its unborn and disrespects it old, can they be called civilized? A gang who kills women and children in air raids and missle attacks, are they really to be viewed as civilized? Does the civilized define people who throw away food, while their neighbor starve, as being of them? Western Society has the distinction of giving graphic meaning to the statement of "Coming from Barbarism to Decadence without going through Civilization."

Blessed are those who struggle.
Oppression is worse than the grave.
Better to die for a Noble Cause
Than to live and die a slave. 
In Peace Strong!

In Battle Strongest!!!

Allah's slave
Jamil Al-Amin
WAR NEWS: From our media monitor
[Latest: Friday, November 19: U.S. troops, in 10 armored vehicles, with Iraqi renegades, raided the famous Abu Hanifa mosque in north west Baghdad during Friday prayers, killed three Muslims and arrested 40. Source MSNBC TV 9.35 AM EDT and 10.03 EDT.]

Day 11 in Fallujah: 'Pockets' of Resistance: U.S. Losses now: 51 Killed, 400 wounded

The U.S. military is in a hurry to declare victory. It's become an embarrassment for the marines that with a force of 22,000 they could not induce a poorly armed motley force of 1500 mujahideen to surrender.
On November 14, the U.S. had announced that the 'back' of the resistance had been broken.
However, 'pockets' of resistance emerged on November 15. The situation became so serious that the U.S. once again launched air attacks and artillery strikes against the 'pockets.' On November 16, it appeared that the west side of the city, known as Julan, was still in Islamic hands. The U.S. gave this curious explanation for the situation that fighters who had been driven out of the city had SWUM BACK ACROSS THE EUPHRATES RIVER! New Trend analysts are trying to figure that out: how could fighters swim back without being detected by American helicopters? And if they did, where they find their weapons, or did they swim across with machine guns held high above the water [as in Hollywood movies]?
In November 17, the U.S. acknowledged [indirectly] that mujahideen were still active in Fallujah by launching new air strikes in the city, which implies that the resistance was too strong to be dislodged by the marines themselves.
On November 18, the U.S. declared once again that the resistance in Fallujah was at an end and, once again, its "back" had been broken. However, the same evening, NBC News reported that U.S. forces were still fighting "pockets" of resistance in Fallujah.
These 4 days of fighting have not been easy for the U.S. It's losses are now reported [source: NPR] as 51 killed and 400 wounded, which indicates that 13 U.S. troops were killed and 125 wounded in the 4 days after the first claim that the 'back' of the resistance had been broken.
The U.S. is sticking to its claim that 1200 "insurgents" have been killed which is contradicted by Arab sources which say only 200 mujahideen have been killed. Observers say that 1000 may be the civilians killed in the fierce U.S. bombardment who are also being counted as "insurgents."
The Islamic strategy seems to have been to withdraw the main Islamic formations before the U.S. attack and leave only die hard fidayeen units behind, working in groups of 2 or 4 or at the most 6, to keep the Americans busy.
New Trend Analysts say: It's a Great Victory for Islam

Urban Guerrillas Challenge the Best of America's forces

The forces are unevenly matched. In fact there is no comparison in numbers or weaponry.
22,000 U.S. troops with 2,000 Iraqi mercenaries attacked an Islamic volunteer force of about 1,500.
The U.S. juggernaut was preceded by air strikes and heavy artillery shelling. Finally when the American forces advanced, they were led by hundreds of tanks whose armor is impenetrable for the weapons the mujahideen possess.
The Islamic fighters were armed with rifles, machine guns, rpgs and a few mortars. The main resource of the guerrilla fighter is the civilian population. Popular resistance cannot survive without the people's support. However, over a month before the assault, the U.S. air force carried out daily air attacks on Fallujah under the pretext of trying to hit Abu Musa'ab al-Zarqawi, the Islamic leader from Jordan, a country in which 91% of the people oppose the U.S. invasion of Iraq. The air attacks left more than 300 civilians killed and more than 3000 wounded. The most important impact of the air campaign was most of the population of Fallujah evacuated the city when it became apparent that a large American force was going to smash its way in. Thus the fighters were left without their support base.
The following factors made the battle into a victory for Islam:
  1. NOT ONE OF THE MUJAHIDEEN SURRENDERED though some were captured when they were wounded or ran out of ammunition. This is the new Islamic reality: A tiny Islamic force is faced with OVERWHELMING AMERICAN FIRE POWER and decides to fight it out.
  2. The mujahideen fought hard and inflicted 451 casualties on a well protected American force.
    ["Pockets" of resistance are continuing the battle.]
  3. The Imams of the city's many mosques, even under U.S. air attacks, continued to rally the fighters with calls of "Allahu Akbar." This appears to have been the major reason why the U.S. shelled and bombed mosques and then sent its troops into the mosques to desecrate and vandalize them.
    [Even Muslims previously pro-U.S. now admit that this is a war against Islam, and has nothing to do with the "liberation" of Iraq.]
  4. The U.S. military clearly identified the PEOPLE of Fallujah as its enemies and went house to house in an orgy of destruction, pillage and murder. Every Iraqi male was seen as an "insurgent."
    This is a clear defeat for the U.S. as it has destroyed all its pretensions that it had a "higher" mission in Iraq, and that "Saddam was bad and we are good."
  5. Fallujah has become a rallying cry for Muslims all over the world. The shame of thousands of Iraqis in Saddam's army surrendering before the U.S. forces in the Gulf War has been erased.


New Trend's sources say that the U.S. behavior in Fallujah has been revealed only to some extent by the U.S. media. However, even this little which has come out indicates the desire to destroy an entire city.
NBC's picture of an atrocity IN A MOSQUE gives some idea of what has been going on. The video shows a U.S. marine marching into a mosque. He sees two Iraqis, just about dead, unarmed lying on the floor of the mosque. He looks at one of them, an old man, and screams: "He's f...ing faking dead." Then he shoots the old man in the head and says: "Now he's dead!" Immediately after the video appeared on Al-Jazeerah, the U.S. TV system went into high gear to DEFEND the atrocity. CNN and MSNBC defended the murder quite skillfully, but on FOX TV, O'Reilly, known for his racism and jingoism, went into a patriotic frenzy and declared that the video actually "exonerates" and justifies what the soldier did. The poor soldier was in danger, according to O'Reilly. Buchanan, another racist, came on MSNBC and declared that reporters, even though "embedded" with and controlled by the military should simply be banned from the war zone. Gone are the days of the stories of "victory" and "liberation" when the American army was plunging towards Baghdad and media people were in high demand.
[Now that the NBC video is being looked at carefully, it appears that there are other Iraqis lying dead on the mosque floor. Probably the brave marines had killed a number of unarmed people before the central hero of the story, O'Reilly's poster boy, finally shot the old man.]
[Note 2: NONE of the U.S. media had the moral courage to discuss the fact that all these killings were carried out in a mosque.]
[Note 3: The brainwashing process in America has become so advanced that no atrocities are acknowledged unless they appear on a video, and then they are controverted. Without the Internet, most Americans would have no idea what their heroes are up to.]

MOSUL Back and Forth

The fighting in Mosul ebbs and flows every day. The mujahideen successfully diverted more than 1200 U.S. troops from Fallujah to Mosul. When the U.S. forces entered the city, the mujahideen withdrew, and then started raiding the Americans the next day.
Popular uprisings in Ramadi, Samarrah, Beigi, Bakubah and other Sunni Muslim towns are keeping American troops engaged.


[In the meantime, Ali Sistani is supporting U.S. organized "elections: while heavy fighting continues in major population centers. He was quite untouched by the American siege of Najaf itself and brought about the retreat of Moqteda al-Sadr. Sistani is said to be the symbol of Iranian-U.S. cooperation. He claims that 60% of the Iraqi people are Shias though there is no proof of such a majority. Sources say that the Shia and Sunni Arabs are 40% each while 18% are Kurds and 2% other nationalities.]

Abdullah Mahsud Breaks out of Pak Army Trap:

November 17: In an interview with the daily Ummat of Karachi, Islamic fighter Abdullah Mahsud pointed out that Pakistan army's Corp Commander Lt. General Safdar Hussain had assured him that the army would negotiate with him. However, when he went back to his village, the Pakistani troops surrounded his village. He broke out of the encirclement and no longer trusts the army. He said, all this is being done by Musharraf in obedience to America. He vowed to fight to the end.
[Earlier a Pakistani mujahideen hero Naik Muhammad was similarly tricked by the Pakistan army and then killed in a missile strike while he was using his satellite phone.]

Jihad Leader Says: Attacks on Shia and Other Places of Worship are Haram [Forbidden] by Islamic Law

Speaking in Karachi on November 3, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, leader of Pakistan's biggest Jihad movement, Jamaat ad-Da'wa [basically involved in liberation of Kashmir], condemned attacks on places of worship in Pakistan. He said that attacks on Shia Imam Bargahs, Sunni mosques and all places of worship are strictly forbidden [Haram] under Islamic Law. Hafiz Saeed said that these attacks are NOT being carried out by Al-Qaida nor by anyone in the Jihad movement but are the work of the enemies of Islam coming in from outside. He hailed the struggle of the Muslims of Iraq. Against India, he said the Jihad will continue regardless of the multi billion Rupee fence India has placed on the control line.


On November 17, India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh visited Srinagar, the capital of Occupied Kashmir. Just before his arrival, two mujahideen fought a three hour gun battle with an Indian army unit before they were killed [near the Stadium where Singh was to speak]. Earlier gun men opened fire on police in in Zeena pura killing three policemen. In Budrawa, government agents set fire to a Muslm's house. The house owner's wife and two relatives were killed in the fire. In Srinagar, as well as in other towns, there was a COMPLETE general strike to protest the visit of the Indian Prime Minister at the call of the All Parties Hurriyet Conference. All educational, business, and both private and government institutions remained closed. Heavily armed Indian army units are patrolling the streets.

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