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DAY 19: Attacks, Counterattacks at Airport and Approaches to Baghdad.
Surprise U.S. Raid + 4 Bunker Buster Bombs used in Attempt to Kill Saddam & Sons

The ferocious bombing of Baghdad continued on April 7. Civilian casualties pouring into Baghdad hospitals have made medical assistance just about impossible.

The Iraqi report that the U.S. does not have control of Saddam International Airport was verified by American admission that on April 7 heavy fighting at the airport resulted in the death of 100 Iraqi troops. [CNN's report that an American transport plane had landed at the airport was propaganda. CNN claimed the plane landed under cover of night; hence could not be photographed.]

An American attempt to enter Baghdad from the south east failed after an Iraqi counterattack. In a very short clip the various U.S. channels admitted, quite unusually, that a whole group of U.S. armored vehicles had been destroyed, including a tank in which two officers were killed.

A successful Iraqi missile strike halted another U.S. column approaching Baghdad killing as many as SIX U.S. soldiers with another six missing. [A very unusual admission by the U.S.]

Most of CNN and other U.S. TV coverage was an all day celebration of a U.S. tank column's raid into Baghdad. The column was reported to have had 100 tanks with air cover and entered the wide open touristy area of Baghdad which is difficult to defend. The tanks were moving fast and seem to have surprised the Iraqis. They occupied an Iraqi palace much to the delight of U.S. media which went into a feeding frenzy in presenting the Iraqi leader as a sybarite who lives in luxury while his people starve.

Some of the tanks stayed in the palace and are under attack as we go to the "press." Tanks are difficult to dislodge for the lightly armed militias fighting for Iraq.

[In fact these palaces were built by the King planted in Baghdad by the British. The palaces were hit in the First Gulf War and Saddam provided jobs to his people by having them reconstructed and restored. Construction work was one of few activities possible under the horrendous U.S.- UN sanctions which ruined Iraq's economy.]

NPR reported another attempt to cut the U.S. supply line in central Iraq in which the Iraqis destroyed a couple of oil tankers and killed a couple of troops.
SADDAM and SONS KILLED, MSNBC, FOX and CNN Insist Without Proof

At about 10 PM [EST] April 7, the Zionist media misleading the American people (CNN, FOX, MSNBC) suddenly started claiming that the civilian area hit in the Mansourah area of Baghdad was actually a leadership target. Very openly and with great glee, the media started claiming that Saddam Hussain and his two sons and his senior officials had probably been killed in the strike in which B1 bombers dropped four 2000 pound bunker buster bombs on a civilian target.

[Use of B-52s and B1s in a heavily populated city is definitely a crime against humanity.]

The U.S. media claimed that an "inside" source provided the tip which led to the "probable" killing of Saddam and his sons and officials.

If this story turns out to be false, it will do serious harm to U.S. media credibility even among American audiences. According to Arab media, numbers of civilians were killed and wounded in this "bunker buster" strike.

SADDAM as a martyr will be even more hurtful for the U.S. than Saddam has been alive.

[Steve Emerson, notorious Zionist Jew, came on MSNBC to celebrate the "probable" death of Saddam Hussain.]
[ARAB VOLUNTEERS: U.S. media admit that Egyptian, Syrian and SUDANESE mujahideen are fighting in defense of Baghdad. This information is historic in one sense: AFRICANS from SUDAN are defending ONE OF THE CENTERS OF ISLAMIC CIVILIZATION.]
["Arab" is not a race. Sudanese who speak Arabic fluently but are Black Africans are often counted among "Arabs.]
[There is no sign of Pakistani and Bangladeshi volunteers yet.]

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