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F-16s Were Used in the Assassination: Supply of Weaponry to Palestinians is Forbidden
by Buut Shikan (Idol Breaker)

August 22: If the White House, in spite of the CIA and the FBI, has not entirely lost the ability to see facts on the ground, it should have learned a lesson from today's mass demonstration in Gaza. More than 100,000 people came out to honor and mourn the martyrdom of Ismail Abu Shanab, the Hamas political leader murdered by Israel. They vowed to hit back against the illegitimate state of Israel.

Thus if Sharon thought that the high-tech murder of Abu Shanab would frighten or demoralize the Palestinian people, the result has been quite the opposite. THE GREEN FLAGS OF ISLAM ARE GATHERING EN MASSE and Islam is, as never before, the voice of the Palestinian people.

Palestinians are politically astute and cannot be fooled. They noticed right away that the murder was carried out by Israeli pilots flying American F-16s. Thus on the one hand, Israel is supplied with the latest American weaponry, and on the other ALL imports of weapons by the Palestinians, even rifles, are stopped by the U.S. The STRATEGY IS OBVIOUS: Disarm the Palestinians and then use the puppets among them, like Mahmoud Abbas, to set up a Municipal Authority which can collect the garbage and suppress Islam.

[Kuwait paper al-Mujatama' is quoted in a Pakistani paper as reporting that Abbas is a BAHAI, a group closely allied to the Zionists with headquarters in Haifa.]

Instead of listening to the calls of anguished Palestinians, President Bush (August 22) froze Muslim charities in France, UK, Switzerland and other countries suspected of being pro-Hamas. [It seems to be a form of fiscal warfare where the movement of funds held outside the U.S. will be impeded.]

HAMAS is fighting Israel. It has NEVER attacked the United States. Does it make any sense for the US to wage war against Hamas? Whoever is advising Bush is certainly not interested in the good of the United States. Looks like Bush is totally helpless in the hands of the Zionists and their neo-conservative allies. [Did you hear Tom Delay [Republican Party leader] speaking in the Israeli Knesset in occupied Jerusalem? It was an obscene speech. Even the Jews were embarrassed by how much he loved them. Tom Delay is a top Bush supporter who is convinced that the opponents of Israel are EVIL.]
by Buut Shikan
Mr. Bush wants to dismantle Islamic groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad, a neo-colonialist dream which is gradually becoming a fantasy. Bush does not realize that tens of thousands of Palestinian children are ready to martyr themselves rather than be ruled by Israel.

Israel is an illegitimate entity. In all of history it has had no existence. It's a myth, an evil force emerging from the murky depths of Biblical story telling. Israel was imposed by force by International Jewry working through UK, the US and their tool, the UNO. Without annual funding and arms from the USA, Israel would collapse.

This American military base known as Israel has to be dismantled to bring independence and liberty to the Muslim world. The U.S. and Israel support every dictatorship and Kingship [$2.8 billion goes every year to Hosni Mubarak of Egypt] so that a rallying point against Israel may not emerge.

Peace is very possible if the U.S. respects the right to self-determination of the Muslim world. If the U.S. withdraws from the Middle East and allows Israel to die its natural death, an era of peace would dawn.

It's the task of the ONE BILLION Muslims of the world to help dismantle the criminal entity known as Israel. This congregation of thugs, murderers and racists known as Israel should be encouraged to learn that they should leave Palestine and go back to America, Ukraine, Russia or wherever else they came from. DISMANTLE ISRAEL for the sake of WORLD PEACE.

2003-08-23 Sat 19:17ct