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Display of bodies of Slaughtered Sons of President Saddam Hussain Could Backfire
by Butt Shikan (Idol Breaker)

July 25, 2003. The bodies Qusay and Uday Hussain were put on display by the U.S. army after being cleaned up from the 20 high caliber gun shots each had received. Earlier the bodies were shown with injuries, blood and all. The result has been worldwide revulsion. Such blood curdling revenge against its enemies has seldom been displayed by any nation. As a commentator on Hardball said ( MSNBC TV July 25), this was for 9.11.

During the Roman Empire, when slaves rose in rebellion, the Imperial armies would kill the rebels and then display their crucified bodies on the highway to terrorize anyone else who might have been thinking of disobedience.

The Roman Empire of today is doing exactly the same thing.

It's a mistake, even a blunder. Other than a sector of Shias in Baghdad, no Iraqi, no Arab, no Muslim has shown the slightest happiness with this new act of "liberation." Even the sanitized images of Iraqis watching the TV pictures of the bodies, shown on CNN, indicate the tension, rejection and even anger in the body language of the Iraqi people.

In Mosul, thousands protested against the killings and the U.S. troops opened fire to disperse them.

1. The U.S. INVADED a small country which would not prostrate itself before its power.
2. The Iraqi will to resistance continued in spite of overwhelming American military power.
3. Now we have the most brutal display of military power: 200 troops used to murder two of Iraq's top opponents of America. The two are given no chance of survival. There is no pretense of DUE PROCESS OF LAW against them. Even GOERING and the NAZI leaders were given a trial at Nuremburg, although it was a show trial. With the sons of Saddam, it was simply BRUTAL USE OF MAXIMUM FIRE POWER to kill. The mindset of White Supremacy and racism was clearly at work here through the mentality of Rumsefeld and Jewish dogs like Wolfowitz: HOW DARE THESE "NEGROES" FIGHT BACK! Kill them and put their naked bodies on display so that all the rest of the "Negroes" should see what we can do to them.

It was a lynching, somewhat complicated by the fact that Muslims fight back and will take 20 bullets before they die.

2003-07-26 Sat 18:35ct