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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Muharram 10,1427/February 9, 2006 #11

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FUNNY and tragic but TRUE:

On February 8, 2006. Seeing the anti-cartoon demonstrations turning away from Denmark and Norway towarfds the U.S., king Hussain of Jordan and PRESIDENT BUSH jointly called for an end to the demonstrations. This was spoken on TV as if these two are actually deciding which way the protests go. It is becoming obvious that these were Zionist moves, though the Muslim demonstrators were sincere [though naive]. The 'orders' from the boss and his bootlicker came after Afghan demonstrators marched on a U.S. army base. Five demonstrators were killed and 20 wounded were U.S. hired mercenaries opened fire on the protestors.


February 2, 2006. John Negraponte, Director of National Intelligence, stated in his extensive report on intelligence that the Pakistani Islamic group known as Lashkare Taiba is the biggest terrorist threat in South Asia. He added that this group is also a threat to U.S. interests WORLDWIDE.
[Broadcast on C-Span February 5.]

He did not list any attack on U.S. interests by Lashkare Taiba; hence the statement is murky. It could indicate that U.S. strategic relationship with INDIA has grown so deep that it now sees a threat to India as a threat to the U.S.
[The Lashkar has been involved in helping Kashmiris fight Indian occupation forces.]

It could be that Mr. Negraponte is misinformed. For instance, he claimed that all is well in Afghanistan and Taliban influence does not extend "beyond Pashtun areas." American audiences would not know that "Pashtun areas" are 60% or more of Afghanistan.

Islamic Leader Hamzah al-Masri Sentenced: Britain Contradicts its Own Freedom Claims

On February 7, 2006 "great' Britain sentenced a leading Islamic scholar, Hamzah al-Masri to SEVEN years in prison. His crime? An attempt was made to link him to terrorism. When that didn't work, the British simply sentenced him for his taped speeches in which he quotes the Qur'an. Much stronger language is routine at London's Hyde Park. This railroading of Shaikh Hamzah is simply British revenge against a Muslim who wouldn't bow down to the White Master
[and who looks so un-British with his beard and turban and his limbs torn off in Afghanistan].

Some British Muslims, like our very own CAIR-ISNA-Siraj-Wahhaj, played a despicable role by praising the conviction. Ghyasuddin, MAB etc abandoned this staunch Muslim whose only fault is that he used to give fiery khutbas which the British White Man did not like. Hamzah reminded the Brits once too often that their great empire is dead, although they gave away Palestine and Kashmir to the enemies of Islam in the process.

With all this talk about freedom of expression [the Europeans' right to insult the blessed Prophet!], here we have a Muslim sentenced for expressing himself. Hypocrisy, thy name is Europe.

New Trend's Challenge

Dump Cartoons and Debate the Real issues: Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, for Muslims, "Holocaust" for Jews

Media in America and Europe have had things for too long their own way. These are corporate media with tremendous resources and the ability to reach millions of people around the clock.
The western media target Islam on a daily basis. In the cartoons campaign we see a move to insult, provoke and divert the Muslims. Cartoons distort, over-simplify, exaggerate and insult opponents and are the worst form of expression. Strongly held beliefs can only be inflamed by cartoons. There is no Muslim worth the name anywhere who will feel anything other than disgust and outrage at the cartoons of the best human being who ever lived, Muhammad, peace be on him, the last Messenger and Prophet of God.

Our challenge to the Zionists and Christian evangelists is as follows:

If you have questions about Muhammad, pbuh, go ahead: Criticize him and then give us EQUAL TIME to answer you. The Islamic response must come from independent Islamic scholars, not from bootlickers and collaborators.

Okay, you say you believe in freedom of expression and that's your excuse for the cartoons. We won't publish cartoons about the Jewish "holocaust." We don't want to hurt the feelings of the Jews. After all they are our cousins, although they grabbed Palestine from us.
Instead of cartoons, let us discuss the "holocaust" in a scholarly way. Is the Auschwitz story true? Where is the evidence? Could 1.4 million people have been gassed without any verifiable evidence other than stories of people who heard from others, and who heard from others and who heard....? and they are all alive!
You mean Hitler killed all those people without giving an order in writing? And tens of thousands of Germans involved in the killing did not write anything? You are talking of Germans who write even if they buy a shoe string. Where is the Fuhrer Order?

Revisionist research makes it difficult to believe the Jewish story. On top of that Israel, the criminal-thug entity planted in the heart of Islam, has collected billions of dollars of "conscience money' from Germany.

Prof. Arthur Butz, of Northwestern University, calls it the HOAX of the TWENTIETH CENTURY. Can the Jews answer his book? No, they can't. Instead on February 7, 2006 O'Reilly [Fox TV] invited a Jewish professor, Lipstadt, of Emory University, to insult Prof. Butz without giving the professor a chance to respond. IS THAT FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION?

In his awesome research on World War II, David Irving could not find any Hitler order to gas 1.4 million Jews in Auschwitz. The great historian has been ARRESTED by the Jews' friends in Austria.Is that freedom of expression?

What about the Canadian Zundel? What about German Rudolf? The supporters of Jewish power put these SCHOLARS in PRISON. How dare they talk of freedom of expression! Will anyone who knows the other side take the Jews seriously after the arrests of scholars.

On the other hand, the Jews could be freed from the great burden of victim status. If there was no holocaust, let's rejoice. If there was a holocaust, why not discuss the evidence?

If Israel has been receiving billions of dollars for a holocaust which didn't happen, isn't it time to return the money? When will Israel return Palestine which it has stolen?

KERBALA: The Martyrdom of Husain, r.a., ibn Ali, r.a. Speaks to us All. Let's Move Beyond Sects

by Kaukab Siddique

Here are the basic facts of the tragedy of Kerbala:

1. The grandson of the Prophet, pbuh, Husain, the son of Ali, r.a., and Fatima, r.a., [the Prophet's beloved daughter], was killed along with his entire family, 72 people, on the 10th of Mohurram, in the year 61 of the Islamic Hijra calendar [680 of the Christian era].

2. Why? He refused to accept a monarchy, hereditary/tribal rule, in which Islam was not supreme.

3. Who killed him? People who claimed to be Muslims but who worked for a dissolute and brutal king named Yazid.

4. Husain, r.a., refused to submit to overwhelming force. He was surrounded by a large army and heavily outnumbered but he fought to the last.

5. How authentic are the sources which narrate the tragedy of Kerbala? The narrations are authentic and have been thoroughly subjected to critical scrutiny. All Islamic historians, be it Tabari, or Baladhuri or the hardcore sunni Ibn Kathir accept the narrations about the tragedy.

6. There are some weaknesses in the narration but these are not in the factual aspects of the reporting but only in those aspects which express the feeling of immense tragedy in terms of supernatural events.

7. Yazid's followers, after slaughtering the beloved grandson of the Prophet, pbuh, beheaded him and took his head from city to city to terrorize the people.


After the end of the Rashidin Caliphate, kingship emerged owing to the intrigues of Ameer Muawiyya. His era, however, was better than that of most kings although it contrasted sharply with the piety of Abu Bakr, 'Umar, 'Usman and Ali, may Allah exalt them all.

Muawiyya opened the floodgates to autocratic rule by appointing his son, Yazid, as heir apparent and forcng the Muslims to accept him. Yazid, though brave and pious in his youth, strayed from the path of Islam and gave way to drunkenness and debauchery.

Tremendous wealth, along with prisoners of war, both male and female, flowed into the Islamic commonwealth and eroded the extremely strict and just rule instituted by 'Umar ibn al-Khattab, r.a.

Tribalism reared its ugly head. The destruction of the Persian and Roman empires broke the chains of human slavery. Huge numbers of slaves were freed and many embraced Islam. Among these new converts were zealots and those given to violence driven by appeals to emotion and passion.

RELEVANCE of Kerbala:

Husain, r.a., taught all Muslims, as did Abdullah ibn Zubair, r.a., that monarchy, despotism and a non-Sharia regime must not be accepted by true Muslims. Martyrdom is preferable to submission before satanic forces, even if they come in the garb of 'islam.'

In our times, Islam is beset by sectarianism. The majority of Muslims accept dictatorship and satanic rule. Those who claim to be followers of Husain, r.a., have turned into a sect so filled with bitterness that they more or less condemn all the Companions of the Prophet, pbuh, other than Ali, r.a. and a few others.

Husain, r.a., does not belong to any sect. His supreme sacrifice is central to Islam. The greatest Islamic scholars of the modern times, be it Iqbal, or Maudoodi, or Syed Qutb, bear witness to this fact.

Let's get beyond the fallacies of sectarianism. We are today surrounded by rulers who support imperialism and zionism. Sectarianism blinds Muslims to realities. If we are to see Abu Bakr, r.a, 'Ayesha, r.a., Umar, r.a., and Usman, r.a., as 'sunnis,' this category becomes meaningless when we see that Karzai, Musharraf, Hosni Mubarak, Abdullah [Jordan], Abdullah ['Saudi' Arabia], the worst bootlickers of the oppressors, claim to be Sunnis.

Similarly, in Iraq we see Allawi and Jaafari, collaborators of the occupation forces, claiming to be Shias. Look at the qualities of Husain, r.a. Do these Iraqi collaborators, or the "Shias" in Afghanistan working with the U.S., or the Pakistani Shias working with Musharraf, or the Syrian Shias playing complex games with America, in any way reflect the qualities of Husain? Isn't Moqtada al-Sadr different from them and more of a reflection of Husain, r.a., however flawed?

We must learn to understand people not from what they say but from what they do.

LETTERS: Cartoons and Norway: New Trend's Analysis is Correct

A reader on the Pakistan Affairs list quotes New Trend as follows:
"Remember that the sacreligious cartoons were first published in a Danish paper in September 2005. They were ignored even inside Europe. Later last year, early 2006, an amazing new phenomenon emerged in Norway. It was a move to boycott ISRAEL and impose sanctions on it. This attitude was previously unknown in Europe.
To punish Norway, in January 2006, the publication of one of the cartoons in a Norwegian paper was used to place a COUNTER-BOYCOTT on Norway. The innocent Muslim ummah was used for this purpose."

and then comments:

This makes a lot of sense.

Dr Ghayur Ayub

She Wants to Translate Norway Report into Urdu. Muslims must Change Strategy.

Dr Siddique, I also think that Muslims should channel their protest in peaceful way. We need to tell the world that Mohammad (PBUH) is rahmatul-aalmeen. In his days, many people hated him and said bad things about him. They were not killed for that. Famous example is the old woman who used to throw thorns and trash in his way who later converted because he went to see her when she was sick. Killing people and Tuoheenay rasalat laws are not working to stop them to write against him. Our Mullahs are equally blamed for inciting people.

The prime example is Rushdi's Satanic Verses. I think if we would have ignored his book or just written a rebuttal, it would have been fine; no one would have read it because it has no literaryy value either. But after the death fatwa and protests, millions of copies were sold and translated in many languages including Japanese because of curiosity. Muslims have to change their strategy for these kinds of insults.

I also want to know if I can use your information in my Urdu column? I also want to know the source of your information about Norway's possible sanctions against Israel and reason behind it. Thanks.

Ghazala Kazi

Anti-Islam Rulers are Using Muslim Masses: Another Comment on the Norway Report. [The writer distributed the entire Norway Report to his list.]

I have decided to reprint excerpts from Dr. Kaukab's Magazine on broader forum.
This is alarming when king of Saudia & Jordan with Pakistani Musharaf strongly protest on sacriligious cartoon--what do they have to do with honor of Prophet Mohammad(saw).
I request Tarek Fatah to pay special attention:

Aijaz Alamdar


Response....The US and Europe have played a pivotal role in destruction of morals

Angry Reader Condemns New Trend's Note on AIDS in South Africa: New Trend, February 4 issue #9 wrote: "European culture plays down the importance of marriage and glorifies fornication and adultery."

"what a load of crap, what about all the urfi "marriages" in Egypt and the thousands of Sudanese prostitutes there. How about all the Saudi and Emirates men who go to Asia just for prostitutes and bring home AIDS to their wives in headscarves. Just because it doesn't happen in the open doesn't mean it's not happening. stop blaming everything on the Western world, grow up and take some responsibility for yourself."

Stephanie Keith

Dear Stephanie Keith:

I am Hadayai Majeed. I am and have been a Community Activist since age 11. I am a convert/revert to Islam (at age 37). During my 14 years as a Muslim (I am now 51 years of age) I have seen some of the most ridiculous behavior by people who claim to know Allah (God) in the Islamic community. However I have seen great good in the Islamic community overall. We are in denial about many issues, however we must stop being so sensitive that we get defensive anytime an issue is discussed and a particular part of the world is mentioned. Oh by the way Egypt is in Africa.

The West has been responsible for much of the erosion of standards in other parts of the world. See Westerners specially Americans feel that if it is not their way, it is not right. Very few will admit this but it is all too true. For countries to receive assistance from the Westerners, they must embrace democracy. Why not let people decide what political system they want.

Westerners impose their dress (or lack of it in many cases) on others. If you do not aspire to look like Paris Hilton, you are not in style. The fashion industry is huge business in the West and they spend a lot of time exporting it to other places. They do not take into regard the social mores of the people when they do. Now I am not saying that Westerners are totally to blame but they are responsible for practically ruining many lives of other people by introducing social mores on cultures that are not good for anyone.

In America it is almost fashionable to be homosexual. We have TV shows that promote married couples and others going out for a night on the town that includes orgies called swinging, etc. If you are not tongue kissing your best friend in public, you are a socially repressed being. Such behavior and the condoning of it and making others who say no to it seem fanatical, etc., has lead to much of the destruction of the social life in Africa and the Middle East. Now again Westerners are not totally the blame; however they are responsible for assisting in the denigration of many people and their cultures.

Many people in the Islamic world outside the US and Europe look up to these great nations. There is much good in both. However there is much that needs to be corrected in both as well. Just look at new immigrants when they come to America. Then if you see them three years later (if you can recognize them), see where they are in the manner of dress and how they lead their every day lives. Most want to be what they see as American or European and that is usually "wild and free."

Just letting you know it is not crap that HIV/AIDS is about to wipe out much of Africa. It is a fact. The Middle East will be next if the leadership does not stop being so naive and so dogmatic about oppressing women.

Just my two cents worth.

Hadayai Majeed
1000 Peace Women 2005

2006-02-11 Sat 17:07:21 cst