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Jamada al-Awwal 1, 1426/June 8, 2005 #45
June 7, 2005. BUSH to BLAIR: "I am thrilled to be able to work with you for freedom and peace."

Both of them denied the truth of the Downing street memo. Most Americans have no idea what the memo is because it has been censored ENTIRELY by the U.S. media.
[The "memo" is a British secret service memo which indicates that these two men had decided to attack Iraq regardless of everything and used WMDs and "terrorism" as excuses. It has been in the British press for SIX WEEKS!]

Blair is here to create a diversion by talking about AFRICA.

Muslims do not Understand America. Why?
Americans don't Understand Pakistan and Afghanistan. Why?

Notes from Br. Kaukab Siddique

The U.S. of A.'s most cherished value is freedom, be it freedom of expression or religious freedom or personal freedom [including sexual freedom]. This freedom has often worked to make America a nation of great creativity and resilience.

Unfortunately, powerful forces are at work to use America's freedom in a way which puts the average Ametican at a great disadavantage. Among the powerful negative forces at work to subvert the freedom provided by America are: PAKISTAN ---------------------
AFGHANISTAN -----------------------------------------------------
Note ISNA, ICNA, WD, CAIR's Silence on key Issue

Attack on the Qur'an Will backfire: Muslim World is United Against this Indecency.
Bush Administration, in Cultural Arrogance, wants to Humiliate Muslims.

by Sis. Karen English
Secretary General, Jamaat al-Muslimeen

The desecration of the Qur'an incident passed with barely a whisper of condemnation from our mainstream organizations. I'm sure everyone noticed. Search their websites and you'll find an apologist campaign bemoaning the fact that Islam is being hijacked by terrorists. It's front and center. But, not front and center is the condemnation of military personnel in Guantanamo for abusing the Qur'an. Could there be more freedom of expression concerning this issue in Afghanistan, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Egypt ---where huge protests took place --- than here in America?

Now a new twist. A new insult. Friday evening, the Pentagon revealed that, yes, there were some incidents of mishandling of the "Koran" afterall. They included: standing on the Qur'an during interrogation; wetting the Qur'an with a water balloon; writing a two word obscenity on the inside cover; inadvertently wetting it with urine.

This is a classic mixing-truth-with-falsehood-tactic. They admit to some things so that they can credibly lie about others. Middle America will buy it. No problem.

What can we expect of a people who have no real curiosity about the world at large or no inclination to venture beyond Las Vegas or Disneyworld?

What can we expect of a people who don't mind their leader confusing "dissemble" and "disassemble" in one of his rare press conferences? This latest insult---this latest attack comes in the claim that there were at least fifteen cases of Muslims abusing the Qur'an as well. I won't list those specifics.

This is tantamount to spiritual/character assassination. And, therein lies the real objective. Assured of the fact that a kind of cultural arrogance compels most Americans (news commentators as well) to not even know how to pronounce Muslim or Qur'an, the Pentagon can be sure that most Americans will know little about a Muslim's love for the Qur'an, how dear it is to us.

This latest attack is no accident. It is purposeful and deliberate. To accuse our poor brothers in Guantanamo of desecrating the Qur'an is an overt attack on all Muslims. When we hear the details, it hurts. It's demoralizing.

This is the game plan: to shame all of us while shifting blame back onto the victims. Insha'Allah, this administration has shot itself in the foot and doesn't even know it. In their usual delusional, racist (all brown people are like children) way, they think they've achieved damage control.

However, the whole Muslim world---minus the quislings---sees the truth. They see that this is just another attempt to humiliate Muslims. This administration's disdain for the Muslim world blinds it to the reality that every strike at Muslims seems to backfire down the road.

Washington Post & Zionist Jews Chose a Woman "Leader" to Create a New "Islam": The Crusade of Asra Nomani: Are you ready for this?

With "A Pinch of Salt" [from our in-house homorist]

On June 5, 2005 the Washington Post published an extensive article by Teresa Wiltz titled "The Woman who went to the Front of the Mosque" in which Asra Nomani's crusade against Islam is extolled. Here is New Trend's slightly tongue-in-cheek reply:

It is time to create a new "Islam" in America. ISNA, ICNA, W.D. tried hard but their day is over. They prostrated and licked spittle every time the great white master [the Pharoah] spat.

But people who lick spittle and love the master's boots cannot create a new Islam which would fit right into the American way of life a la Hollywood, Madison Avenue and Wall Street
[especially Wall, Street].

A crusader was needed who would teach by example. The Jew boys saw Asra Nomani coming down the highway waving the American flag. The Jews fell in love with her right away. Now we have exactly the right formula to formulate Islam in America's image.

Why didn't we think of this before? It has to start with a woman. Wasn't it Eve, according to the Bible, who ate the apple and passed it on to Adam. [Original sin.]

So here is the formula Asra Nomani style. Long live America! --------------------------
Re: Dr. Oudeh: The man who refuses to acknowledge his Islamic Marriage

As Salaamu Alaikum,

In most states in the US you do not have to have a proper ceremony or license by a judge to be recognized as someone's "Domestic Partner." So this doctor will not be able to escape just by playing crazy. He needs to be a man, live up to his obligation to his child and his wife (whether he claims her or not).
I am not an attorney but in most states, all this sister has to do is show up in any Family Violence or Domestic Violence hearing with any or all documentation. Her Islamic contract is a legally binding document and he will be ordered by the court to pay up.

I have seen women who are live-in partners (no ceremony, no contract, no marriage license) get child support payments, rent paid, here in Atlanta at these hearings, etc.

Now this is what bothers me about what I have read. This man is a doctor. You would think just for the sake of his professional reputation he would do things the right way. If for some reason he has decided not be married to this sister so be it. He should just get a divorce, do what Allah says and go his way in peace. This will hurt her; however this way no one has lost their dignity. He is acting in a shameful manner and I am glad you are exposing him.

This situation happens a lot in our community. It is time for it to stop being ignored and the women bearing all the responsibility.

ma salaam
Hadayai Majeed
Baitul Salaam Network, Inc.

Evidence that Oudeh is not a Muslim:

[About the Man who refuses to acknowledge his Islamic Marriage.]

Assalamu aleikum.

Most likely the whole story is a hoax and a means to use Islamic media to make outrageous fitnah statements such as "F*** etc."

From the evidence below it is abundantly clear that Abraham Oudeh is not a Muslim in the first place.

So if there really is a lady "H.K." who supposedly "married" him in a masjid, the marriage is null and void and of no effect, as a Muslimah cannot marry a kaffir.

And who was "H.K.'s" wali?

If indeed Oudeh made the outrageous statements attributed to him, he must be thoroughly and abundantly condemned for them. But as for any marriage, it would have been a fraud from inception, not simply because he denies it now.

As to the evidence:

ABRAHAM (not Ibrahim) Oudeh is the former mayor of Dunn, North Carolina.

Oudeh is (or was) a member of the President's Board at Baptist Campbell University.

"Campbell University is a Baptist university affiliated with the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. Both in and out of the classroom, the University endeavors to present Christian principles to students and to foster their application to daily life."

Campbell Presidential Board of Advisors with terms expiring 2002 ...

Dr. Abraham Oudeh Dunn, NC
The clincher to Oudeh's status as non-Muslim is this:

Mayor Oudeh To Hold Free Pig Picking Friday

Mayor Abraham Oudeh will hold a free community pig picking Friday night at the Dunn Community Center on Jackson Road. The event will be from 5 to 8:30 p.m. The Erwin Singing Elders will perform.

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