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Dr. Kaukab Siddique on WOL Radio's "On With Leon" Show.
Understanding the Vajpayee-Musharraf-U.S.-Israeli Moves
Their target is the Islamic resistance in Kashmir and in Afghanistan

The ON WITH LEON show can be heard on Sundays from 1 to 3 PM. The host, Wilmer Leon, is well informed and interested in issues related to Palestine, Iraq and the Indo-Pakistani subcontinent. He is against war and President Bush's "pre-emptive" aggression against defenseless countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.

On May 11, 2003 Dr. Kaukab Siddique was interviewed on the show for a full hour. WOL is heard over a large area of Washington, Virginia and Maryland over 1450 AM in Washington and 1010 AM in Baltimore.

Mr. Leon asked Dr. Siddique a series of questions based on a report in the Wall Street Journal about an initiative by Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee to make peace with Pakistan. Dr. Siddique explained the complex situation as follows:

1. Pakistani coup leader Musharraf and Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee are working together under the supervision of the United States.
2. The scenarios for "war" in December 2001 and May 2002, when large Indian and Pakistani forces gathered on their mutual borders were a contrived show.
3. The purpose of the contrivance was to take off the pressure on Musharraf from his internal Islamic opposition which condemned the U.S. bombing of Afghanistan. The Pakistani people have now (in 2003) isolated Musharraf and the "war" show won't work any more.
4. The U.S. wants to move a step further, after Afghanistan, and squelch the Kashmiri resistance. Hence the State Department has listed all Kashmiri resistance groups as terrorists, including the biggest one known as Hizbul Mujahideen which is entirely indigenous. [Lashkare Taiba, which has public support in Pakistan, was labeled personally by Mr. Bush last year.]
5. A real WAR between India and Pakistan would vastly increase the strength of the Islamic movement in Pakistan.
6. India is unable to destroy Kashmiri armed resistance without U.S. help and the stoppage of all help from Pakistanis and other Muslims. AS THE RESISTANCE CONTINUES, INDIA, with 700,000 troops occupying Kashmir, FACES ECONOMIC COLLAPSE.
7. The victory of Kashmiri resistance, or even its continuance, would re-awaken the Sikh national movement which has been ruthlessly crushed by India. Sikhs are sympathetic to Kashmiris. There are also widespread peasant and communist uprisings in Eastern India. India could start falling apart.
8. For the U.S., stoppage of Kashmiri resistance is important. The U.S. wants the Pakistani army to be deployed on the Afghanistan frontier. Musharref has already placed 70,000 troops there but they have not been able to stop the overlap of Taliban guerrilla fighters over the Frontier. With the TALIBAN RESURGENCE, the U.S. is very much on the defensive and will be in need of the Pakistani army to stop the support for the jihad.
Any victory of the Islamic resistance, be it in Kashmir or in Afghanistan, is seen as a threat against Israel and as a rallying point for Muslims all over the world to defeat Israel.
10. If Musharref were overthrown and Pakistan became an Islamic power with nuclear weapons, Israel would lose its nuclear hegemony. Pakistani observers think that under U.S. cover, Israel is spying on Pakistani nuclear facilities and waiting for a chance to strike at Pakistan.
11. The U.S., in the projection of its power, is unwilling to accept any government which is not in its control. Hence a convergence between its policies and those of Israel.

In response to some powerful words from Dr. Martin Luther King, quoted by Mr. Leon, Dr. Siddique indicated the erosion of civil rights within the U.S. as a microcosm of U.S. behavior in the Arab and Muslim world. He focused on FBI RAIDS ON THE HOMES OF THREE AFRICAN-AMERICAN Muslims which took place on May 10. One of these, Br. Hammad Abdur-Raheem, a supporter of Jamaat al-Muslimeen, resigned from the U.S. army owing to his conscience, years back. He has broken no law but is being investigated, possibly, because he is married to a Muslim woman from Indonesia. A FOURTH BROTHER HAS BEEN ARRESTED IN KOREA and brought all the way to the U.S. No charges, but simply "investigation!"

IT WAS MOTHER'S DAY on May 11. Dr. Siddique mentioned the words of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) that "Paradise lies at the feet of mothers" and Mr. Leon, a good Christian, graciously repeated the quote several times during the hour.

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