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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Thani 24,1429/ April 30, 2008, #26

Fighting is raging in Afghanistan. Please scroll down for report.

How racism works in America on an ordinary day. Scroll all the way down to a report from Omaha, Nebraska

Islamic Women Protest Danish and Dutch Blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad, pbuh.

Karachi, Pakistan: April 27, 2008: Tens of thousands of women rallied at the mausoleum of Quaide Azam to condemn the insulting cartoons published in Danish newspapers and a blasphemous video released in Holland. The women were carrying green banners and hundreds of large size placards sending salutations to Prophet Muhammad, peace be on him. Led by Sis. Durdana Siddiqui they chanted slogans against the blasphemers and pledged to sacrifice everything for the honor of Muhammad, pbuh. Though the rally was organized by Jamaate Islami, many women from Imran Khan's Justice Party and the ruling Peoples Party joined the protestors.

The massive and disciplined rally which continued for hours in the intense heat of the blazing sun was addressed by Syed Munawar Hasan, Secretary General of Jamaate Islami. He hailed the struggle of Muslim women and said that the blasphemous cartoons of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, were the ultimate in terrorism because they were aimed at desecrating the sacred beliefs and all that is honorable and good for Muslims of the entire globe.

International Islamic Conference for Peace and Awareness initiated by Jamaat al-Muslimeen, for August 16, 2008.

Bombs and tanks are not the answer. Talk with the Muslim world. Look for Peace and Self-determination.
To register, visit:
Organizing committees are being set up in several cities. Join this historic move for genuine Peace.

From New Trend Special report:
Would you know if the Zionist Jews blew up Masjid al-Aqsa? Many Muslims confuse the Dome of the Rock with Masjid al-Aqsa. Right now, the Israelis are tunneling near the area of the mosque where Muhammad, pbuh, arrived from Makkah on a creature of light known as the Buraq. If the mosque were blown up, as the mosque committee has warned, Muslims would still see the Dome and think that nothing happened.
To educate the public, we have placed a complete power point of the mosque and the Dome on our web site [thanks to several of our learned readers]. Please go to: and click on NEWS and then choose PICTURES in the menu box.

Israeli Tank Fire kills Palestinian Mother and her 4 Babies: [from our Media Monitor]
April 28: At Beit Hanoun village on the Gaza border, an Israeli tank killed a mother and her four children, ages 1 to 6, while they were having breakfast. Israeli armed forces consist of gangsters and criminals collected from around the world, given land seized from Muslims and Christians and trained to use the latest American weaponry. These are the scum of the earth, funded by International Jewry.

Our America
Obama Retreats from Right: Rev. Wright is Deeply Impacted by Islam through Minister Farrakhan: Media will not Permit Discussion of Any Issue
by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D

Rev. Jeremiah Wright spoke to Bill Moyers on PBS. That was April 25. Then he addressed the NAACP convention in Detroit. That was April 27. Finally on April 28, he spoke to the National Press Club in Washington and answered questions. On April 29, Senator Obama denounced him and broke with him. Thus Obama has cut his own roots and is now totally in the hands of the White liberal Left and the pro-Israeli crowd. Obama had a choice: face the truth and discuss the issues, regardless of the damage that would do to the Democratic Party, be loyal to the people of America and find solutions to fundamental problems. He chose the easy way out: to cut off Rev. Wright and refuse to discuss the issues.

Rev. Wright's search for truth has blown apart the facade and hypocrisy of the election process in America. It's quite obvious that the major media will not allow ANY issue to be discussed which would challenge the status quo. The election campaign has not allowed the word 'Israel" to be mentioned, let alone a detailed inquiry into the question; WHO CONTROLS THIS COUNTRY?

Earlier Obama was being condemned for sitting in Wright's church and listening to his sermons. Thus CENSORSHIP has now gone so far that LISTENING to allegedly subversive discourse is enoght to disqualify a candidate for public office. Or at least FOX TV tries to present it as such.

Here are the points Rev. Wright made: Obama could have dealt with this viewpoint by saying that it is not his viewpoint and Wright is entitled to his viewpoint. Or, even better, he could have initiated a discussion of these topics. Instead Obama took the Zionist lead, hook, line and sinker. He simply capitulated. He will now remain on his knees, constantly scraping and bowing to the American Jewish-White power structure. Obama COMPLAINED that Rev. Wright had disrespected him! That is simply ridiculous. I would say to Obama, the reverend is your elder, more important to you than your own father. He married you to Michelle; he baptized your children; he prayed for your success in politics. How can he disrespect you by simply saying that you are a politician? Isn't there a separation of church and state in America?

Let's look at the biggest objection being raised against Wright: His respect for and friendship with Min. Farrakhan. What can the media find wrong with Min. Farrakhan. They have censored him for more than 30 years. Why not discuss what he says?

I am sick and tired of Zionists [and many stupid Muslims] saying things about Min. Min. Farrakhan which he allegedly said more than 20 years back. I have been listening to Min. Farrakhan for decades. I was at the International conferences in Chicago where Ulama from around the world embraced him as a brother-in-Islam. There is no one who has spoken with such power against the war in Iraq. He has nothing against Whites or Jews. That's an old story, from the time when Black is Beautiful was a revolutionary affirmation. Farrakhan is certainly a man of peace; sometimes too much of a man of peace for my liking. He was the only leader in America who had the guts to question the mistreatment of the Blind Shaikh Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman in prison.

The media will not let Farrakhan speak for himself, although Obama-Clinton rivalry has brought out the fact that Gov. Rendell, a Clinton supporter, spoke very highly of Farrakhan on a public occasion. Why does Obama have to, so blindly, keep denouncing Farrakhan, when he knows nothing of Farrakhan. I have sat at Farrakhan's table, with his family and listened to him. Why can't Obama do the same? Why can Obama be so charitable to everyone else, even to McCain, but refuse to know this great Black man, this great Muslim? The indications are that Obama is trying to please his controllers, not God and not the people.

Why can't the political aspects of U.S. responsibility for AIDs be discussed? Hasn't the U.S. done things to global environment and health?
How about the use of depleted uranium in Iraq? The destruction of Iraqi clean water systems? The Tuskegee experiments? The revelations about medical experimentation in Johns Hopkins university right here in Baltimore? Millions are dying of AIDs in Africa. It is a holocaust. In South Africa, Kenya and Uganda nearly 25% of the population is infected and dying a slow death. What is the impact of the American way of life on the spread of the AIDs virus. What is the impact of the propagation of the "glories" of adultery, fornication and homosexuality in American movies and videos? What about the sale of liquor, cigarettes and pork? What about the system of dating and "picking up" women when they impact conservative African societies? Does not all this end up in the net result of the AIDs epidemic? Millions are dying and the Zionist media will not even allow a discussion of the holocaust?

As for Zionism, the whole world knows that Israel is the running sore of humanity, the source of war and torture and mass murder. Wolfowitz got promoted to the World Bank while Wright is being denounced for saying a few words about Zionism! Carter is being denounced for talking to Hamas while billions of dollars are siphoned out of the U.S. every year to the terrorist entity known as Israel.

Gradually, Muslims in America and others will realize that this whole election is a drama to change the faces and to continue the old game of exploitation and manipulatoin. Obama spent $12 million on the Pennsylvania primary alone while Hillary spent more than $3 million. It was the most "exciting" primary till now. Even then only 50% of the REGISTERED voters voted. The people are very reluctant to get involved in these games of the rich and the powerful.

Don't be fooled, dear Muslims. We have the Qur'an and the sublime example of Muhammad, pbuh, and Ayesha, r.a. We don't need to become part of this drama. One cannot end opppression by becoming part of it.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen Condemns New York Police Terrorism


There was a no guilty verdit for the three officers who shot Sean Bell and his friends at the night club in Queens. Once again we are going through the same thing over and over when the Polic kill someone in the black and oppressed communities here in New York City. This is Police terror in the black Community. Their job is to protect and serve big business and not the Public. We are actually paying them to kill us. When will we learn that we have to organize ourselves in the community where we live to stop Police terror.
This is no different from apartheid in South Africa where the Police was also killing the people there. We have similar examples in Iraq where the military is killing the people.
As to the Muslims here in New York City [such as ISNA man Siraj Wahhaj] I have not seen a statement by any of these Imams or heard them speak out on these issues.
May Allah guide us and keep us strong in faith and struggle.

your in struggle

Abu Talib [Jamaat al-Muslimeen Brooklyn]

Our America
Court Acquits Police Officers in Murder of New York Youth on his wedding Day: 50 Shots Fired at Unarmed Victims.
Jewish Thugs attack 20 year old+Spying for Israel+ Texas Signs
by Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen New York City

New York City - On 04/25/2008, Judge Arthur Cooperman acquitted all three officers of manslaughter, assault, and reckless endangerment in the Sean Bell Shooting Case. Just a tip: When the Judge presiding over a jury trial says that he will give his verdict along with an explanation in three days, then the verdict is not going to be a just one. That is exactly what happened, today. The judge blamed the District Attorney Richard Brown for not presenting the case properly. He stated that "At times, the testimony just didn't make sense." Judge Cooperman was referring to the the "inconsistent testimony" of Sean Bell's friends.

Officers Michael Cooper, Gescard Isnora, and Marc Cooper were acquitted of all charges. Of the three officers, Marc Cooper is the only one who apologized: "I'd like to say sorry to the Bell family for the tragedy," Cooper said."

In the beginning, there were calls for a special federal prosecutor to be appointed but one was never appointed. 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care warned that a verdict like this would occur a few months ago on their weekly program, "Community Cop." They stated that the District Attorney Richard Brown posed questions in such a way as to bolster the defendants' case and ruin his own against them. Now, the U.S. Attorney is saying that he will look into the case to see if these officers can be brought up on civil charges.

The verdict was met with cries of "Murderers! Murderers!" and "KKK!" outside the courthouse steps. The officers' defense was that Sean Bell, Trent Benefield and Joseph Guzman claimed that had a gun. No gun was ever found. The focus must be on the fact that these police officers ignored departmental procedure and were assisted by their superiors and the "justice" system to cover up their tracks.
(Source: Yahoo! News

Brooklyn, NY - On April 14, 2008, Jewish thugs approached a 20-year old African-American man and beat him then Jewish men jumped out of a car and beat him further. He had been sprayed in the face with tear gas by one of the assailants. The victim was Andrew Charles, a Kingsborough Community College student. The Jewish Mayor's administration said that they wanted to establish "contact with the [Charles] family before outside agitators could jump in and reach out to the family to create community turmoil." Agitators? I thought the aggressors were the agitators, not the responders to the violence. There is currently an investigation. (Source: NY Daily news)

Jerusalem - On 84-year old New Jersey man, Ben-ami Kadish, was charged with giving American secrets to an Israeli spy 25 years ago. Kadish is a U.S. Military Engineer. Now government officials are trying to figure out how large is Israel's spy ring in the U.S. Apparently, Jonathan Pollard, a civilian intelligence analyst and Kadish worked with the same spy agency: Scientific Relations Office, now defunct. Pollard is serving a life sentence for spying on America. Scientific Relations Office was run by Rafi Eitan, a mossad agent, who is an Israeli Cabinet member. Israel would neither confirm, nor deny these charges again Kadish.
(Source: Yahoo! News)

Note: My mother and I were visiting family in Texas, recently, and saw a plethora of church signs. Texas is a bible belt state. We noticed quite a few signs that had "Pray for Israel" stamped on them.

Revolutionary Khutba: Latest
Muslim Self-Criticism: Kingship, Slavery, Exploitation of Women, Nationalism: Islam has to Smash these to Liberate our World.
Before and Since 9.11 U.S. Muslim 'Leaders' Have lied, supported the regime, and tried to disunite and Scare Muslims

On April 25, 2008 Dr. Kaukab Siddique gave the juma' khutba and led prayers at a small mosque on the west side of Baltimore. This was one of three khutbas he gave in April in western and central Baltimore. The west side mosque likes his khutbas so much, that he was asked to give khutbas on consecutive Fridays.
Here are the main points of the latest khutba. Please help to distribute these all over the U.S. so that other khateebs may use these points.

Note that almost all Muslim media outlets in the U.S. are either owned by staunch supporters of the White House or are controlled indirectly by the supporters of the regime. These publications have CENSORED Dr. Siddique non-stop for the last 20 years. It's quite a record. Alhamdulillah it is not working. New Trend has a bigger circulation than any of the other Muslim media. However, many innocent Muslims still live in the controlled hot house "Islam" produced by these heavily funded cliques. So please pass it on:

Texts for the Khutba:

"Say: Travel in the earth and observe the ending of those who denied [Allah's truth]." [The Qur'an 6:11]
"....The Prophet said (In order to enter Paradise) you should worship Allah alone and join none in worship with Him: You should offer prayers perfectly so there is no shadow of including anyone with Allah [as partner].... [ Sahih al-Bukhari , kitab al-Adab, narrated by Abu Ayyub Ansari, r.a.]

War News:
Karzai Comes Under Attack in Kabul itself: U.S. Marines pour into Helmand: Taliban Attacks Widespread, Wreak Havoc

April 29, 2008: khogyarn village, Nangarhar province:
A large gathering of Karzai police and tribal leaders working with the U.S. were hit by a martyrdom operator. The explosion was huge and wiped out the gathering. The death toll rose to 60 killed and 50 wounded. Among the dead was the Chief of Police and 18 other police officials. The second in command was seriously wounded. The Taliban have identified the martyr as one of their volunteers.
In southern Helmand province, a force of U.S. marines arrived backed by air support. At least 23 Taliban were killed as the marines fought to support British troops which have been cooped up by Taliban raids.

April 27: A military ceremony in Kabul, with American-installed chief Karzai in attendance, came under fire from Taliban infiltrators. At least 3 people in the gathering were killed and 11 wounded before TV coverage was cut off. Heavy losses were inflicted as the shooting continued. The three Taliban shooters were also killed. The Taliban spokesman told Pakistani media that the target was NOT Karzai. They just wanted to show that they can attack in Kabul, he said.

April 28: Australian forces came under attack by the Taliban in southern Afghanistan. The Australians say one of their commandos was killed and 4 wounded.
Earlier a Dutch officer related to a prominent Dutch leader was killed while fighting the Islamic resistance known as the Taliban.

Earler still, a Taliban martyr attacked Karzai's intelligence officers. Here is the report as seen in Associated Press as well as other incidents on ONE DAY

Wednesday, Apr. 23, 2008 By AP
In Kandahar province, a suicide bomber blew himself up next to a vehicle carrying intelligence agents in the border town of Spin Boldak, killing three civilians, Kandahar Gov. Assadullah Khalid said.
Two children and three intelligence agents were among the 14 hurt, Khalid said. He blamed the Taliban for the attack.
In neighboring Helmand province, a suicide bomber struck a police convoy, killing two officers and wounding three, said district police chief Khairudin Shuhja. Shuhja was in the convoy but was not injured in the attack.
As the bomber approached the car, guards opened fire, wounding the attacker, who then blew himself up, Shuhja said.
Southern Afghanistan is the center of the Taliban-led insurgency. Militants regularly use suicide attacks in their fight against Afghan and foreign troops in the country, but most victims are civilians.
In eastern Kunar province, Taliban militants attacked a police border post, killing five officers and wounding seven others, said provincial police chief Abdul Jalal Jalal.
Separately, a border police patrol in northwestern Badghis province hit a mine, killing three officers riding in the vehicle, regional police chief Gen. Khalil Andarabi said.
Militants regularly target the police force, which is seen as weaker than the better trained and equipped national army.
More than 900 policemen were among the 8,000 people killed last year in insurgency-related violence, officials said. The high death toll comes despite some $4 billion the U.S. has spent to train and equip the police in the last three years.

Letter: Re: Sis. Sofia's recommendation: Amazing Brazilian Writer Paulo Coelho was read by Chechen Hero

Asalaamu alaikum,
Sis. Sofia and others might be interested to know that the Chechen amir Shamil Basaev (shaheed, insha'Allah) also read Paulo Coelho. From the introduction to Basaev's Book of a Mujahid: "In late March of last year I had two weeks of free time, when I got a hold of Mujahid of the Light: A Manual by Paulo Coelho and a computer. I wanted to derive benefits for the Mujahiddeen (Resistance Fighters) from this book and I this is why I rewrote most of it, removed some excesses and strengthened all of it with verses (ayats), hadiths and stories from the lives of the disciples." Note that Coelho's book is typically titled The Manual of the Warrior of Light in the Western print.

Sayf [New Jersey]

Letter: Mark Glenn's Criticism of Raid on Polygamists. Re: The hidden role of SPLC [Southern Poverty Law Center]

salaam alaikum Brother, I read with interest about the ADL and SPLC. I stopped years ago my membership at SPLC when I noticed ADL type literature and headlines and warnings and layouts on photos. I noticed an anti- Israel brochure in the photo of hate literature while the mission of SPLC was supposedly domestic and not political. I am interested in knowing why the writer calls Morris Dees , Seligman. I thought Morris was African American and only know his name as Morris Dees.

Sis. Eileen [New Jersey]

Letter: Islamic Scholar from the Editor's Past wants a once Famous Book

Dear Dr Kaukab Siddiq,
Assalamu alaikum w.r.w.

May this find you in good spirit and health.

Some twenty years ago, I remember buying one of your books under the title, if I remember correctly, "Come let us change the world". It was a collection of Maulana Maududi's writings, excerpts from various sources.
I have lost the book or may be it was borrowed by someone but never returned.

Is it possible if I can get a copy of the book? Even a photostat copy of the book will be alright.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
[Haji] Koya Kutty, Toronto, Canada

Ed. Note: Inshallah, for a man of learning we'll photocopy our file copy and send it to him.

Today I was victimized by racism in corporate amerikkka, again.
by Webmaster Rich [Omaha, Nebraska]

I was at the grocery store where I have cashed my check and shopped at least once a week for the past 5 years.

The clerks, customer service and managers all know me.

This afternoon, after cashing my check, shopping and paying for my groceries at the checkout, I went to the restaurant inside the store and got something to eat.

After I finished eating I pushed my cart over to a garbage can in the store where I threw my receipt for the restaurant food away.

I was pushing my cart toward the front door when this racist european/white man stood in front of my cart and confronted me.

The man asked me if I had a reciept for the groceries and I said no since I thought I had just thrown it out with the other receipt.

The man told me I had to come with him. He asked me which cashier I had purchased the groceries at, but when I pointed to the line he told me to keep walking until we were off the floor.

The man asked me at least 5 times where my receipt was and at least 3 more times who I had bought the groceries from.

Then the man said I was getting an attitude ! I replied by telling him he had the attitude.

The head manager came back and when he was observing what was happening the man stopped interrogating me like I was a prisoner and asked me how much I had spent.

Since I had used a $100.00 bill I knew I could tell by looking in my wallet from how much change was left over.

It just so happened I still had the receipt for the groceries in my wallet.

The man said it was my fault because I did not show him the recepit the first time.

Only the manager offered an apology, the other store cop told me the man was just doing his job.

The real story is that when the racist man saw me throw the receipt away he thought he had an opportunity to send me to jail because he knew the clerk I had purchased the groceries from had gone home just after I went into the restaurant.

If I had not found the receipt I would have gone to jail for something I did not do.

How can anyone in this country say that racism is dead ?!

The funny part of this story is that while the man was interrogating me as if I was already a prisoner I was thinking some interesting thoughts.

I was thinking about how people like him make revolutionary change through Islam so very necessary.

I was thinking about how someone like him cannot unsderstand why more than 1 billion people wish to see his society destroyed, just so we can be treated in a fair and just manner.

I was thinking to myself how arrogant and ignorant this man was to think he had the right to so this wrong towards me.

I thought about what a fool he is to think his race makes him superior to others, to the point where he has the right to bring destruction to their lives.

The spirit of Zionism permeates this corrupt and backward nation !!!

Here is the contact information for the store :
3505 L St Omaha NE 68107-2565
(402) 731 - 6107

2008-05-01 Thu 19:15:49 cdt