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Two Years After 9.11: Is Peace Possible? Can Military Power Subdue Islam?
Let the American People and the Muslim Resistance Talk. Give Peace a Chance
Zionist Jews Should Not Be Allowed to Block the Road to Peace
by Buut Shikan

After the tears, the anguish and the displays of national spirit on the September 11, 2003, it appears that no one is asking the key question: Is peace possible? Or, what should we do to bring about peace?

The question of peace becomes thinkable only when we consider why we have war. The Bush administration and just about all the people on the media have simplified the problem. The explanations we get from them about 9.11 are:

1. 9.11 was an expression of evil.
2. "They" are the enemies of freedom.
3. They hate our freedom and democracy and they want to impose their theocracy on us.
4. They attacked us because they hate our way of life.

If these expressions are true, it would mean that America will have to wage war till "evil" is ended and American "freedom" and "democracy" are accepted by the whole world.

Serious gaps exist in the American understanding of the world. Most Americans don't realize that most Muslims still don't see America as the enemy. When Muslims demonstrate peacefully against America, they are actually banking on the moral sensibilities of America. Those who want to fight do not demonstrate.

The Muslims' mental inability to see America as the enemy was expressed in the conspiracy theory that 9.11 was done by the Israelis. How could Muslims have done it? With a sense of self-contempt, the Muslims would say, we are organizationally and scientifically unable to do 9.11. That conspiracy theory, though started by pro-Iran Al-Manar TV, became extremely popular in the Muslim world. It simply meant: We can't do something like that to you. We do not consider you the enemy.
[Our analysis has been that the 9.11 attack was probably carried out by an autonomious elite Islamic cadre which perished in the attack. Till now, no link to the attacks has been found and brought to light. Hence, there is no evidence either way.]

The Bush administration did not listen to the Muslim world and carried out the ferocious bombing of Afghanistan. The bombing continued during the holy month of Ramadan. Even General Musharraf was concerned and pleaded with America not to bomb in Ramadan.

The bombing of Afghanistan turned vast sections of the Muslim population, especially in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Indonesia against America, UK and Australia.

Since then support for the Taliban and Al-Qaida has spread to all corners of the Muslim world. Osama Bin Laden has become a folk hero not only in Asia but also in Africa. Col. Qadafi recently expressed jealousy that Africans, instead of admiring him as they used to do, sing the praises of Osama and wear his pictures on their shirts (something Osama would be the first to condemn). [ABC interview by Stephanapoulis.]

It is safe to say that the 19 alleged hijackers, led by the Egyptian Mohammed Atta, are still not popular in the Muslim world, which indicates that the people still do not hate America. They admire Osama because they see him as a figure from Islam's legendary past, a defender of Islam, a new Khalid ibn Al-Waleed, but not as a killer of Americans.

Then President Bush invaded Iraq. That was the ultimate folly. Bush's Israeli advisers saw Iraq as a walkover, even easier than Afghanistan. At the cost of less than 137 killed, the U.S. entered Baghdad, but then things started going badly. The U.S. is now bogged down in a country where it is beginning to realize that it is not welcome.

Saddam Hussain has not been found and the nightmare scenario of Saddam allied to the Islamic fighters might actually happen.

Meanwhile in Afghanistan, the TALIBAN are making a big comeback. Only the U.S. air force stands between the Taliban and Kabul. Recently, it took the U.S. air force NINE DAYS to dislodge a force of 100 Taliban. Right now, nearly 1,000 Taliban are operating openly in southeastern and southwestern Afghanistan. Mullah Omar has named a Jihad Council to organize the resistance.

The realities of the post-9.11 world are:
1. The U.S. can project its power around the world and has unequaled fire power.
2. The armed Islamic movement exists in 60 countries and is based on faith and martyrdom.
3. The Muslim masses are steadily moving against America and steadily becoming recruitable by the jihad led by Osama and Ayman al-Zawahiri.
4. There is little chance that the masses will turn against Osama etc. and support America.
5. Every new projection of power by America adds to the alienation of the Muslim world and brings more support to Osama.
6. ARMED ISLAMIC RESISTANCE in Palestine, Kashmir and Chechnia, though independent of Al-Qaida, could coalesce against the U.S. Till now none of them are fighting the U.S.


The media pundits are not telling the American people that the Muslim world's quarrel is with Israel. Observers say that the attack on 9.11 was on an American target which comes closest to being the nerve center of Israeli-American cooperation in a city which is more Israeli than American.

There can be little doubt that if the U.S. stops helping Israel and withdraws its military forces in Iraq and the naval and air armadas in Arabia (surrounding the Ka'aba) in Kuwait, Egypt, Qatar, UAE, there would be no cause for war. America needs the oil and the oil producing countries are happy to sell it. Military pressure is not needed.

The U.S. should realize that unless the Jews withdraw from Palestine, the forces of Islam will continue to fight. The U.S. has to choose between International Jewry and global Islam.

At this time, peace seems far away. America is so confident of its military power that it thinks of bigger and bigger bombs, more and more troops, more and more money to buy collaborators. Somehow Bush does not understand that in a strange, almost mystical way, he is helping the Muslim world to wake up and stand up and fight. With the bombing of Afghanistan and the slaughter of Taliban prisoners in Qila Jangi, there was a modicum of awakening, so much so that when General Musharraf made the blunder of holding elections, Islamic governments were elected along the entire Pakistani frontier with Afghanistan.

With the bombing, invasion and occupation of Iraq, Bush did a big favor to the Muslims. These six months have seen a quantum jump in Muslim awakening and resistance to the U.S.

Now if the U.S. captures or kills Osama, or Ayman, or Saddam, there will be a new upsurge in Islamic mobilization. If Israel kills Shaikh Yasin and other Islamic leaders, thousands of new martyrs will enter the battlefield.

If the U.S. attacks Syria or Iran, or, most of all, "Saudi" Arabia, that will be "best" for the Muslim awakening. When it is faith versus power, faith is going to win, and there are one billion Muslims in the world. The Zionist Jews won't have a place to hide except perhaps in the U.S. itself.


These are the Muslims most loyal to America. The richest among them voted en bloc for Bush. Irony of ironies, the U.S. is hunting them down. The Jews see them as the only force in America not in their control. Hence we see Steve Emerson, Daniel Pipes and other swine urging America to treat its most loyal Muslims as "potential terrorists."

These same Muslims were first used by Bush to tell the Muslim world that America is not against Islam. Those days are gone. Even the most loyal of these bootlickers cannot get on TV now. Jews, including Israelis, and, increasingly, Hindus hold sway on the TV screens.

If there are still some voices of sanity in the American power structure, they should think of asking America's Muslims of starting talks with the armed Islamic movement. Without talks, without channels of communications, peace is not possible.

The U.S. is holding 600-800 Muslims from 50 countries in cages in Guanatanamo Bay. Any analyst can see from the nationalities represented, that the spirit of Jihad is now global. Killing and arrests of however many Muslims is a counterproductive exercise.

Even when the USSR and the US were in nuclear confrontation, they had channels of communication. Why can't the U.S. communicate with the Muslims who want to fight? How long will America continue to fool itself that General Musharaf, Hosni Mubarak, King Abdullah, Crown Prince Abdullah, Karzai, the Algerian generals etc represent the Muslim world.

Peace is possible. Let the ZIONIST JEWS get out of the way so that the American and Muslim peoples can communicate. Give peace a chance.

2003-09-13 Sat 12:22ct