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Meet Lynne Stewart, Attorney to Dr. Omar ĎAbdel Rahman, Being tried as Putative Terrorist!
Stop this Government Move: It strikes at the basis of Freedom and Free Speech in America
By Hadayai Majeed (special to New Trend)

I met Lynne Stewart about four years ago at a conference in Baltimore, Maryland. I can't believe she is a terrorist. I can't see the justification for labeling her a militant. Is someone militant because they protest against what they think is wrong? We need to make sure that this term is used only to describe those who are military trained and armed for action (like the US Armed Forces). This term should not be used just because someone disagrees with any policy or any policy makers. It should not be used to describe anyone who ask a question and challenges our legal and political system. The principles and the basis of the US Constitution are civil liberties of 'Free Speech," and right to disagree with those in authority.

Lynne Stewart is a very competent attorney and a committed person to her profession, family and the true American way of life. She defends the Constitution of the US. How can anyone who defends the Constitution be a terrorist or anti-American? As far as judgment, well who does not make an error in judgment sometimes? What error is being referred to that could justify her being arrested? Are we going to allow putting people in jail for what anyone in authority could consider an error in judgment? It has not been proven that she has done anything illegal or unethical. What buildings has she been accused of blowing up? How could she have conspired against our country after the fact? This is a true witch hunt designed to put fear in the hearts of all Americans so that they not question anything that comes from Washington at this time.

Her error in judgment is being Caucasian, bright, female and standing for the truth and defending people of color and in particular a Muslim or Islamic causes. This is a no, no, no, no. Why? It hits at the core of racism in America. A white woman defending men of color is a slap in the face of the now subtle and well hidden Ku Klux Klan, the now button down collar Aryan Nation and others who spew hate and ignorance in this world. Her presence in the defense of poor clients of color, an immigrant or being involved in any Islamic Movement no matter how remote her role maybe will make people question the validity of the case being made against Islam or her client.

Her presence and commitment to truth is a slap in the face of the new world order.

Please do not believe the media on this one. If this can happen to Lynne Stewart it can happen to anyone one of us. You or I can be next in line for acts as Constitutional as attending an antiwar rally or writing an article for a newspaper or signing a petition against an issue promoted by our present leaders in the Congress and our President. The goal in this case and cases like this is one is to scare people not to ask questions or to speak up for themselves. It is to make us humble ourselves before the throne of Washington and let them tell us how to think and act. Please ask yourself this question. How many defense attorneys do you know are in jail or have been arrested because they defended known Mafia types? None unless they did something wrong themselves and it was proven in court. They are not arrested (usually), put in jail for being accused of having errors in their judgment because their client is a known Mafia type or has been associated with organized crime in their respective place or residence.

Keep an eye on this case everyone. It should serve to prove show how wrong all of the new legislation is concerning Homeland Security and Anti-Terrorism. This is the beginning of Nazism in America. The real New World Order, and a replay of some ugly times for any one of color, Muslims, women and people who just don't fit in the scheme of those who are behind the dastardly plot to unravel America. Trust me our true enemies look like a poster of top American leadership mostly Caucasian, male and college educated. We need to carefully watch our elected officials and appointees to position of power in this country to see where their true commitment lies to freedom, justice and liberty for all.

Review the history of the Nazi Movement in German lead by Adolph Hitler. The first order of business was to single out a group (the Jews) and label them the ENEMY. Next he stomped out "free speech," and then went after anyone who dared to say no to those in authority at that time-Hitler and the Nazis, publicly marching the Enemy each person, each family, each group to the camps and eliminating them one by one.

Please let us not be blind this time to this type of movement in our country. Please do not be fooled and think it can't happen hear in America. Don't let the nice suits or dresses, the infusion of a few faces of color, pleasant mannerisms, past history of good and the well polished media spin fool us. When Lynne Stewart's case comes to trial be ready to protest and protest loudly.
Hadayai Majeed is a freelance writer and publisher who resides in Atlanta, GA.
[From Abu Talib Sekou, our rep. in Brooklyn.]

Bro Kaukab Siddique
I Pray Allah that this letter meet you in good health my brother in faith and struggle.
I would like to say a few words about anti war rally last week in New York. I was there giving out information to the people on Islam.

There were few Muslims at the rally. Somehow we are in silence on the question of Iraq and what is taking place in the Muslim world. Even some of the Imams are saying its wrong to participate in the anti-war rallies and demonstration because there are socialists and communists at these rallies, but it's an excuse to do nothing at all. There needs to be some form of Political education at these Islamic centers and Mosques for the people. Even some of the brothers who I talk with at the Mosque say it is Haram to Protest. They are lost or they are not political at all. There is much work to be done in the various communities. But as they say the struggle continue regardless of what and no one can stop the spread of Islam among the oppressed around the world. Victory is certain for those who struggle in the path of Allah and those who stand up for the weak and the oppressed. We must make links with other groups who are also fighting and standing up for justice around the world.

"The Americans ignited another crusade to annihilate Muslims and are supporting the aggressor Jews, who seized Al-Aqsa Mosque, in slaughtering our innocent brothers in Palestine. The Americans established military bases in Muslim countries, which they want to control and impose their hegemony on the entire world," stressed the veteran Pashtun leader.

He underlined that anyone who did not believe in Jihad as an obligatory duty against the Americans was ignorant about the basics of Islam.

The former Afghan prime minister dismissed as "traitors and hypocrites" Afghans who helped the Americans kill their people and destroy mosques and houses.

Hekmatyar also lamented the killing of the Islamic zeal in the spirits of the Afghan people, whose history "is replete with Jihad against dictators," and who never accepted a religion but Islam.

The message also made mention of the injustice and humiliation done to the Afghan people, lambasting the current proxy Afghan government.

Hekmatyar denounced the people's council formed after the fall of the Taliban's regime as the "fake expanded people's council."

The message also highlighted the obscene U.S. media and cultural campaign directed at the Afghan people, noting that it was only promoting pornography and debauchery in the name of art and democracy.

Hekmatyar stressed the importance of booting out all foreign troops from Afghanistan , calling for forming an Afghan government and parliament through free choice by the Afghan people.

"True representatives of the Afghan people are entitled to say their word on the future system, political parties and public figures and the role they can play in the days ahead. The Afghan people will neither accept foreigners nor agent governments (to represent them)," he said.

"The entire world should be mindful of the fact that those people (the Afghans) did not accept communism and communists, backed up by Russians, who failed to get a foothold in their country.

"Those people sacrificed one and half million martyrs in their uphill war against the Russians, and that's why the Americans would not be able to impose their puppet government on the Afghan people, who adore Jihad and are proud of martyrdom," averred Hekmatyar.

He concluded his message by calling on the Afghan people to fight the U.S. troops and their allies in Afghanistan and help the mujahadeen by keeping a tight lid on their military secrets and movements.

Hekmatyar also exhorted the Islamic nation to back this Jihad just like it supported Jihad against the Soviet forces.
Washington Designates Hekmatyar as "Global Terrorist"

The U.S. on Wednesday linked Hekmatyar to Osama ben Laden''s al-Qaeda network and Taliban. "The U.S. Government has information indicating that Gulbuddin Hekmatyar has participated in and supported terrorist acts committed by al-Qaeda and the Taliban," claimed State Department spokesman Richard Boucher.

"Because of his terrorist activity, the United States is designating Hekmatyar as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist."

2003-02-23 Sun 07:32ct