Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Safar 21, 1425/ April 12, 2004 #46

Those who really love America must strive to bring the troops back from Iraq and Afghanistan. If a sense of pride keeps American forces in the Muslim lands, the U.S. could collapse in five years, like the Soviet Union did. If $87 billion could not "pacify" Iraq, what will?

April 12. HOSNI MUBARAK, "President of Egypt" will visit Bush. He will be followed by Sharon of Israel, and then King Abdullah of Jordan. By the standards of International Law, all three are criminals. They carry out torture, murder of opponents, arbitrary arrests and mass terror against ENTIRE populations. All three are funded and armed by the American-Zionist establishment.

AMERICAN GENERALS are NOT SMILING ANY LONGER. Watch them: Be it Abizaid or Sanchez or Kimmit, they are grim faced and ugly. They have finally realized: They are NOT welcome in Iraq, and the IRAQIS are GOOD FIGHTERS.
[Ref: U.S. command conferences on TV, April 12 and earlier.]
Jamaat al-Muslimeen held an important SHOORA [consultative committee] meeting in Greensboro, North Carolina, on April 10. Issues related to the rights of America's Muslims and the issues facing America were discussed and solutions were brought forth. A MASS CAMPAIGN to URGE MUSLIMS in AMERICA TO BOYCOTT businesses which support ISRAEL has been inaugurated.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen is a PEACEFUL, LEGAL and HUMAN RIGHTS-oriented organization working to SERVE the Muslims of America.
The bold INITIATIVES which came out of meeting are being published and will be posted tomorrow, inshallah.
On April 9, the U.S. sentenced two Muslims, Randall Royer, and Al-Hamdi, respectively to 20 years and 15 years. They were said to be connected to Lashkare Taiba in Pakistan and helped to give an input into the struggle for the liberation of Kashmir.
The two said they had done nothing against the U.S. and offered to cooperate with the FBI, but still received stiff sentences.
Reports from Afghanistan in various media indicate that the Taliban have carried out three successful attacks, one in Kandahar, one near Ghazni and one near the Afghan border. There are indications of heavy U.S. and Kabuli troop losses in the attacks. [Incomplete report.]

April 10, 2003 was a surrealistic horror for the Muslim world. The Iraqi government had fallen like a pack of cards. U.S. forces had rolled into Baghdad. The farce of the toppling of Saddam’s statue was being enacted on Zionist-controlled TV screens around the globe. The Islamic nation lay under the heel of the Yankee mastodon.

April 10, 2004 was a day of glory for Islam and the Islamic resistance in Iraq. The most powerful military power in the world could not conquer FALLUJAH. The Iraqi people are UNITED AS NEVER BEFORE, Shi’ites and Sunnis joining hands to resist the American elite army installed in their country.

More than 700 Iraqis have been reported killed in FALLUJAH and 1000 wounded [most of them civilians, including large numbers of women and children], but the slaughter has failed to cow down the Iraqis. Instead, the more the Americans hit them, the more the Iraqis want to fight. America has not understood the Islamic spirit of martyrdom and the concept of the Hereafter. Muslims with that spirit can be killed but they cannot be defeated.

The U.S., the grubby little imperialists from “Great” Britain and the entire “coalition” of mercenaries, crusaders in a Muslim land, are being humiliated in detail before international opinion which they tried to mislead. Look at the salient features of the “uncovering” of the crooked leaders of the crusaders:

1. Iraq has WMDs. It didn’t and it doesn’t.
2. Iraq could attack with WMDs within 45 minutes. It couldn’t and didn’t.
3. Iraq bought uranium from Niger. Not true.
4. Saddam was linked to Al-Qaida. It wasn’t and still isn’t.
5. Iraq tricked the weapons inspectors but the U.S.’s own team [David Kay, etc] will find the WMDs. Result: Zero.

THE KEY TO AMERICAN INVASION were Saddam Hussain, Israel and Iran plus the U.S. DESIRE TO PROVE THAT it can IMPOSE ITS WILL on MUSLIMS:

ALL ZIONISTS understood that President Saddam Hussain was the problem. The Zionist Jews kept up a steady drum beat of propaganda against Saddam, demonizing him as no man other than Hitler has been demonized. The Zionists knew things which many Muslims realized too late.

1. Saddam was totally opposed to Israel and saw it, correctly, as illegitimate, an occupation force within the Arab heartland.
2. Saddam supported martyrdom operations against Israel and donated $10,000 to $25,000 to the family of each Palestinian martyr.
3. Saddam saw international borders in the Arab world, once again correctly, as drawn by imperial powers from the West. All these borders, he thought, needed to be erased so that a united Arab nation could emerge. Some of this thinking went into his occupation of Kuwait.


Only Iraqis and Palestinians know that Saddam changed himself, his policies and his people after 1991. He embraced Islam and emblazoned the Islamic rallying cry of “Allahu Akbar” on the Iraqi flag. The RESISTANCE in IRAQ of 2003-2004 is the fruit of Saddam’s Islamic efforts from 1991 to 2003. Here are some salient features, well known in Iraq but hidden from the outside world owing to Zionist propaganda.

* He gave freedom to Islamic leaders, preachers and teachers to bring Islam into the lives of the Iraqi masses as long as they did not try to overthrow him.
* He started an extensive program to build and refurbish mosques. It is the magic of Zionist propaganda that NO ONE IN AMERICA has seen pictures of the biggest mosque in the world which was being constructed under Saddam’s orders in Baghdad. [Instead we are always shown the palaces from the era of the Iraqi monarchy, installed by the British, which Saddam refurbished because CONSTRUCTION was the only economic activity which did not require imports during the sanctions regime.]
* Saddam gave GENERAL AMNESTY to the Sh’ites and Kurds who had risen in armed revolt against him under U.S.-Iranian instigation. Persons from both groups were brought into the Iraqi Parliament.
* SHI’A PLACES OF WORSHIP, including the shrines in Najaf and Kerbala, were totally and beautifully refurbished by Saddam after 1991 at great expense. [NONE OF THESE SHRINES beautified under Saddam’s orders have EVER been shown on Zionist controlled media in America and Europe. Instead we are constantly shown Saddam’s palaces.]
* Saddam set up a FREE ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY in Baghdad which was attended by Muslim students from around the world, all expenses paid except overseas travel.
* Saddam went to make du’a and pay his respects at the shrines of IMAM ABU HANIFA and SHAIKH ABDUL QADIR JILANI in the Baghdad area. The carpets there are his gifts.

Thus when the Americans went into Iraq, they didn’t realize that they were going into an ISLAMIC nation which would resist and would try to set up an Islamic state.

RESISTANCE became integral to Iraq because Saddam refused to surrender. The U.S. tried to kill him and bought some of his top commanders nurtured in Ba’thism. SADDAM fought on even after American troops had occupied Iraq. It was a SERIOUS PROPAGANDA ERROR on the part of the American media to emphasize that Saddam had lived in a hole in the ground before his capture. The Iraqis thus got direct proof from a hostile source that Saddam was NOT one who loved to live in palaces, that for the sake of a free Iraq he could live in a hole under the ground.
FALLUJAH is SADDAM’s city. Today FALLUJAH is the symbol of Islamic resistance to a superpower.

DURING ONE YEAR OF OCCUPATION, the Iraqis have exploded the Jewish concept of inevitable American victory propounded by Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith and Sharon. Rumsfeld and General Myers used the term “deadenders” for Iraqi fighters. The concept of INEVITABILITY was that Iraqi resistance doesn’t have a chance against the massive fire power of the USA.

Iraqis have sacrificed tremendously and through their sacrifices, the Muslim world can see:
FIRSTLY, that America cannot win against Islam. In guerrilla warfare, if the guerrilla force survives and continues to fight, and HAS THE SUPPORT OF THE PEOPLE, it has WON although it cannot face the fire power of the occupiers.

To win, the Americans had to: 1. CRUSH THE RESISTANCE. 2. MAKE THE PEOPLE FEEL that the resistance cannot win. It has failed on both counts.

SECONDLY, if America cannot win in Iraq, ISRAEL’s existence no longer remains inevitable. The ISRAELIS have survived so long because the Palestinians are defenseless and because the U.S. gives TOTAL support to Israel.

As the resistance continues, American power will gradually be undermined, as was the Soviet power in Afghanistan. Over the years, FALLUJAH will be an example for Muslims. An Islamic will to fight back is gradually developing. With the diminution of American military power and the growing hostility to it around the globe, maintenance of a BILLION DOLLAR criminal-settler economy in occupied PALESTINE will become impossible. Sooner or later, the JEWS WILL HAVE TO GO HOME and scholars will research how a bunch of bandits and criminals could lord it over the Middle East for 56 plus years.
Montreal Perspectives

By Jalaluddin S. Hussain


Have we learnt any lesson from Rwandan Genocide?

In December 2003, the General Assembly of the United Nations designated April 7, 2004, as the International Day of Reflection on the Genocide in Rwanda. While this symbolic gesture of the international community is worth appreciating the fact remains that Mr. Kofi Annan, the current Secretary General of the United Nations, was the Head of the UN Rwanda Mission, when the massacre took place. One may ask what practical steps he himself took to stop the massacre? What were his recommendations in the aftermath of the Genocide, in which French troops played an incriminating role, and the leaders and politicians of many Western nations, either kept silence or looked the other side. Is it not hypocritical to only observe a minute silence on April 7, 1994 when the UN with the help of Western powers, could have also taken active preventive steps in stopping the Rwandan massacre.

Ruthless killings of Afghanis and Iraqis

Again, based on the pretext of the World Trade Centre attack in September 2001, USA with its coalition partners, have blatantly resorted to ruthless killings of innocent Afghanis and Iraqis, and have so far failed to establish even a semblance of democracy in either Iraq or in Afghanistan. The fact of the matter is that the true objective of Western powers is not the establishment of democracy but assertion of political power and capture of gas and oil resources, of these countries and their neighbours!

Firebombing of a Montreal Jewish School

"Jewish schools firebombed hours before Passover", is the banner headline of daily, The Gazette, Montreal of April 6, 2004. Whoever committed this cowardly act deserves condemnation in the strongest terms. Prime Minister of Canada, Mr.Paul Martin and Premier of Quebec, Mr.Jean Charest, also condemned this dastardly act. Both expressed the hope that such an incident, with anti-Semitic overtones, will not be repeated. It must however be mentioned that such acts do not happen in isolation. The target killings of venerated Muslim political leaders, like Sheikh Yassin in the Occupied Territories, and al-Sadr in Iraq, have direct impact on the Muslims living in Montreal. The Muslim communities of Quebec are generally peaceful groups and would like to live as well-behaved citizens, within the multicultural mosaic of Quebec. However, because of the attitude of the Zionist groups, within the Montreal area and also because of the provocative happenings in the Middle East and Afghanistan, there is always potential of incitement. Perhaps the solution lies in resolving the Middle East problem and putting an effective leash on the barking and biting dog, that is America.

Demonstrations in favour of Algerian and Palestinian deportees

Two recent demonstrations, which took place in Montreal, inspite of the freezing cold and inclement weather, need to be briefly mentioned here. The first demonstration was held on April 5, 2004, from 4 to 6 PM, in front of Complexe Guy Favreau, in the downtown core, where the passport office and other related Federal government offices, are located. More than 300 demonstrators participated ,with banners and noisemakers. All the slogans expressed solidarity with those illegal immigrants who have been listed for deportatations or have already been deported. The most outstanding case is that of Mohamed Cherfi, a non-status Algerian, who was deported to the United States on March 5, 2004. His sancturay inside the Saint Pierre United Church was violated, when at least 15 police officers focibly entered the Church to arrest him. Without resorting to any due process of law, Cherfi was deported to the United States, a few weeks ago. The only crime he committed was that he actively helped the prospective immigrants in various ways. He was the person who accompanied people, living underground, to Immigration Canada, to have the warrants for their arrest and deportation orders revoked. He was also the person who volunteered to fill out the application forms of more than 50 non-status Algerians. Most of the applicants whom he helped, later got accepted as landed immigrants. Because of this activism, Mohamed Cherfi was thrown in Canadian jail at least 3 times in a short period of six months. The Action Committee of Non-Status Algerians, are right in demanding the regularization of all non-status persons and end of their deportation proceedings.

End Palestinian deportation also

The second demonstration took place on Thursday, April 8, 2004, in front of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada offices in Montreal. This demonstration, in which more than 200 immigration activists participated, was successful in drawing attention of the downtown Montrealers, to the plight of deportees. Again, the objective of this Montreal picket, was:

- to stop the deportations of the Palestinian refugees;
- to regularize their status.

By all counts, both the demonstrataion, one in favour of the non-status Algerians and the other of non-status Palestinians, was successful, in so far as there is now hope that many of the deportation cases may be revised in favour of the prospective deportees.

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