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The reason we use John Allen Muhammad's name as such is purely a style issue. We use everyone's last name and do not use a cursory title such as Mr and Mrs once we have given the name in full.
I can see where you are coming from, but our style must be uniform. After all, would you expect us to refer to the Israeli PM as Ariel? I think not.
Sadly, in this case, the defendant's last name is Muhammad and so the style continues.
[Yvonne Ridley, Al-Jazeerah net, London, England]
I am glad you touched on this subject. Chances are that Mr John Allen's last name is not at all 'Muhammad' has been deliberately inserted there by the propaganda machine.
Instead of bridging gaps, mistrust & hatred between Muslims & other communities in America, this adminstration has been acting in a most irresponsible behavior...& has been deliberately fanning muslim hatred to continue their 'perpetual war' for protection of Israel....instead of harmony & understanding. Let me also say this: That: If ....a big IF... 9-11 was not an inside job & the imaginary Hijackers (just like Saddam's imaginary WMD's) were bloody what??? The highly pissed off hijackers (who pissed them off in the first place??) were not entire Islam nor represented Islam. They committed a most heinous crime & paid for it with their why blame the muslims of the world for it???!!!! Attack & punish the criminals who commit such acts & not their Religion. Why blame the entire religion??? Did anybody blame Christianity for Hitler's deeds??!! Nopes. Strange logic.................
[Jimmy Jumshade, Texas]
I understand everything you say about sensitivities, but the media will probably respond that "Muhammed" is perceived as the surname, which is standard journalistic practice. Just a thought. [Prof. E. Engling, Texas]
I am using your model to send to the New York papers, in sha'llah. Keep up the good work of your advocacy publication. You are having an impact and making a needed contribution. Indeed you are one of the few Muslims (and I know many, many, many) who are willing to openly follow Allah's direction in Qur'an unafraid. I just read this morning in my daily Ramadhan reading, Surah 4:148 "O you who believe! stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allah...". Unfortunately the Muslim society here in America is sadly deficient of leaders and followers.
My faith in Allah tells me this is temporary. As we keep pointing the finger things will change, as Allah Wills. Allah, t'ala promised us trials and some loss and He promises us victory in the end.
[Imam Omar, New York]

Many Muslims were not fooled I think by the media as much as many Muslims are very comfortable and do not want to lose what they think they have. When you go to war your property and life are on the line. We have too many weak kneed, spoiled and fat leaders who simply are not ready for true spiritual jihad so don't think they are going to get dirty, not eat, lose all their money and their life too for anything. Actions speak louder than words. Saddam has some serious problems as a leader; however the US can't claim they are angels in this matter and remember what happens every time the US backs a leader in another country. If that leader ever gets his conscience back and rebels against the US he (usually a man) or she is gone. The US can't afford to have the likes of Saddam, Osama and Norriega tell the truth on them.
Just my opinion.
Hadayai Majeed
Muslim Women Political Action Committee


2003-11-16 Sun 09:54ct