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A Baker of Arab Origin is Charged with Theft of Recipes: The Government Sees him as involved in "INDUSTRIAL ESPIONAGE" to Fund Terrorism!

[Message from Imam Badi Ali, Greesboro, North Carolina}

The Triad Chapter of the Blue Triangle Network wishes to express its outrage at the treatment of Mazen Said at the hands of the criminal justice system, most specifically the flagrant bond of $2 million because of unsubstantiated claims that Mr Said is somehow linked to terrorist organizations. Mr Said is also being rapidly swept through the system, with the prosecutor pushing for a trial in PA within a week's time.

While we take no stand about Mr Said's guilt or innocence related to the charges of theft and impersonation, we utterly denounce the bias and prejudice clearly exhibited by the judge and prosecuter in alleging a link to "terrorism" with no evidence whatsoever. This behavior is part of a national pattern of persecution of people of arab and south asian descent since 9-11. Thousands of people have been arrested and detained without due process, held indefinitely often without any charges even being brought against them. Here in the Triad, the Islamic Center has documented 311 incidents against arab and muslim people, ranging from harrassment, to eviction, to disappearance. Currently, the US Government plans to deport 13,000 people of Arab or South Asian origin who voluntarily registered with the INS. No charges have been brought against any of them.

Mr. Said is a legal resident of Greensboro, and has family and a business here. He should be treated like any other member of the community who has been charged with theft. He is being treated differntly only because of his nationality. As his sister-in-law said when asked about the outrageous bail, "Before 9-11 this would never happen. If he was American, would he be treated the same? I want people to look away from the nationality and skin color and all that, and just treat him like anyone else."

Contact info: Pam Crosson aka nego
Greensboro, NC

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