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Dear readers: write to PBS to protest the Holocaust month projected by the Jews. Here is a letter one of our readers wrote. Try to follow this example. [Remember that the roots of Israeli terrorism lie in the soil of the holocaust myth. Every year innocent Americans give millions of dollars to the Jews in the mistaken assumption that the Jewish version of World War II is true]:

Subject: Holocaust Month
For over thirty years I have been enjoying the programs on Member Supported Public T.V. Unfortunately through the years, PBS has changed its slant on the type of programs that it airs. This is mostly due to the fact that "Sponsors" can now request certain programs be aired, as long as they pay for them. These particular programs have now reached such a large proportion, that one can't help but think that PBS is run by the same people that control the commercial media.

For example, I find your timing wrong in airing shows about the WWII holocaust. One can't help but think your "Sponsors", not Member Supporters, have an agenda here. I think that it is incongruent to air these programs now in light of the current holocaust in Palestine by the Jews. How arrogant to show the Jewish victimization while their torture of the Palestinians goes on daily. No U.S. leaders are speaking up for the Palestinians, even though the public is appalled-around the world. Nor are any religious leaders speaking out on behalf of the present holocaust by the Jews, against the Palestinians, as was also the case in WWII. This should be frightening to the Jews as they witness this-again.

All I have to say is that I will not support your television station any more with my funds to air this kind of propaganda, while the current Palestinian holocaust continues. (My opinions are shared by many that feel the same way about your programs for this month, in particular.)

(ex-supporter of PBS)

2002-04-17 Wed 18:54ct