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(Analysis by But Shikan, Idol Breaker)

Bush Takes the Gloves Off: Offers Slavery or Destruction to Muslims
Condemns Islamic Movements and Independent States by Name
Karazai and Afghan Woman Minister are Types of Muslims Acceptable
Special Praise for Musharref

Failure to Defeat al-Qaeda changed U.S.A.

Every Muslim should have listened to President Bush's speech on January 29. Gone was the pretense that this is not a war on Islam. The president named names and made it clear that he is waging an OPEN-ENDED WAR against all Islamic movements which have fighting ability. He specifically condemned leading Islamic movements as terrorists (in addition to Al-Qaeda and Taliban). He named these as terrorists:
i. Hamas
ii. Hizbullah
iii. Islamic Jihad
iv. Jaish Muhammad

He also lashed out at the Muslim countries which are still independent:
1. Iran was briefly but categorically condemned as a terrorist state. Strangely enough, the president claimed that in Iran a minority is ruling the majority! Didn't his advisers tell him that elections are held in Iran regularly? {Observers say that Iran will soon learn that the policy of "masterly inactivity" will not work. Early in the post-19/11 "terrorism" propaganda, the Zionist media, working closely with Bush, had started trotting out the son of the Pahlavi tyrant of Iran who was overthrown by Imam Khomeini.} An independent Iran will not be tolerated, inspite of Iran's cowardly role when Iraq and Afghanistan were being destroyed.
2. Iraq was condemned in some detail. As usual the president tried to blame Saddam Hussain for the genocide which has been created by U.S.-Israeli-UN sanctions and embargo. The tired old story of Saddam gassing civilians and the mother dying while protecting her child was again brought out for effect.{ There is no independent investigation which would put the blame for any gassing on Saddam. It's Iranian propaganda from the tragic Iran-Iraq war. If readers know of an INDEPENDENT study which blames Iraq, let us know.}

The President had special praise for Pakistani coup leader General Musharraf {who sold Pakistan's sovereignty to the U.S. for one billion dollars and some debt remission.} Praise for a military ruler takes away the credibility of the president's sweet sounding words about rule of law and tolerance. Musharref cannot tolerate the religion of his own people and has arrested 2000 to stop the movement to free Kashmir.

America's puppet imposed on Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, is the kind of Muslim Mr. Bush admires, one who bows before American power like a slave and begs for money and goodies.
Karzai completely forgot his manners and sat between two bare-legged women. No Afghan or Muslim can respect him for such behavior.
The president claimed that he has liberated Afghanistan from the Taliban and especially freed the women of Afghanistan. To prove his point he had an Afghani APPOINTED woman minister there in the auditorium, and she had, like a dutiful slave, taken off her head covering to please the big white master. The President is probably unaware that women around the Muslim world are saying a CLEAR NO to America by carefully wrapping themselves up in hijab. The president is either misinformed about women in the Muslim world or is pressing his agenda of cultural imperialism (probably both).
1. The President forgot to tell his people that in his previous speech he had called for capture of Osama bin Laden, dead or alive. Neither Osama, nor Mullah Omar, nor Ayman al-Zawahiri have been captured.
2. He forgot to mention that tens of thousands of Afghan civilians have been killed by the heroic U.S. air force.
3. He pretended that he does not know that the whole world is condemning U.S. abuse of the Al-Qaida prisoners in Guntanamo Bay. Let alone Muslims, even the Europeans and the British are referring to inhumane treatment of the Islamic cadres by the U.S. Hitler did not treat the Soviets (his worst enemies) as Rumsfield is treating the sons of Islam who have not fought American forces and have not been charged with any crime. {These prisoners were betrayed and captured by mercenaries, not by U.S. soldiers.}
4. The President SIMPLY IGNORED the Enron scandal although ample evidence is coming out that Enron bosses helped finance the Bush campaign. Under cover of the war, they defrauded shareholders of more than a billion dollars and then declared the company bankrupt.

Thus President Bush's speech was nothing more than a pep rally. It simply ignored all the issues.
Its pep rally spirit seemed to be a cover for the fact that the U.S. has been hit hard by the 19 attackers who struck the WTC and the Pentagon on 9/11. The U.S. economy may never recover from the blow. {The President should have confessed that the U.S. still has no leads on how the autonomous Islamic unit penetrated the entire security cover provided by the FBI and the CIA. An absurd case has been filed against one Masssoui who was in prison during the attack. If that's what came out of the worldwide war against terror (ONE LEAD ONLY), then it's a tremendous failure for which any honest government would resign.}
What evidence is there against Osama bin Laden? If the U.S. cannot provide even a shred of evidence against Osama to the World Court or to any impartial group of jurists, then the legitimacy of its assault on Afghanistan is open to question. There can be little doubt that the U.S. was prepared to launch a military assault on Afghanistan to remove the Taliban government BEFORE the events of 9/11. An independent Islamic government is anathema to the U.S.
The President's unqualified condemnation of Hamas, Hizbullah and Islamic Jihad made it quite evident that Zionism is so strong in the U.S. that there is no need to hire Jews to top positions.
The condemnation of Jaish Muhammad (Lashkare Taybe proved too difficult for prounciation in Mr. Bush's last speech on the subject) shows that the U.S. has openly joined India against the struggle to free Kashmir.
The Muslim world should wake up and smell the coffee. Bush has made it very clear: Give up Islam or get ready to fight. If you want Islam, it will have to be Karzai style to be acceptable to America.

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