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[Reporting on Iraq by Buut Shikan, Idol Breaker.]
DAY 17: Understanding the Situation at Baghdad Airport and the U.S. Raid into Baghdad
Significance of Saddam Hussain in Public and his TV Appearance
Martyrdom Operations: One by Women, other at Airport

American audiences are confused by the plethora of "victory" reports being circulated and repeated every 15 minutes by CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. These reports are further buttressed by Central Command, Defense Department and White House briefings.

New Trend's analysis of these reports is as follows:

1. U.S. troops are at Saddam International Airport, 12 miles from Baghdad. However, Iraqi forces are also at the airport and heavy fighting is going on. Thus both sides can claim that they are in control of the airport. The Iraqis are lightly armed and do not seem to have weaponry which could penetrate American tanks. However, the Iraqis, far from surrendering are actually charging the American troops head on with the "soft" vehicles which they do have, such as pick ups and motor cars. [One picture of an Iraqi car crashing through a U.S. tank column did get through CNN censorship for a few seconds.]
Thus when the U.S. media say that U.S. forces have the airport but the Iraqis are shooting at them, they are admitting that the Iraqis are at the airport too and it is not in control of either side.

2. On April 5, an American tank column entered Baghdad. This sensational news was transmitted by CNN etc a hundred times. Actually, it was simply a raid into Baghdad which driven back by the Iraqis with heavy U.S. casualties. American troops have air cover and consist of tank columns which can move rapidly. Such a raid does not mean that Baghdad or any part of Baghdad has been captured. [Readers should have been paying attention to the battle of Basrah in the south where British tanks have entered the city half-a-dozen times only to be repulsed by stiff Iraqi resistance.] Such raids will continue as powerful and fast moving American tank columns probe Baghdad's defenses.
2a. By 9 AM [EST], CNN's reporting became more subdued and bits and pieces of news started coming out that when the tank column went into Baghdad, it faced still resistance and suffered "losses" [which have not yet been revealed]. The Iraqis, we are told, lowered their anti aircraft guns and used them against the tanks. Infantry units repeatedly attacked the tank column, eventually forcing it to retreat. [Most Iraqi RPG rounds cannot penetrate American armor.]


The Iraqis showed again on April 4 that they will go down fighting rather than surrender or run away, in spite of ferocious American bombing, including the use of B-52s WITHIN BAGHDAD.

President Saddam Hussain came on TV to call the Muslim world and the Iraqi people to Jihad. He seems to be prepared to fight to the end and to achieve martyrdom if necessary.

Then a bigger surprise for the U.S.: SADDAM HUSSAIN CAME OUT IN PUBLIC to the love and adulation of his people (as smoke from U.S. bombing billowed on the horizon). This great daring has sent a surge of power throughout the Muslim world. [By contrast, Bush has failed to come out into the public even in the peace and security of the United States mainland.] Saddam picked up a child, showed his fist, shook hands, hailed people like his friends. There were armed civilians in the crowd but he was not afraid. [Imagine anyone being allowed to carry weapons into a Bush meeting! Unthinkable.]

During his TV appearance, Saddam referred to the Apache helicopter downed by a farmer and to the air assault on Baghdad. There can be little doubt that he is alive and in command of the Jihad. However, U.S. media, trying to fulfill U.S. war needs, spent all day speculating if that was a real Saddam or a "double." [Other than rumor and gossip, there is no evidence that he has a double.]


On April 4, two Iraqi women carried out a martyrdom attack at a dam to the northwest of Baghdad where U.S. special forces have landed. It is reported that one of the women came screaming out of a car which drove up to the U.S. special forces check point. As U.S. troops approached, the other woman in the car blew up the car. Both women were martyred. Three U.S. Special Forces men were reported killed and three injured. [Al Jazeerah has shown pictures of the two women which were filmed before they went off to give their lives in defense of the Islamic nation.]

On April 5, a martyrdom operation was carried out against U.S. forces on the perimeter of Saddam Hussain International Airport. CNN first reported the attack (7 and 8 AM EST) but then refused to give details which could indicate heavy U.S. casualties. The attack report will probably be sanitized before it is released.


On April 5, 6 AM, U.S. media reported that a U.S. Cobra helicopter had been SHOT DOWN in Central Iraq. An hour later, this was changed into a "crash" whose cause is "not known." By 9 AM (EST), the report had changed into "cause unknown, to be investigated." In other words, the military is sanitizing the reports issued by journalists.


CNN and other channels report that a U.S. marine colonel, Col Dowdy, has been dismissed while he was in command of his troops in the field. Again, information is being withheld. Our analysts sense that this could be indication of an important setback for U.S. troops in the battlefield. The Iraqis were putting up a real tough fight at Al-Kut and the Colonel might have abandoned his post and run. Probably the U.S. media will issue a thoroughly sanitized report.
IRANIAN VERSION OF THE CONFLICT: Preparing to cash in on Muslim Resentment
[Note: New Trend is not in ANY WAY endorsing or supporting this khutba of a pro-Iran Imam.]

Iran seems to be moving from stage one to stage two of its strategy in the context of the attack on Iraq. It had taken a "neutral" stance in the U.S. attack, claiming that it is neither on the side of Saddam nor in favor of the U.S. [Islamic scholars say that such "neutrality" in the face of an attack on a Muslim country is a form of kufr.] Now it is openly coming out to attack Saddam and to take advantage of Muslim resentment against the U.S.

On April 4, a pro-Iran Imam gave a khutba in Washington, DC at Freedom Square (13th street and Pennsylvania) after obtaining a police permit for the event.

This khutba gives an indication of the Iranian line. Here are the main points:
1. 9.11 was done by the Americans themselves ('they did it' could be Americans or Jews).
2. American embassies in Africa were blown up by them themselves. ('they did it')
3. Osama bin Laden is working for America.
4. Taliban are no good and were involved in killing Iran's supporters in Afghanistan.
5. [Left out all resistance by Saddam Hussain.]
6. Ali Khamenei is our important Islamic leader.
7. Condemn Bush. Bush and bin Laden are working together. (Referred to "Bush Laden" as a play on Bin Laden.]
Ed. Note: This is not a Shia-Sunni issue. Many Shias oppose Iran. Among them are Iranian Shias in the MKO who took refuge in Iraq. Most Iraqi Shias are nationalists and support Saddam Hussain. It appears that perhaps with Iranian help, the U.S. has obtained a 'fatwa' from Sistani, Shia religious leader in Najaf, not to oppose American forces.

Now Iran has issued a statement, in a veiled way, expressing sorrow at the deaths of U.S. and British troops in Iraq. Some see it as a feeler to the Anglo-American regimes.
[Independent news reports such as the following do not get through to American TV screens. Sent by Sis. Hamdiyeh in South Carolina.)
US forces use schools for cover

By Russell Skelton in northern Iraq
April 4 2003
United States special forces have taken up strategic positions in three secondary schools located in a densely populated residential area of a city in northern Iraq. The schools, which have been closed since the war began, are located near a prominent Christian church and within 200 metres of a United Nations complex. The decision to locate the special forces in a residential area appears to run counter to US policy. The Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, recently criticised Iraq for placing key military units and weaponry in and around mosques, hospitals and schools in both Baghdad and Basra. The decision also appears to be a departure from US policy in northern Iraq. Thousands of paratroopers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade have been deliberately located well away from any population centres. For security reasons the name of the city will not be published. But yesterday I observed four Humvees equipped with mortars, missiles and .50 calibre machine-guns unloading men and equipment at a girls' secondary school. Soldiers entered the school through a side entrance. The special forces had their faces covered and appeared to be returning from a mission. The vehicles were dusty and heavily laden with weaponry. When I attempted to approach the soldiers, local security forces intervened, saying that the street was off limits to the media and that photography was banned. This week big cities were put on high security alert after Iraq proclaimed it had 4000 Arab volunteers ready to carry out suicide bombings. Kurdish residents, who confirmed the exact location of special forces units, are furious at the decision to locate them in their midst but are afraid to speak out. They believe the special forces will be targeted by suicide bombers and the Iraqi armed forces. It is understood residents have been warned by Kurdish Democratic Party officials to say nothing and not to draw attention to the special forces.
Muslims seem to dismay at the awful firepower of the kuffaar. However, does military defeat, really mean defeat?

Not if it is done with the niya of jihaad. Then there is either earthly victory or shahaadat.

But what if the enemy occupies the land?

Well there are still 3 levels of resistance. The Prophet said if you see something bad happening try to stop it with your hand. If you can't do it then speak against it. If you can't even do that, then hate it in your heart.

What's the implication of all this?

It's all about belief and good conduct.

They can occupy your land, but they can't occupy your mind/heart, you can always resist that.

So, what's the strategy?

Make sure we are on the moral high ground. If you are really there no one can dislodge you.

The higher you are, the closer you are to Allah. Then if He decides that it is His time to come, there is no power to match His Power.

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