Dear Palestinian friends

Israel is already doing most of what Cordesman wants done by way of torture, etc.

At this point, large scale killings are not being carried out for fear of radicalization of the entire Middle East. It's this bigger picture and the role of Jihadist Islamic movements which the Zionists take into consideration.

Both Zionists and anti-Zionist commentators agree that Israel is militarily secure. There is nothing the Intifada can do to Israel which would urge the Jews to go back where they came from.

At this time the US media do throw some crumbs to the Palestinians because the gap between the losses of the two peoples is so great : 255 Palestinians killed, 3000 injured,as opposed to 20 Jews killed and a couple dozen injured.

By reporting a little of the Palestinian suffering, the mainstream media try to keep their self-image of "fair and even-handed."

Consider what would happen tomorrow if the Islamists took over in Jordan and Jihadist groups (who do not retreat) were to show Israel what real fighting is all about.

Then you would see who is the real friend of the Palestinians. The tiny little statements of support would disappear.

I wonder how young you folks are, but I being older perhaps, remember the days when Israel used to claim that it was facing annihilation at the hands of armies pouring in from the Muslim world all the way from Morocco to Iraq! (These were token forces.) As Stephen Green showed in TAKING SIDES, the Israelis were always qualitatively and materially stronger than the Arab armies even in those days.

Today of course there is no comparison at all. Hence neither the intifada nor conventonal war can harm Israel.

Plain to see, the only threat to Israel is from the international Islamic movements, particularly the jihadists. If even one border (Jordan or Egypt) were opened up to the Jihadists, the Jews would lose their arrogance and might make the realistic choice to return to Brooklyn, Prague, Kiev etc from where they ventured forth to pillage and occupy Palestine.

So dear friends, even if you are secularists, try to see the Jihadist movement as your real friends and allies. Only they can ensure that if the Jews kill 255 of our children, they'll lose 255 or more of their best soldiers in the process. Even Israeli air bases would be under attack. (Remember Soviet air bases in Afghanistan? Barefooted Afghans attacked them before the planes could take off. In those days, the Soviets used to bomb Afghan villages ALL DAY LONG and it made no news anywhere; the Afghans knew what to do without waiting for media coverage.)

There is no point in complaining to ABC or the political pimp known as Cordesman. Go directly to the American people. Build your own systems of communication. Surely we can do it. There are 6 million Muslims and Arabs in USA, many of them filthy rich.)

AND PLEASE DON'T GO TO DISNEY THIS DECEMBER! EISNER SENDS THE MONEY TO ZIONIST GROUPS. It is estimated that more than 100,000 Arabs visit Disney each December. They probably don't even know that Eisner now controls Disney and is a Zionist.
Boycott Jewish businesses which support Israel.

2000-11-28 Tue 19:24ct