Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Zulqi'dah 13, 1425/December 25, 2004 #125
Peaceful Moves for Change Ignored

MOSUL: 500 University Students Protested U.S. Army Break-ins into Mosques

On December 21, the day of the attack on the U.S. army mess hall, in the morning students of the University of Mosul demonstrated peacefully in the streets. There were more than 500 of them, a significant number in this time of war and social dislocation. They were protesting the U.S. military presence in Mosul. Their main demands, which they chanted and repeated throughout the protest were:
  1. Stop U.S. troops from breaking into homes.
  2. Stop U.S. troops from invading mosques.
  3. Stop arbitrary arrests and searches.
The U.S. media gave hardly any coverage to the peaceful demonstration. It appeared on the news ticker of the cable channels and disappeared without comment.

After the martyrdom operation, no further notice was paid to these educated, young people who can be described as the conscience of Mosul.

The U.S. army blocked all the bridges into town after the explosion and sent armored patrols into Mosul's main streets.

The Iraqi people are disgusted with the American occupation, but the U.S. media keep telling American audiences that the trouble makers are only 16,000 insurgents in all of Iraq.

Organizer's Funds Frozen & Declared "Terrorism-connected"

Last week, a peaceful demonstration was to be held in the "Saudi" Arabian cities of Jidda and Riyadh. However, the Saudi government moved quickly to quash the demonstration before it could be held. The demonstrators-to-be were picked up from their homes before they could come out on the streets. In a bizarre continuation of the repression, Faqih, who lives in England and whose organization called for the peaceful demonstration, learned that his funds and all linked funds were being frozen by the government on the plea that his funds are connected to those of "terrorists." It's not entirely clear to New Trend's reporter whether the action was taken by the U.S. or was it a joint Saudi-U.S. action.
On December 23 and 24, U.S. media reported continued fighting in Fallujah. Air strikes were called as the resistance proved stubborn. Fox and MSNBC reported 3 marines killed in the latest Fallujah fighting on December 24. More than 500 refugees have returned to find homes demolished and their entire neighborhood reduced to rubble.
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[Boycott Movement]


On December 24, 2004 Jamaat al-Muslimeen representatives distributed the boycott brochure against Zionist businesses at Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, Virginia. Attended largely by immigrants from various Arab countries and Sudan/Somalia/Ethiopia, this million dollar mosque with chandeliers attracts about 300 to 500 people on Fridays.

The Jamaat gave the boycott brochure to 204 people, including 30 women.

Dar al-Hijrah seems to be a leaderless mosque with no sense of direction. COCA COLA was being sold INSIDE the mosque structure, in the foyer, just below the women's room at the back of the mosque. The mosque organizers do not seem to know, or do not care, that COCA COLA:
  1. Lacks nutritious content
  2. Is harmful owing to its sugar content.
  3. Is involved in supporting Israel
The KHUTBA was given by an imam who was the epitome of the leaderless condition of the mosque:
  1. He was wearing an American suit with an ugly red tie [symbol of the cross]. A Muslim with the "cross" dangling in his neck!
  2. In spite of being dressed like an American, he did not speak English and gave the entire Khutba in Arabic.
  3. It was a dead khutba, which did not give any sense of direction to Muslims. He spoke of the obvious, that Jesus, p, was the servant of Allah, not the son of God. Which Muslim immigrant from an Arab country would not know that? [He kept referring to Jesus, p, as "the Messiah" without explaining what it means in the Qur'an.]
  4. During the khutba, the imam with the red tie made small hand gestures which are typical of the Arab upper class when talking DOWN to the "lower" classes.

Mohommed Ali Jinnah, Iqbal, Maudoodi: Why is Pakistan so Precious for Modern Islam?

December 25 is very important for Pakistanis. It's the anniversary of the Founder of Pakistan, Mohommed Ali Jinnah, known to most Pakistanis as Quaide Azam [the Great Leader]. The story of Jinnah encapsulates the struggle going on in Pakistan, a country which might at any point in history emerge as the leader of the Muslim world.
Jinnah was a very westernized Muslim, coming from a Shia background. Allah was preparing him for a special role in history. He became an expert in British law and understood better than most people how the mind of the British imperial masters of India worked.
Most people these days do not know how Jinnah became known to the Muslims of India. A Hindu writer had written an abusive book about the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) titled Rangila Rasool [we seek forgiveness from Allah for mentioning the title] about his marriages. A Muslim named 'Ilm Deen went and killed the author in broad daylight and then calmly turned himself in to the British authorities who tried him for capital murder.
Mohammed Ali Jinnah volunteered to defend Ilm Deen, thus putting his own career on the line. He wanted to plead for Ilm Deen's life on the basis of "temporary insanity' as a good lawyer would. Ilm Deen surprised Jinnah by saying that he was proud of doing what he had done and to give his life for the honor of the Prophet (pbuh) should be a matter of pride for any Muslim. This was Jinnah's first insight into the Islamic psyche. [Ilm deen was sentenced to death and hanged by the British, unrepentant to the end.]
Mohommed Ali Jinnah's life is one of STEADY DEVELOPMENT and CHANGE in his understanding of Islam and of the struggle of the Muslims of India. Under the INFLUENCE of ALLAMA IQBAL, Jinnah realized the political dimensions of Islam and developed the TWO NATION theory which is the basis of Pakistan. As Jinnah later put it about Hindus and Muslims are TWO NATIONS, DISTINCT and SEPARATE:

"... we neither interdine nor intermarry ..."

Iqbal passed away, leaving the indelible dream of a separate homeland for Muslims under Islamic Law in the mind of Mohommed Ali Jinnah. Jinnah knew the concepts of DEMOCRACY very well, and soon realized from the political situation in India that in a democratic India, Muslims would always be outvoted by the vast Hindu majority. He tried persistently to maintain Hindu-Muslim unity but was realist and honest enough to realize that it was unworkable. Hence he left the Indian Congress party [which had both Hindus and Muslims in it] and joined the Muslim League.
He could not speak Urdu with ease, the language of Muslim elites, and the Muslim masses could not speak English. However, the Muslims saw him as a leader with impeccable integrity, and in his speeches when they heard him say: "Islam" and then "Pakistan" they roared their support.
The Muslim League soon gained a mass support base owing to the efforts of numerous mullahs [mosque preachers]. Jinnah was steadily changing. Under the influence of Maulana Shabbir Ahmed Usmani, he became an orthodox Sunni, gave up his western suit and tie [expensive imports from Paris] and started wearing the Sherwani [or long Muslim, Turkish style, tunic] which became his hallmark.
JINNAH ACHIEVED PAKISTAN OWING TO HIS ABILITY TO STAND UP TO THE MACHINATIONS OF THE HINDUS and the BRITISH and owing to the mass support of the Muslims. Across India, the Muslims chanted and sang:

"Muslim Hay tow Muslim League main aa." ["If you are a Muslim, come into the Muslim League."]
"Pakistan ka mutlab kiya? La Illaha illAllah." ["What does Pakistan mean? There is no god but Allah."]


The British and the Hindus were determined that even if they had to concede Pakistan, it should not survive. An attempt was made to DROWN PAKISTAN IN A SEA OF BLOOD.
Several million Muslims were killed in massacres organized by the Hindus and Sikhs. The largest MASS MIGRATION in human history took place as 10,000,000 Muslim refugees poured into Pakistan from India. The Indian army occupied Hyderabad and Kashmir. [Sikh and Hindu units serving the British army during World War II were quickly brought back, while Muslim units were delayed till it was too late.
To the surprise of both the Hindus and the British, Pakistan survived this cataclysmic birth, mostly owing to the faith the Muslims had in the leadership of Jinnah, now known as Quaide Azam. However, Quaide Azam died soon after. He had been hiding a terminal illness. Following him, Liaqat Ali Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan was assassinated. Since then Pakistan has been in the vortex of an unending crises which every now and then threaten its very existence.


The British had left behind three important forces which had little interest in Islam and the people of Pakistan. They were well-organized, well-funded and determined to continue the British system. These were:
  1. The Feudal lords who controlled the large agricultural sector of Pakistan.
  2. The Bureaucracy [including police] which reached every tiny sub-sector of Pakistan and was steeped in British ideas of class superiority and the supremacy of the White race.
  3. The armed forces.
[Gradually an industrial sector developed in Pakistan which is closely aligned with these three.] After Quaide Azam died, these three groups decided to de-Islamize and secularize Pakistan. For them Islam was the religion of the poor and the ignorant, whom they despised. It would have worked out for the rulers, except that ALLAMA IQBAL had invited from India, before he died, a man name SYED ABUL 'ALA MAUDOODI. He had a small organization with him called Jamaate Islami. Owing to his efforts, the ruling class could not obliterate the dream of Iqbal and efface the sacrifices of Mohommed Ali Jinnah.
Maudoodi suffered endlessly at the hands of the secularists. At one time he was sentenced to death. [The government fell before it could be carried out.] He and those with him were repeatedly imprisoned, but to no avail. MAUDOODI STOOD FIRM. Owing to his efforts, Pakistan as a nation wrote into its constitutional document that SOVEREIGNTY BELONGS TO ALLAH ALONE.
The corrupt rulers of Pakistan took the country down from one depth to the other. The army generals hooked up with America to exploit and plunder their own people. Between General Yahya and Bhutto (a feudal lord) on the one side and Mujibur Rahman, a secular India-linked demagogue on the other, Pakistan lost its eastern wing which became Bangladesh. It was a tragedy of giant proportions which apparently wiped out the original concept of Pakistan.
However, owing to the resurgence of the Islamic movement, Pakistan has risen from the ashes of 1971. If one looks at the masses, Islam is stronger than ever in Pakistan. If one looks at the rulers, there is no hope for Pakistan. The rulers of Pakistan, led now by General Musharraf, have sold out so completely to America that one wonders if any Pakistani independence still exists. However, the peaceful Islamic movement in Pakistan is now bigger than ever before. It is also reinforced by a burgeoning Jihad movement. The future, inshallah, belongs to Islam.
Revolutionary Khutbas

What War Time Message Muslims in America can Give to non-Muslim Americans?

[During Ramadan, Shawwal and Zulqi'dah, Dr. Kaukab Siddique gave SIX Juma' Khutbas, in Central Baltimore, West Baltimore and Lincoln University, Pennsylvania. Here are the main points of a khutba which he gave to a largely immigrant audience.]
We must tell Americans what they cannot learn from the media:
  1. No Islamic group anywhere in the world wants to force Christians, Jews or Hindus to become Muslims. There is no compulsion in religion, says the Qur'an.
  2. All the wars are taking place in Muslim lands. No Muslim is trying to take over India, Russia, America or Europe. NO AMERICAN MUSLIM IS A TERRORIST. Why should we do anyone any harm? We are winning any way! Why? Because we have the Qur'an and the authentic Hadith and that's what is winning the hearts and minds of Americans.
  3. Attorney General Ashcroft has resigned. During his REIGN of TERROR, he could not arrest EVEN ONE AMERICAN MUSLIM TERRORIST because there are none to catch. Instead he arrested thousands of innocent Muslims who have done NOTHING against America. He had an ugly imagination and claimed that a Hispanic Muslim, Jose Padilla, [Abdullah al-Muhajer] wanted to explode a "dirty" bomb!
    More than 2 years leader, there is no evidence against Padilla but he is still being held without trial.
Among America's Muslims there are two major tendencies which are both NOT following Islam as revealed to and implemented by our leader Muhammad Mustafa [pbuh].
  1. Salafis: They focus on LAW, the externals of worship, the physical forms of salat, of dress, of beard.
  2. The Sufis. They think the "spirit" of Islam is more important. They talk about the heart and the soul.
  3. These two constitute the divergences from the straight path Allah wants us to walk on with the help of Muhammad's (pbuh) Sunnah.
    1. The Jews became fixated on LAW. Like the U.S. administration, they have a law for everything.
    2. To correct the Jews, Allah sent Jesus (pbuh) who taught that 'the LETTER of the Law kills, the Spirit gives Life."
    3. However, the followers of Jesus, p, took only the spirit and forgot the Law.
    4. Muhammad (pbuh) corrected the followers of both Moses and Jesus. His Sunnah shows us a harmonization of Law with Spirit. Both the Salafis and the Sufis have largely abandoned the Sunnah of Muhammad (pbuh) and are following bits and pieces of Islam. We urge Salafis to look at the LIFE of Muhammad (p) to get the right spirit, not just read the texts in a literal sense.
    The Sufis too need to stop distorting Islam: They have to look at the central message of Islam, focus on its genuine texts, and not pick up weak, often apocryphal Hadith.
We Muslims must open the Qur'an and study it on a DAILY basis. Where it needs explanation or interpretation, study the Hadith.
Complete Sahih Bukhari in English translation is now available on New Trend's web site:


[Written by Dr. Akbar Muhammad.]
[Received from Dr. Abdul Alim Shabazz.]

On Monday, December 12, 2004, I read in the obituary section an article regarding the death of Gary Webb, the reporter for the San Jose Mercury News and author of the book entitled Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion ." On Friday, December 10, 2004, movers found the body of Gary Webb in his California home. As they entered the door a note attached to it said, "Please do not enter. Call 911 and ask for an ambulance." He was found with a gunshot wound to the head that was later described as a suicide.

For those of you who may not remember this reporter, on August 18, 1996, Gary Webb wrote a series of articles for the San Jose Mercury News bearing the same name as the book to expose the fact that the CIA worked with a drug cartel group out of Nicaragua, in particular, who brought in cocaine which was later converted to crack cocaine.

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