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Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Shah Refuses to Answer Brotherly Letters
His actions damaged Work for Iraqi Children's Relief Fund

"A person who is made responsible for any of the matters of the ummah of Muhammad (pbuh) and then does not deal with people according to the Book of Allah, may Allah's curse be on him." (Abu Bakr Siddiq, ra, first Rightly Guided Caliph of Islam, quoted in kunz ul-'amal, vol.5, hadith 2505)

Dear readers: asalamu alaikum

ICNA's new president is reported to be Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Shah. We have nothing personal against him. In fact none of us at New Trend know him and we have never met him.

However, New Trend has received documentation of the injustice Dr. Zulfiqar Shah has done to Gulf Medical Relief Fund (GMRF) which is in the forefront of relief activity to help the children of Iraq.

The Director of Gulf Medical Relief Fund (GMRF), Shaikh Abdus Sattar al-Dahir was promised permission to collect funds for Iraqi children at the Islamic Center where Dr. Shah was the key figure. However, Dr. Shah reneged on his promise when it was impossible for Shaikh Abdus Sattar to avoid heavy travel expense. Not only was the Iraqi brother denied the promised access to collect funds for Iraqi children (at the last minute), Dr. Shah then refused to offer him the slightest politeness and communication on the problem.

Since that loss was incurred, GMRF has repeatedly contacted Dr. Shah in an effort to get some kind of answer. Dr. Shah has not responded.

The situation was further complicated in the year 2000 Convention of ICNA (in Baltimore) when Shaikh Abdus Sattar got up to protest ICNA's invitee, the Saudi-government's appointed Imam of Kaaba when he praised the King of Saudi Arabia.
ICNA mistreated Shaikh Abdus Sattar during this episode and refused to give any explanation for inviting the agent of a repressive government under cover of religion.

This year, as president of ICNA, Dr. Shah took further steps against GMRF. By way of a series of delaying tactics, GMRF was denied a booth in the ICNA Convention in Cleveland although GMRF was willing to pay as usual and has not done anything against the rules of Convention booths.

Here we have a case of ICNA's president avoiding answerability and then quashing attempts to protest.

Before the ICNA Convention in Cleveland, we tried to reach Dr. Shah through all three of ICNA's email addresses. Three weeks later there is no response.

If such egoistic and dictatorial tendencies are at work at the top level of ICNA, how can ICNA claim that it is working for Islam in America?

Surely a response to such a public issue is due. When a Muslim cries out and demands fairplay, the least Dr. Shah and ICNA can do is: answer.
This is an open forum. Dr. Shah is welcome to respond and we will send his response to all those to whom we are sending this report.

2001-07-24 Tue 18:27ct