Artistic Endeavor to Understand and Confront Evil in American Cities Entertaining and Educational, "INSIDE FIGHTER" takes Richmond, VA by Storm

"The evil whisperer (the devil) runs like blood in the human being." (Hadith)

Carpenter Center was packed with people from a cross section of African-American and Muslim communities in Richmond, Virginia and other cities on June 1, 2001. They were watching a unique play titled INSIDE FIGHTER which made them laugh and cry by turns. Basically it was a comedy, very funny, side-splitting funny, but like good comedy, it carried a powerful message. Both Christians and Muslims participated in the play and were in the audience.

The scenes were familiar to people who know the innards of America, the violence, fear, corruption, connected to drugs and crimes in our cities. The stylized presentations of basic themes, such as gang turf games, the lack of trust and breach of trust in established institutions, the externalized attempts to stop evil were artistically presented with great success.

Choreography by martial arts groups created rhythm in the play but was very carefully kept within the bounds of Islamic good taste. Music was similarly used with good effect.

The most unforgettable segments of INSIDE FIGHTER are about the role of the evil whisperer (the devil) in the life of human beings. The whisperer can defeat just about every defense human beings have at an institutionalized level. The only way to victory over the evil whisperer is through complete submission to Allah, wholeheartedly and inwardly.

The devil in INSIDE FIGHTER was played by Br. Jihad Abdul Mumit, the originator and director of the play himself. It was a superb performance, a combination of the comic and the deadly serious. The cast of 44 played their roles flawlessly.

Former Black Panther leader Br. Jihad Abdul Mumit and his wife Latifah Abdul Mumit deserve praise for this extraordinary, in fact unique, achievement. We have described Br. Jihad Abdul Mumit before as the Malcolm X of our times. Few people can retain such vibrant Islam plus understanding of the world after being in prison for 22 years. This man is truly a leader and deserves the support of the entire community. It is amazing how humble he was at the end of the program after being applauded by hundreds of people packed into Carpenter Center.

We urge Muslim groups, mosques, communities, to invite INSIDE FIGHTER. It is not much more than $6500 (ALL EXPENSES INCLUDED) and if the ticket is $30 per person, it can easily be done. The performance group is called: Sure Reality Productions and the address is:
P.O. BOX 35103

All you need is 216 people paying $30 each. It will be a night which your young people will never forget.

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