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"Has not the time arrived for the believers that their hearts in all humility should engage in the remembrance of Allah and of the Truth which has been revealed to them, and that they should not become like those to whom was given the Book aforetime, but ages passed over them and their hearts grew hard? For many among them are rebellious transgressors." (The Qur'an 57:16)

Lackawanna Five: Clear Cut Case of U.S. Oppression of Muslim Citizens
American Muslim Council (AMC) bootlicker Group Involved in FBI arrests
Muslim Unity is Essential: Try to Understand Why the case is highly Publicized

On Saturday, September 14, 2002 there was a dramatic announcement by the U.S. government. The government announced that it had nabbed an "Al-Qaida cell" within the U.S in the little town of Lackawanna, on the outskirts of Buffalo, New York state.. Note our analysis of what happened:
1. A top level publicity stunt was carried out to impress the public. Just about ALL news channels were used showing the drama of some of the highest government officials projecting their "catch." The FBI chief, Mueller, was there, along with Governor Pataki of New York and the Deputy Attorney General of the U.S.

2. NO PICTURES OF THOSE ARRESTED or their FAMILIES were shown to create the impression that these were shadowy terrorists. They were not to be seen as citizens or humans.

3. The word "alleged" was left out of descriptions of those described as "Al Qaida" terrorists and operatives. The impression created was that the government is sure these are al-Qaidah.

4. Photos of the men appeared on TV screens in the dehumanizing mug shots like those of the alleged 9.11 hijackers.

5. The FIVE were first described as "men of Yemeni descent," then as "naturalized citizens of Yemeni descent." Only 24-hours later, when the main story had already been distributed, a couple of channels pointing out that the five were U.S. born!
6. The five were "tried and convicted" on TV by the senior government officials mentioned above. The government's story is so weak that it would have little chance in any fair court. The publicity was probably meant to taint any jury, if a trial by jury does occur.

7. NOW LOOK AT THE CHARGES: The government admits that the Five were not involved in any criminal activities or terroristic activities. Also, the government admits, they are not part of any "Al-Qaida network" within the U.S. [Thus the government has destroyed the very basis of its publicity, that this is an Al-Qaida "cell!"]

7a. So what was the problem? The government claims that the five went to a camp in Afghanistan and received weapons training. When did they go according to this story? In June 2001.
7b. The government story does not seem to be true because the government claims that it has been investigating the men for SIX months. It was obviously a failed investigation because the government could not come up with anything other than what it already knew BEFORE the investigation: the alleged visit to Afghanistan
7c. As both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have said, many of the men in Guantanamo Bay are NOT Al-Qaida. They went to Afghanistan for charitable purposes. The same is probably true of the Lackawanna Five.

8. Another charge is that Osama bin Laden came to the camp and made a speech. Readers should remember that there was no evidence against Osama in June 2001 (as there still isn't). Listening to a speech does not make a person a terrorist. Millions all over the world have heard Osama's speeches, some of which have even been projected by American TV.

That's all folks; the FIVE U.S. citizens are imprisoned owing to these flimsy charges.
QUESTION: Why this maximum publicity given to arrests of U.S. CITIZENS who have not even been brought to court for a basic indictment?

When governments have some reasonable suspicions about alleged terrorists, they keep them under wraps. They watch the "terrorists" to unearth their contacts and then catch them in flagrante delicto (or red handed). Why the maximum publicity?

It appears that the government has several birds to kill with this one "stone." At the tactical level, the U.S. wants to scare the public into thinking that there are ACTUAL Al-QAIDA CELLS WITHIN THE U.S. and that these cells might be constituted of U.S. CITIZENS who are Muslims.

Thus the government is setting off a countrywide ALERT against U.S. citizens who are Muslims. The hunt for Muslims is on. THE GOVERNMENT WANTS THE PEOPLE TO THINK THAT AL-QAIDA CELLS EXIST WITHIN THE U.S.

The third "bird" is the most important. DIVIDE THE MUSLIMS AND MAKE THEM SPY ON EACH OTHER.

That's where the role of the American Muslim Council (AMC) comes in.
During the publicity drama on September 14 and 15, a Dr. KHALID QAZI from AMC repeatedly came on TV to affirm that indeed he and his friends (whom he tried to define as the "Muslim community") had helped to start the whole "investigation" and played a key role in it. Qazi seemed to be quite proud of his role as a spy.

Our readers may remember that we have been consistently pointing out that the AMC is an anti-Islam group which has been working with the FBI for years. WHEN THE CASE OF DR. OMAR ‘ABDEL RAHMAN was going to begin, a Zionist Jew, Michael Mukasey, was the judge. When the defense objected, the AMC along with a Jewish organization jointly filed an amicus curae brief okaying the Jewish judge in such a high profile Islamic leader's case. [This documentation of AMC treachery is available with New Trend.] (Go to our web site, to obtain audio tapes related to the railroading of Dr. Omar ‘Abdel Rahman.) The AMC helped the U.S. to convict an Islamic leader.

Later, AMC leader Al-Amoudi, got his reward when he was invited to a conference in Cairo organized by Egyptian dictator Mubarak in person. (Al-Amoudi proudly published the photo of himself in the AMC newsletter at the Mubarak conference.)
Now with the case of the Lackawanna Five, the FBI's penetration into the Muslim community is becoming apparent. The U.S. is carrying out systematic psychological warfare against the Muslims of America.
1. Stage one was to let the Muslims know that, however much they might wave the flag, they can ALL be brought down. Raids on PRO-U.S. MUSLIMS, like Al-Alwani and Iqbal Yunus, were part of this policy of GIVING WARNING and spreading fear.
2. Stage 2. Stop ALL MUSLIM charitable help to Palestinian, Chechnian, Iraqi, Somali, Bosnian-Kosovar widows, orphans and the needy. Major Muslim charities, run by tame Muslims, were closed down.
3. Those who are well placed should be used to hunt the poor and the lower-middle-class who are not so integrated into the power structure. Dr. Qazi is the type of bootlicker Muslim who would sell his own mother to keep his position in American society.

[Number 4 does not apply to AMC.]

4. THOSE, LIKE ISNA, who allow FBI recruitment in their communities should be honored and publicized and praised. [Note that these pro-government elements have beards and their women wear hijab. Here is apostacy in full hijab. Thus the Muslim community will be totally confused when the criterion of prayer, beard, hijab will be apparent among those who help the government.]
Muslims must become politically mature. Do not become mentally "recruited." If you want to survive as Muslims and to be respected by your children, do not try to please the Jews. They will destroy you after they have used you.

We DENOUNCE government action against the Lackawanna Five. The rights of Muslim citizens of this country are being violated by these "show trials" being held on TV. ALL CITIZENS and all PERSONS must be treated as innocent until proven guilty BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. That does mean, no airing of anti-Muslim propaganda.

On September 13, 2002 Osama Awadallah, originally from Jordan, was released after being held in prison for ALMOST a YEAR in connection with the WTC attack. THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE AGAINST HIM. He is planning to sue the FBI but he got only 7 seconds on TV. [Most of the channels ignored his case.]

Earlier, about two weeks back, a Syrian named MARHAB, was released ( and deported) after being in prison FOR ALMOST A YEAR. He was arrested the day after 9.11 and was held for almost a year. THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE AGAINST HIM. He got 5 seconds on TV.
So dear reader, just because the FBI has arrested someone and claimed all kinds of stories against him ON TV, does not mean that the case is genuine.
The THREE MUSLIMS STOPPED on a FLORIDA HIGHWAY for 14 hours at the behest of an informant have been told that they have lost their internships in the Miami hospital they were driving to. REASON: The hospital received threatening calls! Thus, now all the Jews have to do is to make "threatening calls" to a place where a Muslim is working and the Muslim loses his job. [The calls are not traced and the callers not punished: guess why!]
NEW INFORMATION ON BOYCOTT MOVEMENT AGAINST ISRAEL AND JEWISH AND OTHER BUSINESSES WHICH SUPPORT ISRAEL. Sister ‘Aisha has sent us the boycott list which is extra valuable in that it contains the email addresses of some businesses and phone-fax numbers of most. Can you help with this struggle? Remember, tanks of the Zionist murderers are standing at the doors of Palestinian homes. Entire populations have been placed under curfew by the Jewish thugs and murderers. Homes are being blown up, civilians shot down, leaders assassinated. Ultimately the Jewish hydra will be defeated but you can advance the struggle by cutting off YOUR funds from reaching the servants of satan, all the Zionist Jews working with Sharon, Peres, Natanyahoo to enslave the Palestinian people.
Remember, tomorrow is the anniversary of SABRA-SHATILLA, one of the biggest crimes of Sharon. If you are part of ISNA, ask your friend President Bush why he honors Sharon.
Write to McDonald's and tell them that you are boycotting them. Their email:

Also, write to AT& T. Their email:
Write to DaimlerChrysler. Their email:
Write to Compaq. Many Muslims have their computers. Their email:

Tell them, you are boycotting them because they do business in Israel. Your source is "Israel Economic mission to North America," dated September 4, 2001.

Also, there is a company doing business in Israel which has a Hindu name (an increasingly apparent connection.) Its name: Vishay intertechnology. The email address is:

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