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Muharram 24, 1426/March 5, 2005 #19
New Trend has received copies of a booklet from Pakistan titled Selected Beneficial Supplications From the Qur'an and the Sunnah compiled by Imam Muhammad Shuaib for free distribution to U.S. Muslims. Here is a du'a from the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, which sums up a key aspect of spiritual development:
'O Allah! Make me patient, make me grateful, make me insignificant in my own eyes and significant in the eyes of the people." [p.34]
[from our media monitor]

The U.S. has been informed by Karzai, the ruler of Kabul, that he cannot rule Afghanistan without U.S. help and will need PERMANENT military bases in Afghanistan to be able to survive. This fact came out in a convoluted way after Arizona Senator John McCain's visit with Karzai on February 22. After the visit McCain stated that the U.S. will need to have "permanent military bases" in Afghanistan to secure its "vital national security interests." Asked by reporters to explain, he put it diplomatically that a "strategic partnership" will be needed with Karzai for "many, many years." In plain language, the "liberation" of Afghanistan has failed. If the U.S. and NATO [Germany is to be the sacrificial lamb here] withdraw, the Taliban will return. Mullah 'Umar has announced a military offensive against the occupation forces as soon as spring comes in. The green banners of Islam are rising in the mountains of Afghanistan.
Jamaat al-Muslimeen News [4 items]
Change through peaceful means.
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

Boycott of Businesses which Support Israel
Starbucks Coffee Going Down the Drain!

Thought the already well informed New Trend readers might be interested in this item since you have launched your own Boycott Israeli Goods campaign.

The Islamic Human Rights Commission and Innovative Minds, supported by the UK-based charity Friends of al-Aqsa, the Muslim Assoication of Britain, the Palestinian Return Centre, and the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, have been in a series of talks with the charity Oxfam regarding its agreement with the pro-Zionist multinational coffee chain Starbucks.

IHRC proudly announced last week that Oxfam will soon announce that it will not be renewing its one-year contract with Starbucks, which terminates in September.

In October 2004 it emerged that Starbucks had agreed to donated 100,000 stirling pounds to Oxfam's rural development programme in the East Harare coffee growing region of Ethiopia. (For reference see Innovative Minds webpage: http://inminds.co.uk/boycott-oxfam.html

This is a tremendous victory for human rights campaigners who have been calling for justice in Palestine. Starbucks' chairman Howard Schultz is a well known pro-Zionist activist whose own initiatives include helping student projects in America and Israel give one-sided presentations on the Israeli view of the Second Intifada.

Starbucks has also supported the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan as well as promoted other Zionist initiatives.

Now would be a good opportunity to send messages of thanks and solidarity to Babarbara Stocking, Director of Oxfam, Oxfam House, 274 Banbury Road, Oxford, England. OX2 7DZ.

Victory to the Intifada!

Sis. Yvonne Ridley
London, England

Sis. Khalidah Tunkara
Jamaat al-Muslimeen Rep. In Atlanta

Sis. Khalidah has accepted the responsibility for organizing Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Atlanta. Big quantities of Jamaat literature have been distributed in Atlanta in the last few years. Now it is time to develop a grassroots Islamic movement in this important city.

New Trend readers might remember that a few years back, Sis. Khalidah, though in a very difficult situation, refused to take off her Hijab and got hundreds of letters of support.

If you live in Atlanta and would like to to help the Jamaat, or join the Jamaat, contact Sis. Khalidah through New Trend.

News of Imam Jamil and Br. Masaud Khan

Br. Khalil Abdur Rahman, Imam Jamil al-Amin's personal representative, has given New Trend the astonishing news [March 4] that Imam Jamil was interviewed by a radio station in Atlanta. We'll have a disc of the interview next week and will bring its contents to our readers.

Br. Masaud Khan, the Virginia innocent who was sentenced to an obscene 99 years on absurd charges of involvement with paintball and Kashmiri freedom fighters, is imprisoned in a place hidden away in the mountains EIGHT hours drive from Maryland. Please write to him at this address:

Masaud Khan #46810-083
U.S.P., Lee County, P.O. Box 305, Jonesville, VA 24263-0305

Dr. Siddique Writing Ramsey Clark's Biography.
Visit in New York to Inquire of Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman's Health.

Dr. Kaukab Siddique visited Ramsey Clark, leader of the anti-war movement in America, in his New York law offices to inquire of the health of Africa's foremost Islamic teacher and guide Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman [also known as "the blind Shaikh."]

Ramsey Clark gave the good news that the Shaikh is fighting back against the oppression he has been subjected to. His spirit remains unbroken. Even his health has rebounded owing to his protest fasts against his isolation. The U.S. government wants to bury alive this vibrant spirit of human freedom and has failed.

During the conversation, Dr. Siddique asked Ramsey Clark for his consent to let him write his biography. The elderly leader, a unique human being by any standards, agreed without reservations.

Readers who might have any information about the life of Ramsey Clark, published or unpublished, are urged to write to Dr. Siddique at:


Zionist Power Structure Fishing for Angry Muslim Women.
After Taslima Nasrin and Irshad Manji, will it be Amina Abdul Wadud?
[Who are the Islamic women whom the Media Ignore?]

New Trend Special Report

The fishing expedition began much before 9.11 and it was for both men and women with Muslim names. The media discovered Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasrin but the strong Muslim rebuttal worldwide did not allow others to follow the example of these two.

After 9.11, the justification for the attack on Afghanistan included the propaganda gambit that the Taliban oppress women
[though this too started in Clinton's time with Hillary in the lead].

The tremendous anti-American wave in the Muslim world made it difficult for more Taslima Nasrins to step forward [even Tehmina Durrani was not complaining about Islam but about the feudal system though it was presented otherwise in the West]. In America it has been different. The pressure on Muslim women in America is great. However, their faith is great too and except for a couple of cases in condemnation of the Taliban, Muslim women did not accept the bait of quick fame and "promotion."

The first break for the Zionist power structure came in the shape of Irshad Manji who is said to have claimed both homosexuality and support for Israel. O'Reilly of Fox TV, who supports death and destruction for the Islamic world, claimed that Manji was an "expert on Islam" somewhat like Emerson is an "expert on terrorism" for MSNBC.

Lo and behold, the Jewish power structure decided to "honor" Manji. Last year the Simon Wiesenthal Center, built by a man who has made a business of creating financial conduits for Israel under the smoke screen of the Holocaust tragedy, formally gave an award to Manji.

The latest case is that of Dr. Amina Abdul Wadud. America's Muslims hailed her as a fighter for women's rights. Her work is summed up in one book which though refreshing in its initiative is defective in its scholarship. She was picked up soon as an "expert" on the rights of Muslim women. She quickly gave up her earlier nervousness about joining an opportunist, pro-government group like ISNA and moved on quickly to speaking engagements across the continent.

Her success seems to have gone to her head. At a recent gathering in Canada [February 11, report distributed by Tarek Fatah] she claimed that she has the right to reject those aspects of the Qur'an which she considers uncivilized, such as the cutting off of the hand for stealing.
[Interpretation and application of deterrent Islamic punishments have always been seen by Muslims as contextual and not absolute. They are applicable only within an Islamic State. However Dr. Abdul Wadud was not talking of interpretation but of her absolute right to reject the Qur'an and still be considered Muslim.]

In the same speech, she claimed that she supports homosexual rights and "gay marriages," which of course is Haram in Islam and no Muslim has the right to turn Haram into "okay."

When the Muslim crowd listening to her starting booing, she claimed that she was being booed because her audience saw her as a "nigger" [her term]. She reportedly claimed that her audience's behavior was such because they were "Arabs" and had previously supported her because they thought she was "South Asian." She had uncovered her head to be able to make this bizarre claim.

Thus she played right into the Zionist divide-and-rule game of pitting Arab against African [ref: the propaganda about Sudan].

Dr. Amina Abdul Wadud's claim is quite preposterous in view of the fact that everyone knows she is African-American. She has always been honored by Muslim audiences for her authentic efforts to follow the Islamic way. No real Muslim would dishonor a woman because she is African-American. The opposition to her at the Feb. 11 meeting was for her opposition to the Qur'an and support for homosexuality. It had nothing to do with her race. She deliberately played up this divisive factor.

The political aspect of her speech which led to the Islamic protest is evident from this quote from Tarek Fatah's report:

"When Amina Wadud referred to the 9/11 tragedy and the fact that some Muslims deemed it Islamic to crash planes into buildings and kill innocent people, a section of the crowd interrupted her. "What about Israel killing Palestinians," they yelled. One middle-aged heckler said, "She is a CIA agent."

New Trend was apprehensive about the report of her speech because we have always respected her and because the report was distributed by Tarek Fatah, a person who is interested in opposing Islam. So we emailed the entire report to her and asked her if anything in it was misreported. She had no correction to make.


In the last 25 years, a whole galaxy of outstanding Islamic women have emerged in America.
Here are some of them who reached leadership positions and made [or are making] important contributions to their communities and to Islam in America in its entirety by helping both men and women. They were not recognized by the major media because of three reasons:
  1. They adhere firmly to the Qur'an and the Sunnah.
  2. They oppose U.S. government policies.
  3. They want Muslim men and women, as well as Muslim racial groups, to unite instead of being divided.
Here is the honor roll of Muslim leader women who totally outclass Irshad Manji, Amina Abdul Wadud and Taslima Nasrin but have been treated by the media as if they don't exist.
  1. Karima Al-Amin.
  2. Zakiyyah Muhammad.
  3. Jaleelah Siddiqui.
  4. Hawwa Kurter.
  5. Nisa'a Ameen
  6. Fatimah Abdullah.
  7. Maryam Tetreault.
  8. Ashira Na'im
  9. Nadrat Siddique
  10. Hadayai Majeed.
  11. Karen English.
  12. Holly al-Dahir.
  13. Bilquis Muhammad and many others.
The Zionist power structure is quite subtle in its approach to Muslim women. It builds on genuine wrongs done to Muslim women by male-oriented interpretations of Islam and tries to make the claim that to be "progressive" women should take some aspects of Islam and patch them into western ideologies. There is intense pressure against the "hijab." There is the idea that the Muslim woman's biggest enemy is the Muslim man [not the Zionist oppressors who are trying to enslave all Muslims].

It is true that the Muslim male is often mentally colonized. Gradually the Qur'an and the Hadith are liberating him. Before that happens, the western forces want to jump in and start an internal conflict within the Muslims. Thus the attempt is to divert the Muslims from the external assault and get them involved in their internal contradictions.

Genuine change can come only from within the Islamic context rooted in the origins of Islamic textual purity. Inshallah, Muslim women will reject the attempt to impose a western agenda on Muslims.

Response To W.D.'s imam Ghayth Kashif's Attack on New Trend: W.D.'s People are adept at censoring criticism: Islamic leaders are never like W.D.

As-salaam alaikom.
[Ref: New Trend #17.]
I laughed so hard after reading the comments of this person, Ghayth Kashif. Yeah, I can definitely see why YOU [New Trend's Editor] might have an inferiority complex, in light of his brilliant scholarship!

To charges of shirk (committed by WD), Kashif shrieks "Mommy, he emailed me!" To a Shaheed-e-Islam [Malcolm X], he says Hon. Elijah is better than you.
Especially sad is Kashif's endorsement of the attempts at censorship of the NT editor. Censorship and blacklisting dissident viewpoints does not help improve the quality of the Islamic leadership; rather it ensures that we get stuck with leaders like, um, GNK--in other words who have little to say about any issue.

Maybe he'd better start reading--he seems to have forgotten a few basics about leadership in Islam, and what makes it different from other faiths:
that the leader is not (astagfirullah) God, is not almost like God, and is not an intermediary to God; in fact, if he/she is a true Islamic leader, he/she would, like the Rasool (SAW) himself and Hazrat Umar (RA) WELCOME criticism. Wow, now I can understand why that lonely little mosque on Clara Barton Parkway was mostly empty when I went there!

Nadrat Siddique
[Editor note: We have no personal problem with "imam" W.D. Muhammad, or Ghayth Kashif or Plemon al-Amin. The problem is that this group treats W.D. by implication and by references to Elijah Muhammad as if he is the son of a Prophet. W.D. himself claims that there can definitely be messengers after Muhammad, pbuh. And he and all of them support the U.S. government which is making war on Islam, all of which is kufr. Not a word about Fallujah out of this group. They get excited only when W.D. is criticized.]

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