Jamaat al-Muslimeen International Press Release

(Struggle for Women's Rights in America)
U.S. Justice System Attempts to Keep Islamic Woman in Prison

1000 Letters of Protest are Needed

List of 25 donations: May Allah reward the Donors

Jamaat al-Muslimeen's representative called the Sheriff's office at the Cobb County Adult Detention today (August 10) to inquire about the violation of Sis. Khalida Tunkara's Islamic rights in prison. The officer in charge (Officer Whitelaw) claimed that the imam who visits the facility has said that headcover is NOT required by Muslim women. Whitelaw said other RESPECTED IMAMS in Atlanta have also said so.

Jamaat's representative told Whitelaw that Islam's teachings on this matter are very clear. No imam in the world who contradicts Islam would have any credibility. In any case, it's Sis. Khalida's religious preference and the forcible removal of her headcover is a violation of her rights. The officer would not accept.
Earlier on August 7, a travesty of justice took place during Sis. Khalida's court hearing. The issue of bond was PUT OFF till the child protection services write a report on her. The bond was slightly reduced but the sister will have to remain in prison till the services write their report.

A witness claimed that Sis. Khalida might leave the country if she is released on bond. (The husband who left her is going to return to Gambia, West Africa and this was used against her.)

Also, the point was brought up that in 1995, when Sis. Khalida was 18, she physically disciplined her child and was sent for counselling etc. This was held against her, that if released, she might do it again! In America, parents no longer have rights to keep their children on the straight path: the result is a general collapse of the family system.
1. We urge the Muslim community to call for Sis. Khalida's release. She can go to Baitul Salaam instead of her Christian mother's home. She has suffered too much based on very thin evidence. This is NOT a case of cruelty to children.
1000 letters are needed to be sent to the judge at this address:
Judge Bowers, Magistrate
Magistrate Court, 32 Waddell st., Rm.304, Marietta, GA 30090

You can also call the judge at this number: 770-528-1300 and ask for Judge Bowers chambers.
(We are thankful to Sis. Sumiyya for this information.)

2. The Muslim community must demand that the sister's headcover be restored to her and while she is in prison her rights must be respected.
Call officer Whitelaw (a very significant name but don't mention that) at this number: 770-499-4200 and demand that the sister be allowed to cover her head. If Whitelaw is not there, leave that message for him. Also you can write to Whitelaw with copy to Chaplain Zeller at this address:
Cobb County Adult Detention Facility
P.O. Box 100110, Marietta, GA 30061

Remember they call her by her slave name: Nicole Brown.
THE SISTERS' GROUP KNOWN AS BAITUL SALAAM led by Sis. Hadayai Majeed has expressed outrage at the silence and inaction of the Atlanta community (with honorable exceptions). A DEMONSTRATION AT THE PRISON CALLING FOR SISTER KHALIDA's RELEASE is needed. Would you support such a demonstration? Can you get to Marietta (outside Atlanta) at the end of August or middle of September, if the kafiroon do not let her go?
Please respond.
BE PART OF THE 1000 letters to the judge. Get your masjid members to write. Keep us informed or send us copies at: Jamaat al-Muslimeen, P.O. Box 10881, Baltimore, MD 21234. (Phone: 410-435-4046 or 410-638-5965)
Here is a partial list of donations for Sis. Khalida with city of origin:
Roosevelt Island, NY: $50.
Bedford, MA: $100.
Bonham, TX: $50.
Laurel, MD: $20
Washington, DC: $10.
Valley Village, CA: $20.
Des Plaines, IL: $350.
Baltimore, MD: $100.
Alexandria, VA: $25.
Chester, PA: $10.
Newark, NJ: $20.
Cockeysville, MD: $10.
Chalmette, LA: $25.
Somerville, MA: $200.
Fremont, CA: $150.
Beaverton, OR: $100.
Chicago, IL: $50.
Davis, CA: $20.
Staten Island, NY: $30.
Amherst, MA: $50.
Gaithersburg, MD: $100.
Jacksonville, FL: $20.
Los Angeles, CA: $100,
East Haven, CT: $100.
Edmonton, Alberta: $200 U.S. and $50 cn.
Nepean, ON: $50 cn
(To be continued)
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Have you read the "Open Letter to Dr. Kaukab Siddique" written by Br. Mauri Saalakhan? He claims that Dr. Siddique, Ameer of JAM, should not criticize CAIR etc and such criticism is GHEEBAT (backbiting) and against the Qur'an. If you have read it, let us know if you think it has enough weight to warrant a rebuttal. If you have not read it, let us know and we will forward it to you. If you think those who cooperate with the White House, Congress, FBI and the power structure should NOT be criticized, (and such criticism is GHEEBAT and against UNITY) send us your DALEEL. Is it unIslamic to ask for a public figure's salary or connections with kings and their fronts?
Free Jihad Abdul-Mumit! Free Ahmad Ajaj! Free Victor Alvarez!

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