Pakistani Women Trapped Between Local Obscurantism and Cultural Imperialism
The Case of Zafran Bibi: Inept Lower Court and worldwide Propaganda

An Islamic Shariah appeals court in Pakistan has thrown out the conviction of Zafran Bibi, a 26 year old woman from Chorlaki, near Kohat, who had been sentenced to death for adultery. Between her conviction by a lower court and her release by the appellate court, Zionist media around the world whipped up a storm of propaganda against Islam and Islamic law aided and abetted by Pakistan's tiny but vocal westernized elites who never miss an opportunity to attack Pakistan's Islamic foundations.


The key point in understanding the Pakistani situation is that ISLAM DOES NOT PERMIT IMPLEMENTATION OF ISLAMIC LAWS in an UNISLAMIC SYSTEM. The hadood or ultimate Islamic punishments were brought in by General Ziaul Haque whose military regime had no Islamic legitimacy and who himself was quite ignorant of Islamic learning and laws. Now under General Musharref the situation is much worse. This general is not only NOT Islamic but is out to secularize and de-Islamize Pakistan. For Islamic punishments to be available for the poor masses under such a westernized regime is the ultimate absurdity. [Similarly the death penalty for any crime under unIslamic rule has no legitimacy.]


Most Pakistani religious scholars do not know the Islamic punishment for RAPE. For instance they do not know that the punishment for RAPE is not mentioned in the Qur'an. The Hadith of the Prophet (pbuh) make it very clear that the woman's accusation of rape must be taken very seriously by the Islamic authorities. Once such an accusation has been made, it is the task of the government to carry out an investigation and if the evidence is available, the RAPIST MUST BE PUT TO DEATH. The hadith do not require four witnesses for rape testimony, nor is the woman to be harrassed for bringing charges of rape. (SEE JAMI TIRMIDHI or the texts of hadith in my book LIBERATION OF WOMEN THRU ISLAM.)
In modern times, medical examination and DNA testing can prove rape. In the case of ZAFRAN BIBI, DNA testing could have easily proven the case to be false.


The Qur'an provides a punishment of whipping for fornication, but the punishment for married adulterers is stoning to death and this is given not in the Qur'an but in the Hadith.

The "stoning for adultery" punishment is again meant for both partners in the crime if both are married. It would be a total travesty of justice to punish the female but not punish the male. This kind of travesty was intended in the Zafran Bibi case. Fortunately it did not work and the appellate court had no hesitation in throwing out the case.

The stoning to death punishment is seldom implemented. It is meant to be a severe deterrant to open corrupion and the sexual breakdown of society. Four witnesses are required in charges of adultery, an almost impossible condition where society is following the general rules of decency. In case of confession or the birth of a child through adultery (for married people), the Prophet still attempted to be compassionate and to put off the punishment as long as possible.

Zafran Bibi's case also indicated that neither she nor the lower court, nor her attorney fully understood her case. As Ansar Burney (who helps victimized women in Pakistan) has pointed out, Zafran's husband said that the baby was his. In other words, the charge that the baby was the result of rape was not correct. The woman, being illiterate, was probably not able to explain that she was bringing an accusation of rape against her brother-in-law. SHE WAS NOT SAYING that the baby came out of intercourse with the brother-in-law. The lower court misunderstood her and convicted her for intercourse while being married and then let off the brother-in-law for lack of witnesses!

THE JUDGE in the lower court had no idea that the HADITH gives preference to the woman's accusation of RAPE and gives DEATH to the RAPIST on evidence to be investigated and provided by the government.

In the United States, adultery is no big deal. Under law, adultery can at most lead to dissolution of marriage. In fact adultery is a cherished and romantic notion in American folklore.
RAPE again is seldom brought to court in America although it is widespread. Rape victims say that the proceedings in court are RAPE ALL OVER AGAIN.
For the Zionist media, striving to provide means of intervention in Muslim societies, Islamic rules of punishment for adultery are exactly the demonization required to condemn the Muslim world as "savage" and "barbaric."

The Zionist rampage against Islam hooks up with the tiny westernized elites in Pakistan who produce the daily DAWN newspaper and the corrupt journal SHE. (A look at SHE gives the impression that perhaps Pakistan is not a Muslim country but is a mere backwaters of Paris, London and New York.)

The INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE, which combines the New York Times with the Washington Post, published this headline across five columns: RAPED WOMAN IS SENTENCED TO DEATH IN PAKISTAN in its May 18-19, 2002 issue. The writer Seth Mydans, of the New York Times, probably a Jew, wrote this sentence which could be called the NEW YORK TIMES IN ACTION AGAINST ISLAM. It is almost funny though the writer does not seem to have realized it. These are the words of Seth Mydans:

"Under the laws of Zina, four male witnesses, all Muslims and all citizens of upright character, must testify to having seen a rape take place."
So there you go: A Jewish version of Islam. So these four men would be watching a rape take place without trying to stop it. Only a Jew could say something so hate-filled. A Muslim with the slightest Islamic knowledge knows that the rule is, according to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh): If you see evil, you must stop it with your hand; if you cannot, then speak out against it....


During my last two visits to Pakistan, I started investigating the issue of women's rights. I found that atrocities, crimes, oppression against women do exist but the gross ones as in the case of Zafran Bibi are to be found either in the most exploited, illiterate and poverty stricken sections of society, from where they make it to the media, or the rape kind of crime can exist in the upper, very rich classes where it is usually suppressed.

Among Jamaate Islami and the Jihad movement, women play an important role, their rights are largely safeguarded and Islamic women are standing up for the rights of women in general. THUS THE WOMEN ARE LESS OPPRESSED AS THEY BECOME MORE ISLAMIC. On the other hand, the Zionists want to claim that ISLAM IS THE SOURCE OF THE OPPRESSION.

One Zafran Bibi case has taken more space in American media than all the suffering of Islamic prisoners in American prisons, ranging from Shaikh Omar ‘Abdel Rahman and Imam Jamil al-Amin to Ahmad Ajaj and Ahmed ‘Abdel Sattar.

Pakistani readers should know that American prison authorities practice a form of rape against prisoners, particularly Islamic prisoners. Every time a prisoner has a visitor, HIS BODY CAVITIES are forcibly "explored" by the prison guards. Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman considered this a form of rape and, when he had the choice, refused to meet visitors.


For Muslims the answer is a clear YES. An Islamic society is very distinct from others in that it will not tolerate fornication, adultery or rape. On the other hand Islam makes marriage easy, permits polygamy under some restrictions and allows child marriages if the girl's rights are safeguarded.

Of course the YES means, UNDER AN ISLAMIC GOVERNMENT, ISLAMIC LAWS CAN BE IMPLEMENTED. In the present circumstances, the Islamic movements should carry out a mass campaign to educate Muslim women about their ISLAMIC RIGHTS and DUTIES. Muslims should realize that the Western CULTURAL OFFENSIVE is coming in from this direction.


Most readers may not remember that Mullah Umar and the Taliban picked up weapons to establish Islamic rule when complaints of kidnapping and rape of women were brought to them. When the Taliban took Kabul by storm, there were a couple of days of rage in which the Taliban executed a couple of adulterers and a rapist.(The executions were secretly photographed by agents of a Communist group called RAWA. These photos were later used by CNN in a "documentary" prepared by Saira Shah and RAWA to demonize the Taliban.) As a result, through FIVE YEARS OF TALIBAN RULE, THERE WAS NOT EVEN ONE RAPE IN MOST OF AFGHANISTAN WHICH WAS UNDER TALIBAN RULE.

Hence for Islamic laws to be effective, we need an Islamic government

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