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[We are publishing the following letter IN TOTO without any editing or change. We dare Siraj Wahhaj's paper to publish New Trend's letter with which we attached the invitation to Disney distributed by Siraj Wahhaj's group.]

May Allah forgive us all for our shortcomings and may Allah bless you for your good intent. May He forgive you if your intentions are not of good.

Sometimes its hard to know directly who our enemies are, but indirectly most things are haram in America. But by far, the worst enemy we have is each other. Sometimes we Muslims make assumptions of the worst kind of one another without even asking. I pray often for the forgiveness.

Just so you know it hurts me each and every day as I learn of the losses and abuses of my brothers and sisters in Islamic countries. More close to home for me, I hurt for my brothers and sisters who are right here in the United States who fear men more than they fear Allah.

The saddest thing, brother, is that we have mastered the technique of pointing fingers at one another even when it is someone whose intention is to bring something positive to our communities.

You made time out of your daily schedule to direct a negative attack on us with regard to the advertisement which contained Universal Studio in our program. I found also astonishing, that you honed right in on that, but yet you completely ignored the fact that we are bringing Muslims together from many nationalities and cultures to Insha'Allah, bridge the gaps which exist between them. See, we as Muslims need dawah for ourselves; we need to learn what is proper and what isn't.

While we are busy nit-picking one another for our honest efforts, our children are being exposed to every possible negativity that is here in this world. Your biggest concern is where the amusement is being held when the country that you live in has legalized everything Allah has forbidden ... and you explicitly chose to select the Jews as a group. In the meantime, brothers and sisters here in America are being housed, fed, and clothed by Jews, Christians and countless others. They are even HOUSING OUR DEAD!

You attack us, however; it is ICERS that regularly provide its services to our own brothers and sisters who are in need of the support, no matter what their nationality.

You attack us for reaching out to give dawah to ourselves. Yet, the very country you and I live in; the schools we attend are run and operated by an almost 100% haram governed nation. But you choose to focus right into the house of the Jews. Remember, The Prophet Musa was raised in Pharaoh's house!

You and I both live in a country that is owned, operated and run by Jews, so it is hardly reasonable for you to choose Universal Studios as a way to attack me when the mission is much, much bigger and for the greater good of our people. It is our responsibility to help one another. It is our duty by Allah.

Insha'Allah I have found that I will never be able to please everyone, but it is my intent to try and save our children from the diseases that await them, attacking them from behind, in the front, on both sides of them, on top and around them.

Take a moment and look around you; this society has captured our children through amusement, music, games and now they (devils) have developed a homosexual organization called Al-Fatihah whose founder and president is from a foreign country. This organization is targeting Muslim students. This Al-Fatihah group took pictures of people dressed like Muslims and they were men and women making salat that says they are homosexual. As you can see from that alone the fight is not with only the Jews in America or anywhere else its with Shaitan and we can not continue to blame Jews for the bad behavior held within our own hearts. Take a look around you. Our battle is bigger than just amusement!

Our mission isn't to make Disney or Universal Studio millions of dollars, but it is to pull our Ummah together by all means. Our focus is with sharing dawah among the Muslims not among the interfaith groups. Where many of the orthodox Jews attends most of these interfaith gathering. Many of our own people rush to attend these interfaith gatherings yet wont assist the Muslims with becoming a better and stronger community.

Lets us start working toward righteousness and stop just trying to be right. Educate people toward righteousness.

We, must help our brothers and sisters to stand up and speak out against wrong doers in their own Islamic countries as well. We must start working with our brothers and sisters to help them help themselves. Let's face it brother not only are we dealing with social illness and stress from seeing our brothers and sisters being slaughtered in other countries, homelessness, our children going hungry and being housed by other religious organizations, but now we have an increase in transmitted diseases, drugs, spousal abuse, child molestation, teen pregnancies right here at our own back doors.

ICERS is here to build institutions and if it means entertainment is the way to attract my youth through positive songs, conferences, banquets so they can hear the message and Insha'Allah, Allah touches their hearts and the seal is lifted and we save our children from the ill of this society... I am going to continue to fight and work toward proving to the world that Allah says that we are the best of people and I am going to fight until Allah takes me.

I do believe what He says. Insha'Allah, Allah have Mercy on us all!
PS. You're welcome to come and educate us! And to receive the good blessing from Allah if your intentions is of good!

Your sister in Deen,
Jamilah A. Jihad-Wahhaj
Brother Kaukab Siddique, you should have spoken to our Imam Siraj Wahhaj before sending out this mass e-mail, you attacked his motive and his charater without even speaking to him. I stand to correct you, we're not holding our program in Disney or in Universal studios. We (organizers) cannot help that Disney and Universal studios is located in Orlando, Florida.

2003-07-22 Tue 18:08ct