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A Powerful Pen Against Soviet Union's Genocide of Muslims

by Salim Mansur Khalid, Lahore, Pakistan

Abad Shah Puri ( Kuttha , Misral , Khushab , 4 June 1923. Islamabad 29 Sep, 2003).

He was associated with Salfi school of thought ancestrally. During his early childhood, he was motivated towards Syed Mawdudi's literature by Mawalana Fazil Elhai Wazir Abadi, the last vanguard of Syed Ahmad Shaheed's Tehreek-e-Mujaheedin.
His association with Syed Mawdudi paved the way for him to get associated with journalism, when he was young. In the meanwhile he worked with Jamaat-e-Islami's newspapers like Kauser, Tasnim, Azum, Asia. He was also associated with the editorial board of Urdu Digest for quite some time.

Initially he ventured Sulsabil, a literary Magazine but it did not succeed in the long run.
In the sixties, once Syed Mawdudi expressed his wish, while sitting in his afternoon sittings, that somebody must volunteer himself to work on the pathetic condition of Muslims behind the iron curtain (Red Curtain). It worked as a catalyst for Abad Shah Puri, a man of equanimity and commitment, to offer himself for this task. He started his work on this project, without any publicity. In this regard his maiden output got published in the form of articles in monthly Chiragh-e-Rah (Karachi) and Urdu Digest (Lahore). The publication of a book Roos Mein Musleman Quomein a research work, stirred the literary circles later on.

After spending a long spell of 20 years in Urdu Digest he offered his services to Institute of Policy Studies in Islamabad. There he come up with "Turkistan Mein Muslim Muzahimat" [Muslim Resistance in Turkistan] and "Muslim Ummah Soviet Roos Mein" [Muslim communities in the Soviet Union]. After that he wrote Tarikh Jamaat-e-Islami in two volumes under the patronage of Islamic Research Academy Mansoorah, while he was busy with writing a biography of Syed Mawdudi, at the same time.

His other master literary pieces are related to Dawah, Resistance and intellect in Islamic history, all worth while to be mentioned.
Some of his publications are as following:
Syed Badshah ka Qafila, Mujadid Aalf-e-Sani key Siasi Maktoobat, Surkh Andheron mein, Daewat awr Azimat Kay Roshan Sitarey, Manzal-e- Murad, etc.

His name was Muhmamad Khurshid ul-Zaman. He used to write in Urdu, but was quite good in Persian and English as well.

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