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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Thani 13,1429/ April 19, 2008, #24

The Way to Authentic Peace: International Conference to bring Top Islamic Leaders to America

War is not the answer. After nearly 7 years of war, most Americans realize that bombs, however big or however many, cannot bring peace. Understanding can come through AWARENESS of the other. For understanding leading to peace, authentic Islamic voices need to be heard. American Muslims can bridge the gap between America and the Muslim world.

America's people do not hate Islam or Muslims. Unfortunately an entire industry has been developed by shady characters to spread confusion and abuse about Islam.

In a bold new move, Jamaat al-Muslimeen will hold an INTERNATIONAL Islamic conference for peace on August 16, 2008, inshallah.

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Thinking Outside the Box: [2 items]

From Imam Jamil al-Amin: "The extent to which you resist is the extent to which you are free. Allah says in the Qur'an that Allah does not change the condition of a nation unless they change what is in their own selves." [The Block Report by Sis. Rasheeda.]

Bush and Benedict Together: Would Jesus, pbuh, have accepted an invitation from the most oppressive ruler of our times to be his guest at the White House? If there is a catholic reader who can explain this, please write. Can one imagine Osama bin Laden accepting honors from the King of Saudi Arabia? See more on the Pope in the next issue. We have had Demjanjuk fighting extradition from America because he was mistakenly identified as a guard at a Nazi camp. David Irving was imprisoned because he was seen as defending Nazis by asking : where is the evidence of the gas chambers? Here we have a man who is Pope though he was a member of the Hitler Youth and then joined the Wehrmacht [the German army] under Hitler. He is being hailed by the Zionist media like a superstar although his thoughts are mediocre at best.
Does one get promoted just by accepting the terrorist entity known as Israel? What's going on here? Didn't Benedict make a pilgrimage to Auschwitz and condemned his own people? Didn't he insult Islam? The Zionists loved that one.

Our America Under Zionist Control

President Carter's Plight: Not Allowed to Enter Gaza. Does Not Support Hamas. Tried for the Sake of Peace

A former American president, Carter was not allowed to enter Gaza. Israel which would not exist but for American support insults a leading American and all of the U.S. TV media and radio networks support Israel. He is being presented as a man who has gone crazy enough to want to meet terrorists.

None of the major media have the moral courage to say that Hamas is not fighting America. It is resisting Israeli occupation; such resistance is recognized as legitimate under international law.

If an American president is not allowed to fulfil his right to travel to the concentration camp created by Israel, it's not difficult to imagine the fate of ordinary U.S. citizens sympathetic to Hamas. By contrast American Jews continue to pour millions of dollars into the terrorist entity known as Israel.

New Trend's Media Monitor reports [with analysis by Kaukab Siddique]
416 Children Taken Away From Mothers by Military Force in Texas: All Out Propaganda Blitz Against Minority Religion While Mothers Cry: Adultery, Fornication, Homosexuality and Prostitution are Okay but not non-conformist religion

U.S. media have been flashing the message: "This is not an attack on religion. It is for the protection of children." [Remember: "This is not a war on Islam. We are only fighting extremists."]

The video clips of the military raid on the minority religion's temple in Eldorado, Texas were shown only once. Armored personnel carriers and machine gunners at the ready broke into the peaceful, unarmed place of worship of a minority religious sect which practices polygamy. The excuse for the brutal use of force was that a teenage girl had called police to say that she was being put under duress by the religious community. The military raid found no such girl. The media are now grudgingly admitting that the call did not even come inside the targeted community but from an outsider planted by the intelligence agencies.

Step 1: The troops went into peaceful homes, guns drawn, and "captured" 416 children and their mothers.

Step 2. The children were "interrogated" [bullied would be more correct] to speak against their mothers. They would not, so....

Step 3. The mothers were separated from their children so that the children could then be "persuaded" to speak against their parents.

Backfire: The mothers went to the media and complained that the oldest of American values were being being shredded: the privacy and sanctity of homes and children is under attack by the U.S. government.

Step 4: The government's game is to use "child protection" as a cover to attack non-conformist religion in which polygamy is accepted. If the regime can find children [or even one child] who has allegedly been abused, the troopers will take away all the children permanently.

Step 5: To counter the complaints and tears of the mothers, CNN brought in hard core Zionists like Larry King, Anderson Cooper and Nancy Grace to attack the mothers who were demanding their children back. The way these media monopolists went about the game of propaganda was fascinating. Larry King played "good cop" letting 4 of the mothers describe the torment they had been subjected to. One mother even invited the dastardly reporter into her home. It was obvious that the mothers were genuine and were putting away their shy and modest ways with difficulty to talk to hard core Zionist reporters in the hope of getting their children back.

Step 6: Once the "good cop" routine had been done, King, Cooper and Grace then really dished it out, bringing in well trained and sophisticated opponents of the polygamist religion to destroy the credibility of the mothers. One claimed that the mothers had been "hypnotized" by their controlling husbands. Another said that the leader of the cult controls the women by remote control [although he is in prison in a different state]!

Step 7. The dirtiest role is that of the "child protection" agencies. They have formulated their rules in such a way that any attempt to discipline a child is seen as "abuse." This "child protection" agency system is a countrywide racket meant to ensure that families do not become cohesive and united enough to defy the power of the State.

RETREAT: April 17. When the case went to court, the government could not come up with any evidence of rape or abuse. However, the stormtroopers had taken the PRIVATE papers of the families and now claim that PERHAPS, "it seems" that 5 women gave birth to children when they were below the legal age. Thus the law is being READ BACKWARDS but the evidence would not be "beyond reasonable doubt."

Readers might remember the Muslimah Sis. Khalida in Atlanta whose children were taken away by "child protection" agencies when she would make them wear Islamic clothes and pray on time. She fought these tyrants for years but could not get her children back.

Remember that if we "buy" the media's attacks on these Christian-seeming sects and allow their children to be taken, the Muslims will be the next targets. This sect or religion seems weird because in Christianity there are no laws about polygamy and marriage. Hence these men can marry as many women as they want. Islam permits polygamy but under strict rules which are meant to help needy women, not to pander to the desires of men. Looks like some Christians are going outside established society because they see the dissolution of America owing to the prevalence of corruption and immorality.

Our analysts note that the BASIC REASON for the attack on this minority religion is the fact that these communities do not accept American mass culture which is controlled by the Zionist groups in New York, Washington and Los Angeles. These people MARRY YOUNG [which is also encouraged by Islam], have many children [as in Islam], emphasize home schooling [as many Muslims do], oppose or altogether negate the TV and drinking-dancing-party culture [like many Muslims].

These people are indigenous in their behavior. They make their own clothes, grow their own food in many cases.

The Muslim world should take note of this wholesale disruption of families in Texas by armored personnel carriers and the attempt to destroy religious family life. Remember during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, numerous Afghan children were taken to Moscow so that they could grow up in "civilized" surroundings away from their "savage" families who believed in prayer, fasting and arranged marriages. Similarly when America was colonized, Native American communities were treated as "savages" because they were so very different.

NOTICE THE USE OF THE MEDIA: Before court proceedings could be carried out, the polygamist religion was put "on trial" on TV and all its members were denounced by the Zionists as wife beaters who carry out rape of children and even incest. The media abuse of these people was not unlike the blitz against Muslims. Remember the horror stories about veiled women who veil themselves out of fear of their husbands? This is the same game, only the victims of the propaganda are White Americans.

Notice the big holes in this media blitz: NOT ONE vocal and outspoken defender of the women was allowed to speak. People were not told that teenage pregnancies are WIDESPREAD in America [but very, very few in this persecuted sect]. TV viewers were not told that MILLIONS of American teenagers have sexually transmitted diseases [STDs] owing to the mass culture of RANDOM sex. No one discussed the fact that these are American women: they can't be kept against their will in a "compound."

Notice that the Jewish Governor of New York, SPITZER, resigned when his visits to the $4500 an hour prostitute were revealed but the PROSTITUTION DEN itself was not raided. In fact the prostitute who was making all that money became famous and got business contracts and even invitations to speak

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Jamaat calls: Boycott Starbucks Coffee: Sample Letter

Starbucks Company

I have been invited to join a countrywide boycott of Starbucks by Muslim Americans.
Your support for and connections with Israel are the motivation for this boycott. Israel, according to President Carter, practices Apartheid against Palestinians.

Do you make so much money from Israel that you can ignore your Muslim customers?


Letter from Hispanic Muslim American arrested in Somalia: Imprisoned in Houston

Daniel Joseph Maldonado is a fervent Muslim who went to Somalia when he heard that Islamic rule is being established there. American bombing and Ethiopian invasion forced him to become a refugee in Kenya. He was handed over to the Americans who treated him as a terrorist.

He writes that the government is preparing to send him to Terre Haute, Indiana, where a new Guantanamo Bay type prison has been set up for "second tier terror inmates." It is a sad but reflective letter from Br. Daniel

We previously published his tragic story, including the heart wrenching death of his devoted wife. Go to New Trend's web site, go to "webmaster," enter his name in the search google and click.

We have contacted his three children and parents. Very nice people living in New Hampshire.

100 Books Campaign by Sis. Karen English [Los Angeles]

Jamaat al-Muslimeen wants to help immigrant Muslims understand the serious underlying problems in America. Without good reading of the issues, most immigrants are lost in this country and commit serious mistakes by walking in the footsteps of the people in power.

We are giving these away for free.
The recommended reading for April is:
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, Written by Himself.

The book for January was: The Autobiography of Malcolm X, for February: Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee, for March, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl. [A famous booklet Malcolm X, Martyr of Islam in America by Imam Ali Siddiqui will be sent with the first one.]
We are still sending these out for free. Please read! Without reading, you won't know what you are getting into.

Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman Located

The blind Shaikh, Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman, is being held at a medical prison in North Carolina. The address is:
P.O. BOX 1600
BUTNER, NC 27509

He is the leader of Egypt's biggest Islamic movement known as al-Gamaa' al-Islamiyya. He is a Ph.D from al-Azhar university in Egypt. He is Hafiz-e-Qur'an and Hafiz of Sahih Bukhari. He is among the greatest scholars of the Muslim world.
Please send him mail in the form of a post card with an Islamic message on it. He is blind and can't read but the warden will tell him that mail came for him. [A Jewish judge, Michael Mukasey, now Attorney General of the U.S., sentenced him to life and 65 years in prison.]

First Family Visit to Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar : April 10-17

For the first time in more than a year, Br. Ahmed's family was able to visit him in prison. Sis. Lisa and the three children flew all the way from New York to Colorado. They had been saving up for it for months. It was an expensive and tiring trip.

Ahmed is doing very well, the family says. He is studying, praying, thinking, keeping clean and well organized. He is not allowed any visits other than by his family [once every six months.] He is not allowed any mail other than books mailed by publishing or book companies.

Ahmed is one of the most Islamically well versed Muslim citizens of America. He struggled for the rights of the Blind Shaikh but got himself into trouble by talking on the phone to Islamic fighters planning to overthrow Hosni Mubarak, the tyrant of Egypt. It was a unique case of injustice. Ahmed was given 28 years in prison without ANY witnesses on the basis of his phone conversations.

Letter: Encouraging Words from a student in Islamabad, Pakistan

Asalam o alaikum
u r doing very good work. May ALLAH give u success. I am from Islamabad. I am a student of pharmaceutical sciences and belong to a Islamic student organization islami jamiat talba.

Ur brother in islam

Letter: Sarcastic response to New Trend's Critique of Obama

This e-mail reminded me that it is about time to make contribution to Obama's campaign.

Vahid Sendijarevic

Montreal Perspectives
By Jalaluddin S. Hussain

Israeli Ambassador's Speech Disrupted + Israel-Canada Deal Could Lead to racial Profiling and Surveillance of Arabs

Recently, some Arab and Muslim organizations of Canada have voiced their genuine concerns over the "Public Security" deal between the States of Israel and Canada. The worry of these organizations perhaps is that this agreement could result in a transfer of personal information also, regarding the Canadian Muslims and Arabs, and which in turn may result in their racial profiling and unnecessary surveillance. It is also feared that the passing of such information, to the Israeli security agencies, may result in discouraging immigration from Muslim and Arab countries. It is, therefore, important that, from now on, the Canadian Arab and Muslim organizations, keep a close watch over the anti-Muslim and anti-Arab activities of Zionist organizations, both in Israel and in Canada, with special reference to the "deal"!

On April 9, 2008, Alan Baker, the Israeli Ambassador to Canada, delivered a speech to a selective and invited audience, at the posh Queen Elizabeth Hotel, located right in the heart of Montreal. It may be mentioned, that Ambassador Baker has consistently supported the atrocities which Israel has committed, during the recent Gaza and Lebanese incursions. He has also been in favor of building the infamous apartheid wall, between Israel and the Palestinian territories.

It is gratifying to note that Ambassador Baker's speech was effectively disrupted by more than two dozens social justice activists, belonging to "Block the Empire" and "Tadamon" organizations. Throughout the disruption over 12,000 brightly-coloured flyers were "showered" across the Conference room. These flyers carried the simple message: "60 years of Israeli apartheid, 60 years of Palestinian dispossession. Boycott Israel".

The Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC) has understandably welcomed the statement issued recently by the Ontario Human rights Commission (OHRC), in response to the two sets of complaints filed against the Canadian weekly magazine, Maclean's. These complaints were filed by Dr. Elmasry of CIC and four law students: Muneeza Sheikh, Naseem Mithoowani, Khurrum Awan and Ali Ahmed.

Both complaints refer specifically to an October 2006 Maclean's article entitled: "The Future Belongs to Islam,". In its statement the OHRC expressed "serious concerns about the content of a number of articles concerning Muslims that have been published recently by Maclean's magazine and other media outlets."

The Warsaw Ghetto 'Uprising': Insurrection or Police Operation?
Robert Faurisson

Each year, around April 19, the media and politicians commemorate what they call the Warsaw ghetto 'uprising,' 'revolt' or 'insurrection.' In journalistic accounts the affair has taken on increasingly epic and symbolic proportions. At a Holocaust ceremony in New York in April 1993, American Vice President Al Gore declared: 'The story of the Warsaw ghetto is sacred text for our time.' In fact, this 'story' is a legend based only partially on historical reality

From the Ministry of Health in Gaza:

Israeli Tanks Target Hospital

On the 16th of April El Wafa Medical Rehabilitation Hospital and its premises in the besieged Gaza has been targeted by the Israeli tanks for the second time. The attack resulted in a clear damage to the hospital buildings and infrastructure and premises and left massive damage to the departments, windows and caused complete outage of power and water. The attack has even caused damage to the cable of the only generator in the hospital putting in a great danger to the life of the paralyzed and coma patients who need constant medical and nursing attention and frequent suctioning. Furthermore, all patients and a staff are in a state of shock due to the relentless in the vicinity and inside the hospital. Many shrapnels and bullets even penetrated into the patients rooms in every section of the hospital.

Based on these tragic events we would like to reaffirm the following:

1- El Wafa hospital strongly condemns this inhumane attack which has put the lives of our patients and staff in a real danger.

2- On the light of poverty, shortage of fuel, strict siege on Gaza our hospital has been the lung through which our disabled clients breath and it has been the only place where cases of spinal cord and head injury are treated.

3- This is the second time where the hospital buildings and infrastructure has been attacked as the first time was in February 2002 when two of our nursing staff were shot dead by Israeli military forces while positioning one of the spinal cord patients inside room No (214).

NB: Since the beginning of the attack we have been in constant contact with international organizations especially the International Red Cross Society.

4- During the attack we have had a complete shut down of water and electricity.

5- The operation theater of the hospital has stopped completely as a result of the Israeli military attack.

6- At the end we ask the international community, the human rights organizations, the United Nations, the World Health Organization and the International Red Cross Society to save no efforts to put an end to this repeated Israeli military aggression on civilians and health institutes, patients and staff.

El Wafa Medical Rehabilitation Hospital

International News and commentary
Top Taliban leaders attend moot
Laud sacrifices of Lal Masjid students | Media given free access

Arif Yousafzai [by special permission to New Trend]

PESHAWAR: Top Taliban leaders, wearing masks, addressed the Ghazi Islam Conference, the first-ever open show of force by the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), held on April 15 at the Lal Masjid and shrine of Haji Sahib Turangzai in Lakaro, Mohmand Agency.

The complex echoed with slogans of "Allah is the greatest, long live Osama Bin Laden, long live Mullah Umer, long live Taliban movement, down America, down the enemies of Islam, Jihad is our path".

Prominent Taliban leaders and commanders from all seven tribal agencies, FRs and various districts of Frontier Province [NWFP] as well as from Punjab and Sindh attended the conference organized by the TTP.

Taliban spokesman for Mohmand Agency, Dr Asad told this correspondent that almost all Taliban leaders from North Waziristan, South Waziristan, Bajaur and Mohmand agencies and Dara Adamkhel, Swat and other districts of the NWFP had reached the Lal Masjid in Lakaro to grace the event.

Thousands of people comprising the force of Taliban and tribesmen also participated in the conference, which was addressed by Taliban leaders, wearing masks.

However, it could not be confirmed if the top Taliban Commander Baitullah Mehsood was among the masked Taliban leadership.

The conference which started at 10:30am was continued till dusk. The Taliban spokesman said the Taliban leaders would spend night in Mohmand Agency. They will participate in the collective prayer, which would be held at 10am today (Wednesday). Dr Asad said the prayer would focus on the unity of Islamic Ummah, solidarity of Pakistan and defeat of infidels.

The spokesman was reluctant to mention the names of Taliban leaders who would address the night session of the conference, saying that the identities of the prominent commanders could not be disclosed due to security reasons. Though hundreds of Taliban armed with sophisticated weapons and intelligence equipment were guarding the conference, the media was given free access to cover the event.

Thought-provoking speeches were delivered on the services of late Haji Sahib Turangzai and sacrifices of what the Taliban described as martyrs of Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa.

Maulvi Umer and Dr Asad told this correspondent that each year the local tribesmen used to organise an Urs (procession) of Haji Sahib Turangzai at the shrine of known Mujahid and religious scholar Haji Sahib Turangzai on April 15.

Taliban in July 2007 after capturing the shrine of Haji Sahib Turangzai and an adjacent mosque to it renamed the entire complex as Lal Masjid. However, local tribes suggested to the Taliban to give a kind of name to the complex which should represent both Lal Masjid and Haji Sahib Turangzai. The complex was later renamed as "Lal Masjid and Shrine of Haji Sahib Turangzai".

Yousafzai is Bureau Chief of the English language Pakistani newspaper The Post coming out of Peshawar, Pakistan

Snippets of War in Afghanistan [First two items from Pakistani media.]

April 14: Southern Herat province: A determined martyrdom operator from the Taliban struck a NATO military convoy. Two military vehicles blew up with a big explosion. Four U.S. troops, 4 British and 2 Afghan hired soldiers were killed and 8 wounded.

April 15: In a night raid on Afghan security force hired by the U.S., camped on the Pak-Afghan border, Taliban killed 11 mercenaries and wounded 7.In a second Taliban attack in Helmand province 5 Afghan troops trained by the U.S. were killed.
Karzai's U.S. backed regime air dropped ammunition and supplies to a military post in Zabul province. They fell in the wrong area and were captured by the Taliban.
April 16: KABUL (AFP) -- Two NATO-led soldiers were killed and two others were wounded in an explosion in southern Afghanistan on Wednesday, the alliance force said.
The latest casualties come three days after two British soldiers serving with NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) died in an explosion in the southern province of Kandahar.
[Comment: NATO finds it difficult to fight Taliban. Last year the British cooked up figures of thousands of Taliban killed. It was self-deception. The U.S. air force is usually needed to protect NATO.]

Intellectual Web Site from Tehran

Islamic Perspective is a scientific-research website which has been established by Islamic Perspective Center for International Studies (IPCIS) in Tehran and in associated with a group of Muslim scholars of various schools and nations.

The Islamic Perspective website has launched in 25 March 2008 on the occasion of his holiness the prophet Mohammad's birthday. It aims to help to extend and deepen Islamic studies throughout the world, and extend collaboration and interaction with Muslim researchers.

The Islamic Perspective website includes Digital Library, Articles Bank, Special Interviews, Journal, Q & A, and Poll.

Everyday, in News and Views of the website, there are the latest Muslims news and views concerning scientific and cultural fields. Therefore, the Islamic Perspective website welcomes all the Muslims reports and news sent by Universities, Studies Centers and Publication Houses.

Please forward this message to your colleagues and friends.

Thank you

Best regards,

Hossein Allahverdi
Moderator of Islamic Perspective Website

solidarity with the families suffering.
by from Pakistan

Pakistani Rulers Made Millions by Handing over Muslims to the U.S.

1. Certain people in the Pakistani establishment have earned millions by detaining and in some cases selling Pakistani citizens to the US in the so called War on Terror?
2. HR organizations estimate there are over 5000 such cases.
3. No evidence or even charges are apparently needed to 'kidnap' anyone's father, son or husband!
4. No one supports terrorism, but is this not state terrorism in itself?
5. Pakistani law prohibits such unlawful detention beyond 24 hours without production in a court, and this is punishable by death!

Please think and act because:
  1. What if even ONE person amongst these is innocent?
  2. What would be the effect on your family if a loved one disappeared suddenly, and was not even charged with a crime?
  3. By not raising our voice against this, are we not becoming a party to this heinous crime?

With thanks to Amina Masood, Pakistan.
This was the "War on Terror"
Pakistani Regime Sold Muslims to the U.S.: Seminar uncovers Horrors of Musharraf's Terrible Crimes against Humanity

A seminar entitled "Do Countries Sell Their Own People: A Discussion on Civil Liberties in the Age of War on Terror" was held on 17 April, 2008, at Embassy Lodges in Islamabad. The event presented the plight of the families of the victims of state-sponsored terrorism. The seminar was organized by Pakistan Professionals Forum, FASTRising and Pakistan Youth Alliance and attracted representation from a broad cross-section of general public including students, professionals, human rights activists and lawyers. Families of more than 60 missing persons were present.

The event started with the screening of the documentary "Missing in Pakistan". This was followed by a speech from Pakistan Professionals Forum spokesperson. He condemned the government for terrorizing its own people and wondered how Sehba Musharraf should feel if her son, Bilal Musharraf, went missing. K.Asif, a student representative, condemned the intelligence outfits for their role in extra-judicial arrests and vowed complete support to the families of missing persons on behalf of the students of Islamabad.
Next, Zafar Jan, the Baloch relative of missing person, claimed that around 12,000 Balochis have been abducted. He lamented the fact the media had no access to Balochistan.
Shahid Kamal Khan, ex-president Mailsee Bar Association, said that armed forces have no legal right to intervene on its own in the affairs of the country until unless requested by a civil government. Furthermore, armed forces or intelligence outfits have no right to detain or kill its own people. He vowed to register an FIR for murder against Pervez Musharraf.
This was followed by a talk by Mrs. Amina Janjua the wife of Masood Janjua, missing since May 2005, anchorperson of the organization 'Defence of Human Rights' and spokesperson of the families of the missing persons. She related their struggle to win the release of their family members, through street demonstrations as well as their meetings with various politicians. She implored civil society activists, lawyers, professionals to continue supporting the cause of the missing persons. Furthermore, she expressed her gratitude to lawyers in UK and US as well as the chief counsel of missing persons, Shaukat Siddiqui, for their support.
The civil society activist, Ghazala Minallah, empathized with the unrelenting pain of the families of the missing persons and deplored the hypocrisy of world powers. She assured the families of her continual support.
Sardar Asmatullah, president Rawalpindi High Court Bar Association, reiterated the civil liberties guaranteed to the citizens of Pakistan by its constitution. He condemned Pervez Musharraf for illegally imposing martial law and rendering the Chief Justice non-functional, and demanded the impeachment of the President for subverting the constitution.
Hameed Gul, ex-head ISI, condemned the collusion of successive governments in selling their own citizens to world powers. He demanded justice for the students of Jamia Hafsa and highlighted the importance of a strong and independent judiciary to safeguard the rights of citizens. He further demanded that Pervez Musharraf be court-martialed and charged for high-treason.
President PTI, Imran Khan, challenged Pervez Musharraf to declare the number of Pakistanis killed in the war on terror and called for his impeachment.
Finally, Justice (R) Wajihuddin pointed out the weakness of courts to curtail extra-judicial detention. He called for investigating the perpetrators of extra-judicial detention. Furthermore, he opined that Pervez Musharaf's regime is dwindling and that Musharraf's removal will have critical impact on the results of US election.

Assalam u Alaikum,
This is a sad and horrendous video regarding what goes on in Guantanamo Bay.
by Abdul Azeem

Click here for the video.
As you can tell in the video, the Americans are controlling the movements of the reporters because they know that if they allow the reporters to have some freedom in their reporting, the Mujaahideen in those prison cells would expose the hypocrisy, evil nature and corruption of the Americans.
It is disgusting how the Kuffaar in the Army try to show that they "respect" Islaam. How dare they lie when the world knows their intentions? They attempt to win the "minds and hearts" of the public by showing that they "care" for the prisoners by giving them the dunya - such as prayer mats, dhikr beads, clothes, and food; what the public needs to realize is that the giving of small tools of the worldly life does not replace the overall destruction of ones entire life.
May Allah's curse be upon that damned Kaafir Army!
May Allah free the Muslims from the prisons!

please forwards this email to your friends.
Remember me in your prayers.

2008-04-20 Sun 10:58:58 cdt