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AUSCHWITZ: Jewish Milk Cow for Israel was Soviet Russian Discovery
It was Used to Cover Up Russian Genocide of four Million Germans and Rape of ALL German Women ages 8 to 80

by Kaukab Siddique
The Fall of Berlin 1945 by Anthony Beevor, Penguin Books, 490 pages, published 2002.

The book is fiercely pro-Russian but documents the actual fighting quite well. Beevor states that the Auschwitz concentration camp in southwestern Poland was "discovered" on January 27, 1945 by the advancing Soviet army led by General Konev (p.45).

Beevor gives the source for the Jews allegedly gassed at Auschwitz as follows:
"The Red Army authorities estimated that more than 4 million people were killed, although this was later shown to be a considerable over-estimate." (P.45-46) He does not pause to consider how an estimate of 4 million killed could have been carried out by an army in the middle of a huge offensive against Germany?

Somewhat demurely Beevor states that although a report on the discovery of the camp was carried in the Red Army newspaper of February 9 "The Soviet Union suppressed all news of Auschwitz until 8 May, when the war had finished." (P.46)

The tragic events which took place between January 27 and May 8, 1945 may have been the real reason why the Soviet Union made the announcement about Auschwitz that late. In those three months and 12 days, the Russians carried out one of the most shameful crimes against humanity in ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY. The entire German populations living in countries to the east of Germany and in eastern Germany itself were uprooted by Russian tank columns, round-the-clock bombing from the air and endless columns of mobile infantry which entered and looted every German home. Nearly 4 MILLION German civilians were killed or left to die in the cold by the Russians. ALL GERMAN FEMALES, from girls of EIGHT to grandmothers of 80 were raped by the Russians.

This endless slaughter and orgy turned the Russian victory into a holocaust of German civilians. THE BIG LIE technique is a well-known Communist propaganda technique and the Soviets seem to have used it effectively in the "gassing of Jews" story about Auschwitz. After decimating 4 million Germans, they claimed that 4 million Jews had been "gassed" at Auschwitz.

Beevor gives only ONE LINE (page 99) to the Russian LIQUIDATION of the ENTIRE Officers' Corp in the Katyn forest. In fact Stalin had tried to blame the Germans for the massacre at Katyn but later reports after his death proved that Germany was right. Stalin was responsible for the Katyn liquidation.

Beevor is quite honest in documenting, sometimes in detail, the Russian crimes against the German population and the rape of ALL German women. However, he writes like a Russian reporter and justifies the Russian atrocities by claiming that the Germans had behaved similarly when they invaded the Soviet Union. However, here Beevor is not being honest. It would be difficult to find documentation of German troops raping Russian women. Even the SS who hated Communists were much too disciplined for murder, rape and looting kind of activities. The Germans did commit atrocities, which cannot be condoned, in response to Russian and Jewish partisan warfare which went back to Jewish relations with Ukrainians and Lithuanians who often sided with the Germans.

The Auschwitz story, pared down to "one and a half million deaths by gassing" has been a regular fund raiser for Israel and the funding of the Israeli occupation of Palestine. As David Irving and numerous other researchers, scientists and scholars have shown, there is NO evidence that gassing was used to kill Jews in Auschwitz.

[Most Americans don't know that Auschwitz is in Poland and was under Soviet control till after the Soviet defeat in Afghanistan broke the chains of eastern Europe and freed Poland. Auschwitz is NOT in Germany!]

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