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(Analysis and Commentary by Kaukab Siddique)

Taliban's Disciplined Withdrawal from Cities: Superb Move by Mullah Omar
Northern Alliance Involved in Looting, Murder: 100 Pakistani POWs Slaughtered
Pakistan Concerned about Emergence of Hostile Forces in Kabul
Bush and Putin Express Solidarity in War Against Islam

"Patiently Persevere, for thy perseverence is but with help from Allah:
nor grieve over them:
and distress not thyself because of their plots. For Allah is with those who are aware/fearful-of-Allah, those who do good (without asking anything in return)." The Qur'an 16:127-128

{THE NEWS: The Taliban have withdrawn from most cities in Afghanistan, including Kabul and Kandahar. Some pockets of resistance stayed behind in Mazare Sharif and the garrison in Kunduz is holding out.}

{The Taliban withdrew in good order with negligible losses. Some idea of the disciplined withdrawal can be gathered from the fact that they took the charity group prisoners with them to save them from assault by northern alliance gangs.}

ANALYSIS: From reports in Al-Jazeerah TV and Lebanese TV, it appears that the withdrawal was ordered by the legendary leader of the Taliban, Mullah Omar himself. The Mullah's strategy seems to be as follows:
1. Forces in fixed positions would undergo devastation from carpet bombing by U.S. B-52 bombers. As the forces of Islam do not have an air forces, mobility and guerrilla warfare is essential. The legendary Mullah has saved most of his troops (although critics say, several hundred were already wiped out in the massive U.S. assault.)
2. Civilian losses were rising rapidly as the U.S. ran out of military targets and attacked hundreds of civilian targets. On November 9, the U.S. hit a complex of caves in which civilians had taken refuge. Several hundred were killed but the news got only ONE LINE on the rolling CNN news line (under the main screen). Afghanistan is facing a catastrophe owing to 36 days of bombing. The Mullah decided to sacrifice his conventional control of the cities to save the civilian population.
3. POWER VACUUM in KABUL is calculated to create divisions in the U.S. sponsored "liberators." Pakistan is concerned that the U.S. has actually opened the way into Kabul for the northern alliance. If Pakistan does not respond, it will have been outflanked by a hostile coalition supported by Russia, Iran and India plus the U.S. If there is a will-to-independence still alive in the Pakistani military, it will have no option except to oppose the new regime in Kabul.
4. MULLAH OMAR and MUJAHID OSAMA want to draw U.S. and British troops into the mountains. If the Afghan people and the Pakistanis keep the supply routes open, the jihad will attract the attention of the entire Muslim world. In military terms, the Taliban have shortened their supply lines and are re-grouping not to rule but to fight.

NORTHERN ALLIANCE ATROCITIES VERIFIED: Out of the 200 Pakistani volunteers trapped in Mazare Sharif and captured by the Northern Alliance, 100 have been slaughtered in cold blood by their captors. Numerous instances of looting and murder by n.a. forces in Kabul have been reported. We have received a photo of a civilian shot down in the street in Kabul by the n.a. "liberators" and left to die.

IT'S A CULTURAL WAR AS WELL: Many men in "liberated" Kabul now want to look like Bush and are lining up to have their beards shaved off. Some communist women have taken off their coverings. (Photos on Lebaneses TV, LTV.)
AL-JAZEERAH STATION HIT BY U.S. bombers. According to news just received, the U.S. bombed Al-Jazeerah's Kabul unit just before the n.a. entered the city. The clear pictures of children killed in U.S. bombing televised by al-Jazeerah probably led to the decision to bomb. The fate of the al-Jazeerah station representative in Kabul is not known. (The station is still active in Kandahar.)
AN ARMED JIHAD GROUP IN PAKISTAN HAS GIVEN THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE on this occasion of Taliban's withdrawal and re-groupment: {Text of message from Lashkare Taiba in Lahore, Pakistan.}

Amir Markaz Dawa Wal Irshad Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, while throwing light on the latest situation of Afghanistan, said real war will start now. The Taliban have adopted a strategy to save their military might as well as the people. It will benefit the Mujahideen. He said war against Russia was also on the same pattern. He said it had become necessary to bring American army in the direct war and to trap it in the quagmire of Afghanistan.

He said the people of Pakistan must keep its morale high and prepare itself for jihad. This war will last for a long time. A long-term planning is required for a long war. He said Taliban vacated the cities intentionally otherwise the Northern Alliance could not make an inch advancement for 33 days." Fall of Kabul is the war strategy of Taliban and it is not the victory of the Northern Alliance," he said. He said Pakistan has now realized its wrong policy.
Postscript by our Bush Monitor: Bush's meeting first with Britain's Tony the dog Blair and now with Putin, the butcher of Chechnya, indicates the tightening of a worldwide alliance against Islam. Observers say that the Zionists and Imperialists see Afghanistan as a symbol of international Islamic unity. The coming together of mujahideen from all over the world is seen as a danger signal by Bush-Blair-Putin. (BBP).

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