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Somalia, Yemen, Philippines, Iraq on List of U.S. Targets

Americans who watched network news on December 5 plus the usual CNN, MSNBC, FOX footage of the war this evening, got this story:
An American bomb from a B-52 went astray north of Kandahar and killed 3 American special force troops and wounded 19 and killed 5 pro-U.S. Afghans and wounded 20 plus others.

However those, like the New Trend reporter, who watched the ENTIRE press conference in the Pentagon addressed by Rear Admiral Stufflebeem came away with a totally different impression. Stufflebeem is quite stuffy, to the extent of being comical, with his button eyes and pointy nose, but he is not good at telling lies.

{READERS SHOULD KNOW THAT MOST OF AMERICAN WAR NEWS IS BASED ON THE PENTAGON'S BRIEFINGS. Sometimes some actual footage from Afghanistan makes a difference but most of the footage is local color and gossip.}

The Pentagon press corp seldom tries to rip up the government's version of events but even the simple questions of reporters brought out the big holes in the Admiral's story of 'friendly fire'. It was quite evident that he was trying to hide the facts.

1. First absurdity. Stufflebeem claimed that the bomb was dropped when a B-52 was called to provide 'close air support.' The embarrased reporters wanted to know how a high flying B-52 can provide "close air support." The admiral had slipped.

2. Second absurdity. Reporters wanted to know that if the main fighting is being by "local pashtuns", why were so many American troops in ONE PLACE. Usually these "militias" have one or two Americans with them. With 3 Americans killed and 19 injured, obviously there was a large American force in place.

3. A question lead to the answer that the bombing was called for when the Special Forces and Afghan allies came under Taliban fire.

4 . Stufflebeem was obviously stumped and did not know what to say about why the bombing was ordered.. {If the Taliban have very limited fighting ability left, why couldn't this American force simply beat off the Taliban?} The admiral left the meeting rather hurriedly.

5. Later that evening on the Larry King Show, Rumstead almost let the cat out of the bag when he said: 'It could have been a car bomb ...'
It appears that the U.S. government has realized that the internet is bringing news of U.S. losses in Afghanistan to the public. This was the government's way of carefully admitting a few of its losses so as not to lose all credibility.
There can be no doubt now that the Taliban have fought well under the most horrendous conditions.
Mullah Omar and Mujahid Osama are both alive as dawn breaks on December 6 in Afghanistan. This completes TWO MONTHS of bombing of the poorest country in the world by the most powerful.
ISRAELI MISSILE BEING USED: MSNBC reported on December 5 that the Israeli missile "hav-net" is being used in the ferocious assault which the U.S. has launched on the Tora Bora cave area. The lure of $25 million is sending the Afghan mercenaries and tribals into the caves to finish the job for the Americans. Osama, according to U.S. news reports, has sent messages to the Afghan tribals that he does not want to fight them, but the lure of such a large sum of money is too much for these corrupted elements.
Extensive reporting on all TV channels indicates that Somalia, being weak and defenseless, is next on the U.S. list of targets, to be followed by Yemen and Philippines and then perhaps Iraq.
AN EMINENT IMAM, Br. Warithuddin 'Umar, who was an initiator of the NOVEMBER 10 Movement, has sent the following response to the hate mail we received from Mauri Salaakhan (Peace and Justice Foundation) and Yahya (John) of ININ@ININ.NET: The learned Imam writes:

"Dear Believers and those who desire the Favors of Allah rather than the favors of the governments of man:
This is in support of the spirit of Jamaat al Muslimeen and the courageous work of Professor Kaukab Siddique. His work is highly significant in America. His is like a singular voice, vocal in a crowd of quiet men. This man and his struggling and striving community in Baltimore are like the Muslims of old who were few in number but carried a weighty message while they struggled against great odds to spread the message of Islam. Professor Siddique's opposition to practices, actions and positions taken by the standard organizations here is based on legitimate concerns and matters that need to be questioned and attended to. His criticism of Muslims who broadcast their submission to racist haters of true Islam is legitimate and we should celebrate the criticism rather than try and silence him. I join him in the criticism of weak, groveling, apologetic Muslim leaders who seem to be afraid of losing what they cherish and what seems important to them and not afraid of the disfavor of Allah who has promised victory to the Believers."

"If not Professor Siddique, then who? Who will raise the call to question the American Muslim Alliance (AMA), American Muslim Council (AMC), Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), Muslim American Society (MAS), and the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC). His is a necessary watch and a necessary work. The fact that some individuals have come forth to criticize and condemn him and his organization is an indication of his effectiveness. From a qualified analysis he is not a counter-revolutionary to say the least."

"The organizations mentioned above are evolutionary units structured to plead, ask and work at gentle persuasion in the hopes that these efforts will pay off over time. They hope their requests, prayers and submissive postures will eventually appeal to the hearts of the non-believers and that the non-believer's oppressive practices will change for the benefit of their organizations and the causes they espouse. History shows that their approach has never worked. Power secedes to power. In fact this soft approach only extended the pain and suffering of the oppressed masses. More is needed. "

"Jamaat al-Muslimeen and Dr. Kaukab Siddique clearly want the Muslims to win and those fighting the Muslims to lose. Simple. America, the best friend of the state of Israel is only the fulfillment of Qur'an's warning. Allah said "take not the Christians and Jews as your Wali (protecting friend / caretaker) for they are the Wali of one another". The mentioned organizations need to be collective in their unified demand for justice for Muslims and take the lead in protesting when justice is not immediately forthcoming. Not a muffled, friendly "you can still be in charge" request, prefaced by how much we support them and how right they are in most matters. This posture is embarrassing for the Muslims. Jamaat al Muslimeen has the right approach. May Allah Bless them with much success."

The following have ENDORSED the NOVEMBER 10 MOVEMENT's resolution in addition to the original endorsers:
Imam Nadim Ali, Atlanta, Georgia (Imam of the Mosque community organized by Imam Jamil al-Amin).
Sis. Amatullah, Islamic Activist from Washington, DC
Br. Mahair Sibay, Islamic activist of Syrian origin, from Washington, DC
Sis. Karen English, Islamic activist and community worker from Bay Area, California.
Original endorsers of the NOVEMBER 10 MOVEMENT, which negates Israel, opposes aggression on Afghanistan, demands reparations for slavery and calls for Islamic critique of capitalism, were the following:

Dr. Abdul Alim Shabazz, Lincoln University, Pennsylvania
Sis. Aisha Shaheed, New York City
Imam Warithuddin ‘Umar, Albany, New York
Sis. Motisola M. Abdalla, Atlanta, Georgia
Br. Ossama Hazim, Washington, DC
Sis. Ashira Na'im, Baltimore, Maryland
Br. Jihad Abdul-Mumit, Richmond, Virginia
Sis. Chekaisha El-Amin, Baltimore, Maryland
Br. Hodari Ali, Washington, DC
Sis. Yasmeen Salahuddin, Baltimore, Maryland
Dr. Kaukab Siddique, Bel Air, Maryland
Sis. Latifah, Virginia
Br. Abdussalam, Maryland
Imam Salahuddin Abdullah, Denver
Sis. Maha, Maryland
Br. Hammad Abdur-Raheem, Falls Church, Virginia

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