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Mubarak in Washington: U.S. Agents Fear Spillover from Palestine
1000 Man American-European-Afghan Force Routed by Al-Qaeda's 100+
{Massacres of Unarmed Muslims in India: Why Pakistan was Needed}

{First the war news: New Trend magazine was right again. Taliban and al-Qaeda are neither down nor out. On Friday March1, a force of 1000 troops led by hardened American special forces and elite AUSTRALIAN, CANADIAN, DANISH, FRENCH, GERMAN and NORWEGIAN troops, with Afghan mercenaries acting as guides, launched an offensive against about 100 Islamic cadres in the Shahi Kot area near Gardez.
AFTER THREE DAYS OF FIGHTING, the American-European forces were beaten back. The retreat was completed on March 3 and American reinforcements were sent to stop the retreat from turning into a rout on March 4.
According to the Governor of Paktia, OSAMA BIN LADEN himself is leading the Islamic as-sabiqun al-awwwalun (in the terminology of the Qur'an) in beating back the assault.
The U.S. admitted only ONE American and three Afghan mercenaries killed and 40 Americans injured in the stalled assault.
On March 4, the Americans lost two helicopters, trying to ferry out retreating troops. In these incidents, the U.S. has admitted 8 killed 5 wounded.

PAKISTANI REPORTS indicate that 5000 Islamic elite Al-Qaeda and Taliban forces have appeared at six different positions in the Gardez-Khost region.

In Kandahar, the Islamists have blown up an an Afghan mercenary gun crew with a newly placed mine.

The Pentagon PR exercise on March 4 was quite sombre, with Rumsfield quite irascibe and with none of his usual jokes. Gen. Myers too hedged and beat around the Bush. He admitted that his Afghans (mercenaries) had lost ALL their transportation when they ran into Islamic gunfire.

Beaten by a small Islamic force, the U.S. responded with 350 huge bombs, including the latest fire bomb created in December.

Later in the afternoon of March 4, Gen. Tommy Franks tried to cheer up the American public by claiming that the Islamists have been dealt "devastating blows" and that "100 to 200" of them have been killed. The problem with this figure is that :
1. There is a big difference between 100 and 200. Which figure is it? Obviously it is a conjecture.
2. U.S. forces have not entered the defended areas yet and the figure of 100 to 200 can in no way be verified. It is pure fabrication.

Pakistani observers say that the sword arm of Islam, al-Qaida and Taliban, if able to survive the bombing, could bring down the Karzai clowns in Kabul.
PALESTINE: The most powerful instrument of terror of oppression in the Middle East versus the militarily weakest force: The Jews versus the children, women and youths of Palestine.
Israel is systematically trying to crush the Palestinian people, but the martyrdom operations are making it clear that PALESTINE IS OUT TO WIN. Observers say: The Jewish thugland is no longer going to be a disneyland for tourists.

On March 4, the Israelis killed a doctor and then blew to bits the WIFE and CHILDREN of an Islamic activist. (Much like the U.S. killed the WIFE and DAUGHTERS of Ayman al-Zawahiri in one heroic bombing raid in Afghanistan.)
HOSNI MUBARAK's visit to Washington indicates that Washington's men are worried. Look at this:
1. Saudi ruler wants all the rulers to recognize Israel. (Already done secretly.)
2. Syrian ruler to meet Saudi ruler.
3. Egyptian ruler (Mubarak) in Washington.
4. Arafat wants his people to keep fighting but WILL TALK TO ISRAEL at a moment's notice.


They are probably reminding Bush that the Palestinian agony is deeply disturbing for the Arab nations. The Islamists are gaining ground inspite of the daily dose of imported distractions.

They want the Tenet and Mitchell reports to be implemented but for this Arafat has to have a little rump state, a puppet "Palestine."

All the sacrifices of the Palestinians should bring up Arafat as their leader, Mubarak hopes. Tenet and Mitchell have stipulated that Arafat must kill the Islamists and lock up their supporters. How can Arafat do his job with the Isaelis running around bombing and shelling?

{FOR NEW READERS: Mubarak has 60,000 political prisoners in his dungeons. According to Amnesty International and other human rights groups, the Egyptian dictator's forces practice torture and arbitrary, indefinite, arrest on SUSPECTS. This murderer, his hands stained with the blood of the Egyptian people, is most welcome in the White House, second only to the Israeli Sharon. Reportedly, at his insistence, Egyptian scholar, DR. OMAR ABDEL RAHMAN is kept locked up in a little cell in Rochester, Minnesota as a "terrorist."}

INDIA HAS SHOWN ONCE AGAIN THAT IT HAS AN EXTREMIST HINDU GOVERNMENT DEDICATED TO THE DESTRUCTION OF ITS MUSLIM MINORITY. Fires are burning across the Indian state of Gujarat, as Hindu extremists, supported and abetted by the police in many instances, loot and burn Muslim homes. Nearly a thousand unarmed Muslims have been killed, some of them burned ALIVE.

The background to the situation: The extremist government in power, Hindu equivalent of the KKK in its racist/caste attitudes, wants to erase historic Islamic monuments. The current Hindu rulers were involved in the destruction of the historic Babri masjid. Trainloads of Hindu extremists have been participating in ceremonies to build a HINDU TEMPLE on the site of the DEMOLISHED MOSQUE. A Muslim attack on one such group led to an orchestrated campaign of murder and pillage against a whole Muslim population.

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