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The purpose of the ongoing media blitz against Sudan came out on September 9. Colin Powell, America's Uncle Tom, issued an all out attack on the biggest African country, openly using the "g: word [GENOCIDE]. The Powell statement was riddled with bigotry, propaganda and hypocrisy.

America is out to destroy Sudan and is methodically going through the process of funding rebellion, demonizing the government of Sudan, tightening its sanctions on Sudan's economy and preparing for military intervention.

Muslims and people of African descent should take Powell's statement as a wake up call. America has not suddenly fallen in love with the African people. It is preparing in a big way to DESTROY Sudan.

Jewish Power Being Challenged by American Nationalists in Power Structure. First Attempt to Undermine Credibility of AIPAC [Leading Jewish Lobby]

Analysis by a New Trend expert.

Did you notice a new book titled Imperial Hubris which challenges the entire premise of the Jewish-backed Bush administration’s "war on terror?" The book is written by a highly placed American intelligence officer who wants to remain anonymous. It has been distributed with great effort across America from the biggest cities to bookstores even in small towns.

In part Imperial Hubris seems to be written by someone so near to reality that he/she seems to have been reading New Trend’s web site. Here are a few glimpses; AFTER THE BOOK appeared, CAME the news THAT AN ISRAELI MOLE HAS BEEN discovered IN THE PENTAGON ITSELF, passing on state secrets to Israel. It’s an offense which can be punished with death or life in prison, owing to the betrayal of the nation’s most important secrets.

What’s more, the American nationalists probing the Israeli agent ACCUSED AIPAC of acting as a conduit for espionage against the United States. No one in the power structure has EVER dared to look askance at AIPAC, the most powerful Jewish lobbying group in America.
Even the slightest criticism of this leading Jewish controller of America would result in charges of "anti-semitism."

The probe named the Jew FEITH, one of President Bush’s top advisers and a leader in the pro-war group, as the person in whose office the Israeli mole was working.

Such daring is very rare in American politics. Although opposition to Israel is widespread, no one WITHIN America’s government dares to state clearly that this country has been taken over by the Israeli Jews. More than 1000 American troops have been sacrificed in Iraq to fulfil Israel’s dream of becoming the slave master of the Middle East.

As the major media are under strict Jewish control, public sentiment against Israel, though widespread is not allowed the slightest emergence on TV. STRICT CENSORSHIP is the rule here which has NEVER been breached.

AIPAC has now been challenged from within the power structure. In this great country of 260 million people there must be at least some nationalists who cannot bear to see the degradation of America at the hands of a tiny, well-funded, well-placed Jewish bloc of infiltrators.

AIPAC and the Jews in the Bush administration are fighting back hard. In spite of FBI charges aimed at a specifically named Israeli mole in a major Jew’s office, not one person has been arrested. It will be a difficult struggle before the claws and teeth of the Jewish vampire can be extracted from the throat of the American colossus.

[This is what it looks like in U.S. sources. The major media dropped it after two days.]

FBI investigates suspected Pentagon security breaches
By Guy Dinmore in Washington
Published: September 7 2004 20:36 | Last updated: September 7 2004 20:36

An FBI investigation into suspected security breaches involving Pentagon officials and Israel is unlikely to result in prosecution of senior figures following pressure from the White House, according to people familiar with the case.

The investigation has highlighted concerns that a small group of neo-conservatives in the Pentagon not only may have divulged classified information to Israel, but also tried to mount intelligence and foreign policy operations without informing the State Department and Central Intelligence Agency.

Analysts said that although the neo-conservative proponents of regime change in Iraq and Iran had fallen out of favour with the White House, the presidential election in November still afforded them protection.

The White House denied allegations of a cover-up. A spokesman said there was full support for the investigation.

Sources familiar with the investigation said the White House and John Ashcroft, the US attorney-general, had intervened to apply the brakes. "The White House is leaning on the FBI. Some people in the FBI are very upset, they think Ashcroft is playing politics with this," a former intelligence official said.

Paul McNulty, the Virginia district attorney in charge of the probe, had been told to slow down, the sources said. Asked for comment, Mr McNulty's office would only say that the investigation was continuing.

The investigations came to light last month, when officials confirmed reports that Lawrence Franklin, a mid-level analyst at the Pentagon, was the subject of an FBI inquiry into whether he passed classified information to an Israeli diplomat in Washington and to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (Aipac), an influential lobby group.

Aipac had been under investigation for more than two years, a senior White House official said. Aipac and Israel deny involvement in espionage.

Stephen Green, author and investigative reporter, said the FBI had interviewed him about several prominent neo-conservatives, including Paul Wolfowitz, the deputy defence secretary, Douglas Feith, undersecretary for policy at the Pentagon, as well as former officials including Richard Perle, Stephen Bryen and Michael Ledeen.

The FBI is said to be looking back at investigations into alleged breaches of security involving Israel and current and former officials. None of the cases reached court. However, David Frum, former speechwriter for the president, said the investigators had found nothing serious and were about to drop the matter. He described what he called an anti-Israeli obsession among some parts of the administration who viewed Israel "not as the ally it is by law and treaty but as the source of all the trouble in the Middle East and the world".

U.S. Bombs, Missiles, Artillery Barrages Wreak Havoc Among Civilians

Compiled by our media monitor.

U.S. media have not been reporting the carnage which American forces wrought in Iraq on September 7, 8 and 9. AFP and other news services (including Pakistani newspapers) have reported it in some detail.

The American assault on Fallujah began on September 7 with steady air attacks which killed 134 civilians and large numbers injured. The local hospitals overflowed with the dead and the dying.

Reuters reported that on September 8, U.S. air attacks on Fallujah were resumed and this time were followed by artillery barrages and tank fire. The target was the southern part of Fallujah known as Martyrs’ District. Numerous buildings were destroyed in the attacks and fire and smoke enveloped the area. At least 110 civilians were killed while the numbers of injured were too many to be recorded. The people are streaming out of the district to safer areas of Fallujah.

On September 9, American fighter jets again attacked Fallujah and allegedly hit a home said to be that of Islamic leader Abu Mus’ab al-Zarqawi. Witnesses however say that the attack killed 21 Iraqi civilians and wounded more than 100. The dead included 4 children and two women.

The same day U.S. planes hit the town of Tal Afar (near Mosul) killing 26 Iraqis and injuring 51, including women and children.

[New Trend observers note that Islamic rule was established in Fallujah six months back. The U.S. is determined to destroy the Islamic power base here to allow "Prime Minister" Allawi to rule the country.]


September 9: Pakistani generals claim to have hit a gathering of Islamic fighters at a village in the Sarogha area of southern Waziristan. Pakistan claims that it hit the gathering with a missile and then followed up with a two hour bombing of the area by Pakistani aircraft.
General Musharraf’s claim to have killed 50 Islamic fighters from Chechnia, Uzbekistan and Arab countries.

Non-governmental sources, however, say that most of those killed in the bombing raids by the PAF were Pakistani villagers of the Mahsud tribe. This appears to be the first time that the Mahsud area has been hit by the Pakistani military.

[Observers say Musharraf is trying hard to hand a 9.11 day gift to Bush.]


September 9: Pakistan’s General Musharraf talked to President Vladimir Putin of Russia by telephone and assured him that Pakistan was fighting the same war against terrorism as Russia was fighting in Chechnia.

SEPTEMBER 2: Chechen mujahideen blew up a Russian military convoy south of the capital city of Grozny, killing 9 Russian troops and injuring a dozen more.


Al-Qaida has issued a video, shown on Al-Jazeerah TV on Sept. 9, which indicates that Al-Qaida and Taliban control large areas of southern, south eastern and southwestern Afghanistan. It's the first al-Qaida video in a long time. It shows top Islamic leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri alive, well and armed. Al-Zawahiri must feel secure enough to prepare a video and send it out successfully, with a bounty of $25 million on his head.

September 8: The Taliban claimed that they shot down an American helicopter killing 8 soldiers in it. U.S. media mentioned the downed helicopter but did not state the losses of men..

A new Afghan group calling itself Jaish al-Muslimeen has emerged. Led by its commander Mullah Ishaq, it killed two U.S. troops in district Shagai of Zabul province on September 2, losing some of its own men in the fight. The Jaish says it supports Taliban.

AGHA KHANI INFILTRATION in North Afghanistan leads to Incident:

September 8: An angry crowd attacked the Agha Khan Development Network offices in Faizabad, a town in Badakhshan province. The rioters claimed that 4 Afghan women working for the organization had been sexually molested and then poisoned. The deputy governor of the province claimed that it was only food poisoning and not molestation.

[AGHA KHANIS are a rich sect which is seen as heterodox by most Muslims and has infiltrated heavily into strategic areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan.]

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