Powerful Voice of Black America Silenced

Dr. Khalid Muhammad Challenged Status Quo

Asalamu alaikum
While I was driving back from New York on Friday (February 16), I heard Jewish radio stations (1010WINS and others), gloating over the passing of Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad. I could not believe it that he was dead. I have seen him so full of life, so eloquent, so fearless! Then I remembered the verse of the Qur'an: "Every being shall taste of death." Two days later, his passing was finally confirmed.

One need not agree with Dr. Khalid to admire him. He was admirable for his courage even when he was wrong and dead wrong. Khalid was a very controversial leader. He thrived on controversy. He spoke his mind and no one could stop him. He had power over language and could use it to revive the near-dead among the oppressed and to make the oppressors tremble.

He has been vilified and accused of anti-semitism. He is probably the only individual in the United States against whom the House of Representatives passed a resolution in a big attempt to silence him.

Let us look briefly at the charges of "anti-semitism." These charges would make some sense if the Jews were an endangered, oppressed people in America. Any objective study would show that far from being endangered or oppressed, the Jews are the most powerful and the richest community in America. They control both the economics and the mind-set of America. Any objective study would find that the Jews are the most powerful force (Khalid would say the controlling force) in :
1. Major newspapers
2. Television
3. Radio
4. Hollywood
5. Wall Street
6. Madison Avenue
7. Numerous universities
8. Groups of attorneys
9. Medical Groups
10. Disney and related entertainment
11. Politics

In that context, when Khalid ('the sword of Allah' in Islamic tradition) challenged Jewish power, he was not being anti-semitic. He was simply speaking out against the power structure. He was in danger of being killed by the Jews. He did not do anything physical against them.

When Khalid organized the MILLION YOUTH MARCH in Harlem, the entire Jewish machinery of Israel-in-New -York went into action against him. Police road blocks were set up at numerous intersections. Trains stopped running (a very unusual situation in New York). And finally, the police attacked, with a helicopter swooping down, the podium where Khalid and the platform guests were sitting.

Only a hundred thousand people were able to attend the march, but the controlled would not have even that. They claimed that only 20,000 attended and then revised it to 10,000 and 5,000. (To see the truth of the huge numbers in pictures, order a back number of NEW TREND, POB 356, Kingsville, MD 21087 available for a 34 cent stamp.)

The campaign of hate against Khalid Muhammad was intense. He had to pay the price for his outspokenness against the real power structure of America.

Khalid is said to have died of a brain aneurism How did that happen to such a healthy, vigorous person, full of tremendous vitality?

Before the famous Black leader Kwame Toure died, he said that he had been the victim of germ warfare by the FBI. (He said it on C-Span.) As usual in the murders of all the great Black leaders of America, there was no inquiry.

Will we ever find out what actually happened to Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad, the sword of Allah? We mourn the Prince and Hero of Black America.


Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D

2001-02-21 Wed 19:12ct