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Producer "OReilly Factor"

Dear Producer

You have had a person Mansoor Ijaz on your show a number of times. On March 4, he gave Mr. OReilly some information on Pakistan which is easily verifiable as false, and seemingly deliberately falsified.

Mr. Ijaz vociferously claimed to OReilly that Pakistanis had not at all been upset by General Musharref's cooperation with the FBI to capture Khalid Shaikh Muhammad. Mr. Ijaz claimed that the Pakistani press was silent about the FBI's coup and even the local "rags' (as he called small Pakistani newspapers ) had shown no interest in Khalid's capture.

I doubt if Mr. Ijaz could be so ignorant of Pakistan that he had not seen one of the main stories in the Daily Dawn of March 3 (available on the Internet) which noted that the abduction of Khalid Muhammad was condemned by one of the main speakers at the MILLION PEOPLES' MARCH held in Karachi on March 2. The speaker's name is Maulana Samiul Haq.

The most distinguished and perhaps the oldest Urdu language daily, Nawai Waqt, published from Lahore, made Khalid Muhammad's abduction its top story in several of its issues, including March 5 which is available on the Internet. The paper also editorially analyzed Musharraf's moves in trying to connect Pakistan's premier Islamic movement Jamaate Islami to terrorism by way of this arrest.

Just about all the smaller newspapers reported the news of Khalid Muhammad and condemned the U.S. for such action. Pakistanis are an increasingly sensitive nation. Such grab and run operations conducted by the FBI have only one result: Many more people are in support of Khalid Shaikh Muhammad.

Some Pakistani publications and Internet discussion lists are even challenging the U.S. claim that the man captured is in fact Khalid Muhammad.
[See Balochistan Post.]

The family members whose house was raided when Khalid Muhammad was allegedly captured have given an interview in which they deny that Khalid Muhammad was ever in their home. If he has been captured, he must have been captured elsewhere and the house was then raided to connect the capture to an Islamic person's family.

As you can see, Mr. Ijaz was pulling the wool over OReilly's eyes and ears when he claimed that Pakistanis have not been hurt by Musharref's move. If one arrest creates millions of sympathizers for the arrested person's cause, the wisdom of such raids and arrests needs to be looked at critically.
Michael Jackson's Sister Reveals All: The Zionist Version of America

CHEW ON THIS: How low can the exploitation of women get.

La Toya Jackson, Michael Jackson's elder sister, was interviewed by Larry King on CNN (March 4, 2003). She stated that she had modeled in the nude for Playboy magazine. Larry King wondered how she felt about it. She said it was her husband's idea.

La Toya spoke to Larry repeatedly about her visits to Israel with her husband. She spoke as if Israel is some part of the U.S. where she visits frequently. It was quite evident that her success in the business of moral degradation has come about through her strong ties to Israelis and American Jews.

Readers might remember that when Larry King interviewed Yasir Arafat, he (Larry) suddenly leaned forward and said: "Do you know I am a Jew." Arafat was taken aback.

Now when Latoya confessed that her own husband had urged her to go nude into Playboy magazine to be displayed all over America, Larry behaved as if it was all fun and games. Thus the last bastion of morality, the husband's jealousy about sharing his wife with other men, has been surmounted.

The Israeli and Jewish connection is very important in the corrupt culture which many people wrongly consider American. In fact the Jackson children came out of a religious and strict family. That was before they met the manipulators of America who made them famous by jerking them around.

Is it surprising that Oprah Winfrey, the richest woman in America, never touches on the issue of hundreds of BROTHELS IN ISRAEL but came out to condemn Sharia in the case of one woman in Nigeria. If she were to start talking about those women treated like animals in Israel, she wouldn't be that rich today. [Donahue got disconnected as soon as he came near discussion of realities.]

How did ALICE WALKER become so famous? She wrote The Color Purple in which the Black male is denigrated. She married a Jewish man, became popular and then got divorced.

America's authentic Christian culture has been destroyed by these hidden agents of Zionism.
Dr. Naheed Morrill Facing insinuations of the "Al-Qaida" Connection in Divorce Case
Highly Educated Pakistani Woman accused of Sending Money to Pakistan
Fearful that she Might be arrested at Any Time Though she has Pak Embassy's Support

Dr. Naheed Morrill of McLean, Virginia called the editor of New Trend on March 4. She was fearful that she might be arrested by the FBI and no one would know what happened to her. The fear came from the new approach her White American husband has taken in the divorce case which she is going through.

In his complaint, Clarence Morrill claims that Naheed has been funneling his money (which was once jointly theirs) to Pakistan. He then insinuates that there is a need to investigate if there is a connection to Al-Qaida "or similar types of Muslim organizations." His attack is as follows:
"Naheed Morrill is a Pakistani National and a Muslim. Over the last few years, Naheed Morrill has increasingly expressed hatred for the U.S. and American values."

This is what it has come to, that any American patriot can get up and accuse any Pakistani-American of an Al-Qaida connection to win a case.

Poor Naheed had a shudder in her voice when she told New Trend that during her visit to Pakistan she had used her medical skills to help poor Muslims and she had even (horror of horrors) provided a fan to the local mosque in hot weather!

[Dr. Naheed does not wear the hijab, but like most educated Pakistani women, she is a decent Muslim and know her values as a Muslim. As a U.S. citizen, she has always upheld the law. She deserves our help and support. The FBI withdrew her medical certificate for a long period of time, thus ruining her financial situation.]

American law, seeing her Pakistani dress (even without hijab), has unashamedly handed over her three daughters to her husband.

Now she is facing arrest and/or deportation.
"You agent of America: You monkey: You are a traitor to the Islamic Nation."

No leader in the Muslim world today dare speak the truth. Iraq is the only exception. Saddam Hussain fears neither Israel nor America. It was refreshing to hear the Iraqi Vice President Izzat Ibrahim speak at the so-called Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) held in Qatar (March 4,5).

The Iraqi representative said to the Kuwaiti puppet, who tried to interrupt the Iraqi speech:

"You agent of America. You monkey. You are a traitor to the Islamic nation."

Well spoken, with truth, courage and honesty.

Izzat Ibrahim recited verses from the Qur'an, urging Jihad against the oppressors. The Qur'an was meaningless to the puppets, secularists and agents who had gathered to trivialize the blessed name of Islam.

Izzat Ibrahim spoke openly against Zionism and America. A little country is showing the world that the truth must be spoken even when the crusaders have 250,000 troops and 800 jet bombers ready to attack the Islamic people of Iraq. [The Arab puppets, entombed in rolls of fat, dozed as he spoke, wondering how to fool their masses.]

How ridiculous is the "Islam" of the rulers of these lands. Their people, in their MILLIONS, are calling for support for Iraq, and these rulers at best want the inspectors to continue humiliating Iraq, searching for non-existent WMDs while Israel sits smugly on 400 nukes and turns all of Palestine into a concentration camp.

None of these rulers had the guts to SUPPORT Iraq. Agents of Zionism and Imperialism like Husni Mubarak, the Saudi family, and CIA agent King Abdullah of Jordan are experts in the use of torture and have carried out arbitrary arrests of thousands of Muslim and (wonder of wonders) they are members of an Islamic conference (OIC)!.
[Egyptian foreign minister hesitantly admits.]

The armada of American crusaders is pouring through the Suez Canal without any impediment from the puppet government of Egyptian tyrant Hosni Mubarak (whom America bought years back for $2.8 billion a year).

It was a delicate moment on CNN, March 5, 2003, when the Egyptian foreign minister, Maher, suddenly faced a vote of thanks from the interviewer about Egyptian permission to let the armada go through. The foreign minister blanched for just a moment and then started claiming that there is no problem with letting the ships go through because it is permitted under international law! [An armada on the way to destroy international law, permitted to go through under the pretense of international law."]

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