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Request from Sis. Hamdiyeh in South Carolina: Please pray for the safety of the Islamic prisoners in Guantanamo Bay as a big storm moves into Cuba and surrounding areas. Cuba has done big transfers of population in the face of the storm. It's not clear whether the U.S. is fulfilling its international obligation to provide a secure environment to Islamic prisoners as the storm comes in.
Appeal for flood victims in BANGLADESH:URGENT. Please scroll down to end.
Scroll to end for announcement of conference on workers' rights
1. Exploitation of Women in Israel: Biggest Market for White-girl Slavery
2. Time Magazine on Captured Terrorists: CIA Disinformation Campaign?
3. Unrest in Pakistan: Numerous Protests over Arrests of Islamic Fighters
[Jamaate Islami meeting attacked by MQM Ethnics: Attackers get drubbing.]
Publications received: AL-MUFAKKER AL-ISLAMY, 112 page journal published from Baghdad, Iraq. Editorial Director: Dr. Abdul Latif Hamim. Editor: Yasin Abdur Rahman Al-Hussaini. Beautifully produced on art paper. Numerous articles in Arabic and some in English. Supports the Palestinian struggle, calls for Islamic renaissance. Advisory board consists of famous scholars from various Muslim countries, including Maulana Abdul Mannan from Bangladesh, Allama Fazlur Rahman from Pakistan, Allama Yasin Umar al-Imam from Sudan and Ustaz Habib Kajim from Uganda.
Latest issue of DALIT VOICE (bi-weekly), 109/7th Cross, Palace Lower Orchards, Bangalore 560 003, India. ($75 for one year. Remember it comes out with clockwork punctuality every second week.) Once again an insightful issue under the editorship of V. T. Rajshekar. Key item: Historic conference in Bharuch, Gujarat, to improve unity between Muslims and the Dalit people of India. Notices emergence of young, new leader, Moulana Habibur Rahman. Hindus have been using one oppressed group, Dalits, to strike at another oppressed group, Muslims. The oppressed must unite and Rajshekar is exactly the right person to make this happen.
THE TRUTH AT LAST edited by Dr. E. R. Fields. Latest issue $1. Excellent for distribution in the White population. Eighty copies for only $20. Address: The Truth at Last, P.O. Box 1211, Marietta, Georgia 30061. Absolutely chock full of information about Jewish control of America. Informative, well-documented. Expose of Falwell and other false Christians supporting Israel. Strongly opposes war on Iraq.
IN QUEST OF MONGOL ENTITY by Gopal Gurung, P.O. Box 2828, Kathmandu, Nepal. Sixty seven page monograph arguing against Hindu hegemony over Nepal. Unusual perspective. New insights.
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"The Prophet (pbuh) never oppressed or hurt women." Hazrat 'Ayesha (r.a.) [Hadith]

We have received extensive information on Israeli oppression of women. It will take some time to prepare it for publication. In the meantime, we present the tip of the iceberg of that information which was published in an Israeli newspaper Ma'ariv, on June 16, 2002 and was translated from Hebrew into English by Palestine Times published from London, England about two months back. Notice that it was NOT REPORTED BY ANY OF THE MAJOR MEDIA IN AMERICA who constantly show concern for the suffering of women in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia. [Note: This information is not for children and may be offensive to adults who are new to the struggle and don't know the reality of the world.]

"The world's LARGEST market for trade in white women is located in Israel... White-slave traders import and smuggle thousands of young girls from Moldavia, Estonia, Latvia and various former Soviet republics to WORK AS PROSTITUTES in Israel. ... The imported girls are treated like animals in a livestock market. After the girl is undressed completely, the prospective buyer examines every bit of her body, including the size of her breasts and genitals. Initially some girls hesitate to undress, but eventually they do as ordered because they have no other choice.

"It is the first order of business that the boss has sex with the would-be prostitute before she is officially instated in her job, that is in order to ascertain her ability to work and make the customers feel good."

"When she undresses, she is asked to move around as beauty models do, and then the prospective buyer would examine her tongue, teeth and genitals to make sure that she is physically sound." (The translator summarizes the next segment thus: The girl-owner keeps the girl's passport and bars her from leaving the premise where she "works." He often threatens to report to the police, warning her that she would be jailed for 20 years if she was caught.)

"An average beautiful slave-girl works 16 hours a day, from 6 p.m to 10 a.m., during which time she 'entertains' 20 customers."
More information coming up on women in Israel, soon, inshallah. JEWS IN THE MEDIA, such as Larry King, Wolf Blitzer, Ted Koppel, Andrea Koppel, as well as Zionists like Nachman, the NPR crowd, the famous Jew on 60 Minutes and the big fat right wing radio man (strange bed fellows), all pretend that they havn't heard of the suffering of women in Israel. They are the first to receive translations of Israeli papers but they won't own up.
2. TIME Magazine's September 23, 2002 issue on captured Terrorists:
BUUT SHIKAN (Idol Breaker) reports. For the first time TIME Magazine got me fooled. I actually spent (can you believe this!) $3.95 on this issue of TIME. It's front cover said IN LARGE BLOCK LETTERS:

CONFESSIONS OF AN AL-QAEDA TERRORIST with a fuzzy photo of (supposedly) Omar al-Farooq captured in Indonesia.

How could I have known that one of the most widely circulated magazines in the world would have a FABRICATION printed in block letters on its cover (the word "TERRORIST" is really big and right across the cover).

For good measure TIME added a story on the alleged capture of Ramzi Binalshibh and, mark this, even the five (now six) MUSLIMS ARRESTED IN BUFFALO. [Thus before the defense had completed its statement, TIME had condemned the five Muslims and outreached even the FBI who had not yet "captured" the sixth innocent from his marriage bed.]

I thought I was going to get some honest journalism for my $3.95 (almost 240 Rupees). Instead I got a bunch of lies which no honest journalist would ever write.

How do I know it's a fabrication?

When reading a report, first look at its sources. What do we have here in TIME:
1. "According to a secret CIA document and regional intelligence reports obtained by TIME .... " (p.35). Thus TIME has a special relationship with the CIA which in itself destroys the credibility of a journalist. How can a CIA document be called "secret" if it is "obtained" by TIME. It's obviously prepared for TIME and the gullible people who read TIME. As a U.S. citizen, try getting information from the government, even if it 20 years old and you pay hundreds of dollars under the Freedom of Information act. You might end up waiting for months if not years and then get a document in which most of the real information has been blacked out. See MALCOLM X: THE FBI FILE.
2. Then we are told that "according to a secret CIA summary of the interview, al-Faruq confessed...." (p.37) Here we are not even getting a document which TIME allegedly was given but a SUMMARY of an alleged CONFESSION by the alleged "terrorist."
3. After that TIME tries to do a job on Indonesia's Islamic leader Abubakar Ba'asyir. For this bunch of allegations the source is: "The intelligence documents combined with TIME's investigation of al-Faruq's past."(p.37) In other words: JUST TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT. Here TIME tries to connect the Islamic leader with al-Qaida and then carries out a mock trial in which Al-Faruq supposedly accuses Ba'asyir of being "behind a 1999 bombing of Jakarta's largest mosque and then blamed Christians for the act." Thus we have a serious escalation of allegations which even the Indonesian government is not buying.
[TIME is ignoring the massacres of thousands of Muslims by Christians in Indonesia, including slaughter and rape conducted in the mosques of helpless Muslims by Christian gangsters armed with automatic weapons provided allegedly by Israel. So here you have the WACO syndrome: KILL THEM AND THEN BLAME THEM FOR THEIR SUFFERING.]

Once TIME has the camel's nose in the tent, that CIA reports and summaries are acceptable in this dirty journalism, TIME goes on the roll. It tries to connect the Indonesian Islamic movement to Moussaoui, now on trial in the U.S., on the basis of "a separate intelligence report." (P.37). Once that door has been opened, TIME has no compunction and tries to connect Al-Qaeda to al-Haramain Islamic Foundation in saudi Arabia on the basis that: "Al-Faruq told the CIA ..." So here we have an incestuous relationship developing between TIME's alleged sources.

Once the reader has accepted the "secret" sources as acceptable, then the rest is easy. TIME reports a plan to kill the Indonesian President (similar to the story spread about Pakistan's Musharref).

There is no solid reporting here. There is not even a claim here that a TIME reporter has met Al-Faruq, that he is in CIA custody at such and such place and this is what he said. There is not even a clean photo of Al-Faruq; not even one provided by the CIA.
QUESTION: WHY ARE TIME AND THE CIA DISTRIBUTING THIS INFORMATION? Is there any resemblance between Ramzi al-Shibh's photo after his alleged "capture" in Karachi and his old formal photo published in TIME? The "captured" "Ramzi's" chin and nose and lips are visible. Compare the two. These are two different people.
So why the stories? The purpose seems to be to assure Americans that "we are winning the war against the terrorists" and to prepare grounds for attacks on Indonesian and Pakistani Islamic movements.
AL-JAZEERA'S ROLE: New Trend has received a report from Br. Alam in U.K, that yesterday, Sept.20, Al-Jazeerah aired an EXTENSIVE and DETAILED message of the renegade Qadiani ('Ahmeddi') group. Pakistanis know this group and have denounced them as non-Muslim and anti-Jihad and pro-Imperialist. Why did Al-Jazeera do this? One good reason: Few Arabic speaking people know of the Qadianis and could easily be misled because the Qadiyyanis do not, in their initial statements, advocate their leader as the Messiah or a prophet. It is done at stage two or three.

Al-Jazeera, after having won the confidence of many viewers, seems to be involved in some disinformation. Dr. Haque, from Pakistan, has repeatedly informed his readers that the video tapes of Osama distributed by Al-Jazeera seems to have been doctored. The picture of Osama in the video, Dr. Haque noted, is different from the original pictures of Osama.

There is also some news that Al-Jazeera was involved in getting some Islamic refugees in Karachi, Pakistan arrested in some kind of collusion with the FBI which allegedly traced the interview. Perhaps al-Jazeera will clear up these serious allegations.
3. MUSHARREF has ABROGATED RULE OF LAW FOR ISLAMIC REFUGEES. Observers in Pakistan say that the military coup leader has put an end to all pretensions of rule of law for Islamic activists, particularly for those from other countries. Islamic refugees are steadily being arrested and handed over to the FBI for quick transfer to U.S. prison facilities in Afghanistan and Cuba.

People arrested are seldom identified. No Pakistani legal coverage is given to them. They are arrested and handed over to the U.S.

Musharref is doing this for big dollars and massive inflow of equipment for his personal security police. He plans to stay in power with America's help.

THE PAKISTANI PEOPLE are PEACEFULLY PROTESTING THE VIOLATIONS OF THE RIGHTS OF ISLAMIC REFUGEES. There have been hundreds of small demonstrations up and down the country protesting the arrests. In speeches by Islamic leaders, the U.S.-Musharref collusion has been condemned. There is NO RESPONSE from the government to peaceful protests.
Last week, a public gathering in Karachi, organized by Jamaate Islami and addressed by Syed Munawwar Hasan, Secretary General of JI, was attacked by a band of gangsters from MQM, an ethnically oriented group entrenched in parts of Karachi. After the initially successful disruption, the gangsters were surrounded by the public, given a thorough drubbing and driven away.

It's not clear whether this was a government-sponsored attack or an MQM attempt to assess the strength and organization of Jamaate Islami, a peaceful, election-oriented movement.
FUNDS ARE BADLY NEEDED TO HELP FLOOD VICTIMS IN BANGLADESH. The annual floods have devastated vast areas. Diseases and lack of food are urgent problems. JAM have volunteers in the area.
Help is also needed for poverty stricken people, widows, orphans, students in Uganda, Nigeria and Ghana. Donations should be sent to: Jamaat al-Muslimeen, P.O. Box 10881, Baltimore, MD 21234
Announcement donated by Jamaat al-Muslimeen in California:


Whenever you are away and stay in decent hotels, motels, or resorts, every day you find your beds made with fresh sheets, you are supplied with fresh towels, and your room has been cleaned. As a result you enjoy your stay at the hotel. Do you ever think about the person who made it all possible? The housekeeping staff does not receive decent wage to meet their basic human needs for food, shelter,medical care, and safety and security of their families. When you go out for a nice evening and have a nice dinner at a decent restaurant. You enjoy the food and the service. There are many people behind the scene who made it possible. They are the bus boys, kitchen help, vegetable pickers, loaders, and their families. Their families can barely survive on their income. The 5 Star hotelsand fancy restaurants that you enjoy so much are located in the high rent districts. Those who make it possible for them to earn a 5-Stars rating ca'nt even afford to live even in a depressed area with their wages. They are forced to live many families in a small apartment or in a run down house.

In cooperation with CLUE, OCICWJ, HERE, & SEIU, PEACE WITH JUSTICE CENTER Invites you!

Rev. Alexia Salvatierra
Executive Director, CLUE
Frank Kim
Executive Director, OC Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice
Ada Torres President, HERE
Reina Schmitz
Community Organizer, SEIU
Imam Ali Siddiqui Chair, Peace with Justice Center of Pomona Valley

Saturday, Sept.28, 2002, 3-5 PM
Decker Hall Pilgrim Place, 6th Street, Claremont, CA

DIRECTIONS: Take 10 FWY to Claremont, Exit on Indian Hills Blvd.; go North, Turn Left on 6th St. Go through the gate. Decker Hall is on the left at the end of the street. OR Take Foothill Blvd. to Claremont; go South on Indian Hill Blvd.; Turn Right on 6th St. Go through the gate. Decker Hall is on the left at the end of the street

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