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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-Thani 30,1427/July 26, 2006 #49

July 26: New Trend hails the young, white, sister, a regular American woman who infiltrated the U.S.Congress being addressed by American puppet Nuri al-Maliki. By peaceful means, she urged the Congress to BRING THE TROOPS HOME. It's a shame that the "paid for" Zionist Congress which supports the Israeli assault on Lebanon brought the CIA agent al-Maliki and presented him as the "Prime Minister of Democratic Iraq." The young woman kept shouting as she was dragged out of the visitors' gallery.

IRAQ's CONSCIENCE: [from our Media Monitor]

July 26: President Saddam Hussain defied the U.S. imposed court which is holding a show trial meant to humiliate Iraq. He has been on hunger strike and was brought by force to the court. This is a mujahid President who organized Iraqi resistance before he was captured.

Al-Maliki's death squads are busy killing people in Baghdad while Maliki pretends that he is Iraq's leader and the President is on "trial."

After our "Saudi Fitna" article and worldwide condemnation of Saudi rulers, the Saudis started rapid damage control. They have announced large sums of money for Lebanon and Gaza [BUT NONE for either Hamas or Hizbullah]. King Abdullah huddled with Hosni Mubarak [the Egyptian terrorist] trying to figure out what to do.
[Among Saudi camp followers in USA, recipient of considerable money, is CAIR. W.D. too got a big chunk years back but thought it wasn't enough.]

Jamaat al-Muslimeen messages: [2 items]

Dear readers: Please use peaceful means to highlight the rights of American Muslims' leaders who are either in prison or facing persecution by the Bush-Zionist machinery of oppression. Write to the leaders, tell people about them, help their families, mention them in the masjid, make dua for them, distribute literature about them. We can help you to write to them. Respond through New Trend if you are able to help. Here are the political prisoners who are symbolic of the oppressed Muslims of America:

Do you know that the Jewish "holocaust" story is the underpinning of the existence of Israel in Palestine. Do you know that revisionist scholars who have criticized the holocaust story have been supporters of Israel and Jewish power. Among the scholars imprisoned are: Read these scholars: you will be astonished at the blatant censorship imposed on Anglo-American readers. No German dare stand up and honor any of the leaders of Germany during 1933-45. Germans have been reduced to mental slaves who have to accept the money-sucking holocaust stories aimed at them.

Beware of the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC. Are you aware that a stream of propaganda meant to destroy Sudan came out of this Holocaust Museum? Little American children are taken in droves to see the one sided Jewish propaganda in the Museum. These children have no way of knowing that both sides in a war should be studied.

By contrast, there is no holocaust museum for Africans who underwent 400 years of slavery, nor one for Native Americans. Millions of German civilians killed by the victors AFTER the fall of Hitler are not considered part of humanity by the Jewish elite propaganda machine.


In Turkey, only 12% of the people have a "favorable opinion of the U.S." In Jordan it is 15%, in Pakistan 23-27%, in Egypt 30%. [Source: Pew Research, C-Span, July 7, 2006]. All four countries are headed by servants of the United States who have worked ceaselessly to increase support for the U.S.

Thought of the Day:
Think about the terrible crimes Israel, supported by the U.S. and International Jewry, is committing against Palestine and Lebanon.
This morning, July 26, the Zionist Jews carried out an air strike in defenseless Gaza killing 12 Palestinians, including a 13 year old girl. The Israelis have issued a statement which makes clear how the Jews think about their opponents. The Israelis say they had the right to carry out the air strike because they were after "militants;" unfortunately, the Jews say, the 13 year old girl was "sitting near a militant."

Think about this: If someone oppposes the Jews, the Jews can carry out an air strike, and if a child is there: "we will investigate." Every good Muslim is a "militant" and these Jewish criminals have arrogated to themselves the right to kill all those whom they decide are good Muslims. By contrast, if a heavily armed Jew, sitting in a tank, in occupied Palestinian land, is captured, that is an act of "terrorism," or so say Olmert and Bush.

The Zionist Jews have killed 133 civilians in Gaza after a soldier from the Israeli terror group IDF was captured by Palestinian fighters. Of the 133, the Israelis say 67 were "militants," in other words, according to Jewish logic, deserved to die! while the rest, 66, were "civilians," and "we are sorry."

Also on July 26, Israel demolished a 7 storey building in the Lebanese city of Tyre with ONE missile. Why doesn't Iran provide such weaponry to Hizbullah? Those katyusha pea shooters don't demolish a building even when they hit it. [For the first time, at 1 PM EST, CNN showed a glimpse of the civilian casualties caused by the latest Israeli attack on Tyre.]

From an Islamic observer of the new war in its Day 15:
GOOD NEWS TO ALL MUSLIMS: The Zionist Jews have failed to take Bint Jubail, 3 miles inside Lebanon, and have suffered their highest casualties till now in one action: 14 killed 32 wounded. They were killed inside their tanks.
[Israel admitted 8 killed 22 wounded.]
Also, new fighting is reported from Maroun al-Ras which the Israelis claimed to have captured 2 days earlier..

Think dear Muslim: If the Jews cannot defeat an Islamic militia force, Hizbullah, humble servants of the people of Lebanon, what would happen to the Jewish monster terror entity known as Israel if Egypt or Jordan or Turkey or Iraq were to become Islamic states with modern armies? Give some good weapons to the long suffering Palestinians and see what they do to the arrogant blood suckers of the world. The end of the terror entity known as Israel is not far. It might win a few battles based on massive fire power provided by America, but Islam will win the war, inshallah.

Analysis; Lebanon July 18-26, 2006

U.S. Media Trying to Conceal Emerging Israeli Failure
Special New Trend Report

For the first six days of the Israeli assault on Lebanon, the U.S. media exclusively presented the Israeli viewpoint. The U.S.-Israeli hope was that Hizbullah would collapse rapidly and Lebanon, its basic transportation and supply system demolished, would be entirely at the mercy of Israel. Then the Lebanese would be ordered to hunt down Hizbullah. It didn't happen.
[see New Trend's report on the first six days on our web site.]

As the tragedy of Lebanon emerged and Israel's war crimes could no longer be concealed and its atrocities were being highlighted on a global scale, the U.S. media went into a disinformation mode which they have perfected over the years. Let's look at some of the media methodology:

1. The U.S. media do not want Americans to know that Israel is being thoroughly condemned by just about everyone outside the U.S. None of the demonstrations against Israel were highlighted here. EVEN the CANADIAN PROTESTS, right across the border, were censored.

2. Not even ONE Islamic commentator, let alone Hizbullah representative, has been allowed to appear on the TV screens. Five second clips from Shaikh Nasrallah's two speeches, poorly translated, have been allowed, followed by skewed commentary, at length, on them.

3. A huge lineup of anti-Islam and anti-Arab commentators has been let loose, again and again, by all three cable networks, CNN, MSNBC and FOX. These include the following categories of propagandists:

* Israeli ambassadors in Washington and at the UN.
* Hard core American Jewish and Zionist commentators.
* Anti-Islamic Arab commentators from the Middle East.

4. OBSCENE hate propaganda directly from Israel itself is being presented as HARD NEWS and FACT. There are two important categories here:
* Look at this obscenity: Civilians are getting killed in Lebanon because Hizbullah hide their rockets in apartments among women and children. Israel attacks the rockets and the women and children get killed! Imagine the racism hidden behind this propaganda. It implies that Hizbullah are some kind of inhuman creatures who will use their own children as shields!
[This has repreatedly appeared on CNN without the slightest evidence.]
* Here is another obscenity: Israeli had to destroy the bridges, the airport, cars, ambulances, storage areas and highway junctures because these could [or may] be used to re-supply Hizbullah. Again absolutely no evidence. These are war crimes meant to bring all of Lebanon to an economic collapse.

5. Glorification of Israeli tanks, artilley and air strikes. Repeatedly, the media [particularly Anderson 360 as well as Christiane Amanpour both of CNN] show Israeli tanks firing into Lebanon, huge machines jerking back and forth, spewing death and destruction. It's like a video of a RAPIST ASSAULTING ITS HELPLESS VICTIM]. Never do the reporters have the grace to point out how cowardly the Israelis are, using huge tanks to attack people who have no tanks, using 155 mm artillery shells to pound people who have no artillery. Think of all the Jewish World War propaganda about Nazis using artillery to hit the Warsaw ghetto with its poorly armed defenders. Those defenders were seen as heroic, while now we see the Israeli cowards being shown as "o so powerful.."

* The U.S. TV media enjoy more than anything else the Israeli air strikes on Beirut. As huge mushroom clouds rise from the heart of that beautiful city, Anderson 360 and others smugly explain: "That's the Hizbullah stronghold being hit in south Beirut." The media seem to be energized by Israeli terrorism much as they used to relish "Shock and Awe" in Baghdad and "daisy cutters" in Afghanistan.
[Islam cannot be destroyed by modern weaponry, however brutal it might be. In Iraq, Islamic resistance has neutralized the occupation forces. In Afghanistan, the Taliban are winning and in control of vast areas of the country.]

MEDIA MISLEADING AMERICANS ABOUT THE GROUND WAR: It took Israel 4 days to take the tiny village of Maroun al-Ras on the Lebanese border. The Israelis lost 7 soldiers and three tanks in the attempt. Three Hizbullah fighters, the sole defenders, were killed. The U.S. media, starting with FOX TV, turned tiny Maroun al-Ras into a "town" and the poor Israeli showing into a "victory." We had to watch with great care to find out what had really happened.

Then early on July 25, 2006 the media announced, directly from the Israeli military, that Bint al-Jubeil, a village three miles north of Maroun al-Ras had been captured and was "firmly" in Israeli hands. By the end of the day, all three channels had to admit that "heavy fighting" was still going on "near" and "in" Bint Jubeil. On July 26, the secret was out: the Israelis had not only NOT been able to capture the "daughter of the mountains" [Bint Jubail], but had suffered a defeat, with 14 of its best troops killed and 32 wounded.

Meanwhile, the Israelis bombed the U.N. outpost in Khiam, killing 4 U.N. troops, from 4 countries. UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, America's friend, stunned American audiences by stating flat out that Israel had "deliberately" targeted the UN troops. Here the media played another trick: They left out Kofi Annan's reasoning and instead brought on the Israeli ambassador to the UN, Dan Gillerman, to claim that it was all a mistake and that Kofi Annan must be out of his mind to claim that it was "deliberate." Gillerman comes across as extremely arrogant, incapable of rational discourse and somewhat drunk
[as if he spends much too much time on rich food and liquor.]
Only later it was it pointed out that the UN post was in constant touch with the Israelis and had given them its exact matrix so as not to be hit by mistake. There can be little doubt that it was deliberate. Remember that in the previous Lebanon war Israel killed 100 Lebanese civilians who had taken refuge in a UN post.

U.S. MEDIA's DILEMMA: How to counteract the shame of 400 plus Lebanese civilians, 100 of them children, killed in Israeli air strikes and 3000 more wounded, many of them children? So, very noticeably, the media do not show pictures of ANY LEBANESE CHILDREN killed by Israel.
[See New Trend's web site, under PICTURES, for some photos of the victims of the Jews].
Instead the media focus on the katyusha rockets hitting Israel. Let's look at the katyusha situation:

* The katyushas are very weak as compared to the Israeli 500 pound bombs and 155 mm artillery and have created more of a scare among the cowardly Israeli occupiers than any serious casualties. The number of Israelis killed has been negligible. Iran has done a very poor job of arming Hizbullah. If 400 Israelis had been killed, Olmert's tune would have changed.
* The media treat Haifa and Israeli towns as sacred territory and keep repeating the Israeli claim of "how dare you strike our sacred land." None of the media had the moral courage to point out that Haifa and Tel Aviv are built on STOLEN and USURPED Palestinian land taken by FORCE OF ARMS by the Jews. The Muslims have the right to use any means necessary to drive the occupiers out. The media conveniently forgot that the lands of Islam cannot be taken by force and then labelled as "Israel." Facts don't go away, however much you may wish to ignore them.

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