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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-Thani 22,1427/July 18, 2006 #46

Amazing story of a Pakistani organization which openly defies U.S. ban: Scroll way down.

300,000 Lebanese have been forced by Israeli bombing to take refuge in Syria. In Gaza, Israeli tank columns have turned the area into a vast concentration camp, with dwindling water supply and no electricity. See our analysis below and note on demo in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The rape of an Iraqi teenager by U.S. troops has revealed the outer margin of the miasmic horror of U.S. war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. For such circumstances, Islamic authorities implement the "burqa" or "burka." See an insightful article by Ms. Nadrat Siddique, below.

New Trend has posted the photos of Lebanese children slaughtered by the Jewish-Israeli terror groups on our web site. Please go to:

RE: A question posted on Bangla-Vision about Dr. Kaukab Siddique's interview about Lebanon, NY Times on Taliban and India's missile:

"Make It Plain" is an XM Satellite program that airs daily and is broadcast nationally. Dr. Wilmer Leon substituted for the regular host, Mark Thompson, on July 12, 13, and 14. Dr. Siddique's interview will be posted on Dr. Leon's web site by Tuesday for downloading. There will also be a CD of the interview. Along with Dr. Siddique's interview will be interviews with Dilip Hiro (Middle East), Phyllis Bennis (Middle East), Dr. Ron Walters (Voting Rights Act), and Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery (Voting Rights Act).

Hizbullah Emerged Victorious in First Six Days of War, but it was a Tactical Victory...
What are Israel's Strategic Objectives in the Destruction of Lebanon?

New Trend Special Report for July 12-17, 2006

Segment One: U.S. Media Mislead Americans about the War. Here's How:

1. The corporate media went all out to support Israel's assault on Lebanon.
2. NOT ONE islamic commentator was allowed to speak on CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC or any other major TV or radio outlets.
3. Israeli and Zionist commentators hogged the air waves, with loyal opposition provided by secularized and/or non-Muslim Arabs.
4. The media pretended that Israel and Hizbullah have military parity, with Israel attacking Lebanon and Hizbullah attacking "Israel."
5. The media parrotted the viewpoint of the Bush administration that in attacking Lebanon, Israel was "defending itself" and that "Israel has the right to defend itself." Israeli "ambassadors" from near and far wwre called in to explain that the attack was really defense. [Exception to the rule was Buchanan, on MSNBC, who blasted the Israeli aggression.]
6. The Bush administration and the corporate media now claim that attacks on ISRAELI TROOPS are ACTS OF TERRORISM. In simple language, it means: Any Muslim who fights back is a "terrorist." If "we" attack Muslims, we are "defending ourselves" and we have the "right to defend ourselves."
7. The media failed to show the suffering of Shia Muslims being bombed by Israel in south Beirut and Shia Muslims being hit by Israeli tank and artillery fire in southern Lebanon. NOT ONE INTERVIEW WITH SHIA MUSLIM FAMILIES in six days.

SEGMENT TWO: Facts on the ground indicate Israel's TACTICAL DEFEAT:

1. As Israel tried to enter Lebanon, the tank leading its column was blown up by Hizbullah. The Israelis were so scared, they did not try to advance again for six days. [Remember the era of SECULARISM when Israel defeated the combined Arab armies in six days? Islam's resurgence has changed the situation.]
2. Israel tried to bring down Lebanon through a bombing campaign in the hope that the Lebanese, many of whom are Christians and Druze, would turn on Hizbullah as the cause of their misery. The Lebanese were so hurt and humiliated by Israel's arrogant attempt to destroy their economy, that their leader, a secularist and friend of America, spoke with great anguish to his people and called for unity against Israel.
3. In spite of Israel's ability to attack Lebanon at will, there were moments when the Lebanese, and the Muslim world, could stop and cheer. On one such occasion, Hizbullah hit an Israeli gunboat which was comfortably blasting away at a Lebanese port from a safe 20 miles away. Another great occasion was when Hizbullah hit railway yards in Haifa [how dare you!] and killed 8 Israelis.
4. Not only has Hizbullah not collapsed after 6 days of bombardment, it has come out strong and united. Shaikh Nasrallah, his family home destroyed in a dastardly Jewish terror attack, came out with faith and power on Al-Manar TV to defy Israel.
5. Israel began, July 13, with the claim that it will "destroy" and "break" Hizbullah. By July 17, that bullying tone was turning into a whiny voice giving out terms for cease fire.

SEGMENT THREE: First the veto and then Bush and Blair frustrated

The U.S. used its veto to stop a ceasefire resolution proposed by the Security Council of the United Nations. The U.S. had evidently been advised by its Israeli ally that it was going to carry out a whirlwind bombing campaign which would bring Hizbullah down.

Now that the bombing campaign has failed to defeat Hizbullah and has killed 300 Lebanese civilians and wounded 700 [according to very conservative estimates], Bush and Blair are working for a cease fire.

Behind Bush, a line-up of American politicians is trying to convince Americans that Israel is the victim (!) and that Israeli soldiers should not have been "abducted." [How an armed man in a tank can be "abducted" is beyong human understanding. Soldiers are CAPTURED in war and can be exchanged for the other side's captives.]

Gingrich [Republican "pope"] claimed that this is WORLD WAR III! Biden [Democrat] was only a little less foolish. McCain [whom some see as the future Republican leader] spoke at length almost as a puppet of Israel.


Most Americans do not realize that the katyusha rockets Hizbullah fires at Israel are mere pea shooters compared to Israeli weaponry. Hizbullah has no heavy artillery, no air force, no tanks. The rockets, even when enhanced, do little damage. Even when a Jewish occupier's building is hit, only a part of the building is demolished. By contrast, Israeli bombing is bringing down entire blocks of buildings.

The Hizbullah rocket fire is effective in putting the fear of God in the Jews but it is largely not very damaging. Haifa railway was a lucky shot. It is noticeable that Iran, whatever funding or logistics it might have provided Hizbullah, has failed to give significant weaponry to Hizbullah.
This was an opportunity to hit Israel very hard, to make Israel realize that war does not pay. The opportunity was missed.


1. Ruin Lebanon's economy. In this the Jews are very cunning. They could not bear to see a prosperous Lebanon. The Jews know that modern warfare is not about killing a few fighters but about the destruction of the country's entire economy. Under Jewish advice, Saddam's prosperous Iraq was destroyed. The same is being done in Lebanon. When Muslims attack tourist centers to undermine the economy of despots who practise torture, rape and murder, it's called "terrorism." When Israel does it, "Israel is only defending itself."

2. Subdue and neutralize Syria: Israel seems to be succeeding here. Syria did not fire a shot in defense of Lebanon for SIX STRAIGHT DAYS.

3. Pinpoint IRAN as a threat and prepare America to attack IRAN. The Israelis have been whining that their gunboat was struck by an Iranian missile and Iranians probably fired the missile. [Absolutely no evidence for either claim.] Israel is whining to "daddy" that the rockets hitting it have been enhanced by Iran to travel deeper into Israel.
[A big moral HOLE in the Jewish mindset here. If America provides the latest weaponry to Israel, that's quite okay, but if the Iranians help Hizbullah, the WHOLE WORLD MUST UNITE TO STOP it.]

4. Israel's enemies must not be armed. Only Israel should be armed. Here the "holocaust" myth comes into play to convince Americans.

CORRECTION: Re: Feds raid Pittsburgh "mosque."


Just to request you to use the word Masjid instead of Mosque in your news.

I thank you for your sending of this email.


[Sis.] Zahera

Jamaat al-Muslimeen News [3 items]
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Baltimore, MD 21234

PROTEST ISRAELI AGGRESSION: Greensboro, North Carolina, July 18

Just talked to Ben L after meeting with Badi Ali from the Islamic Ctr. He wanted to act ASAP, as the situation is changing by the hour.
Go to 5:00-6 PM, July 18 (on the "grassy knoll" corner of Eugene and Market - across from the Fed Blg.); we will catch 5 0'clock traffic. People can be invited to do both the City Council thing and the "Protest Israeli Occupation and Agression" event. It's a short walk to the spot from the City Council.

W.D. Muhammad: A White Racist Mind in Black Skin?

Muslims who thought that CAIR [the non-Islamic "advocacy" group of rich immigrants] was being racist when it tried to dump the Miami 7 as "non-Muslims" will be surprised to know that the U.S. government has another, a bigger fish, infiltrated among the Muslims of America.

W.D. Muhammad, who claims to be "imam" and an orthodox Muslim, has a track record of ignoring the suffering of Muslims, be it in America or overseas. He is known for his friendship with Jews. Now he has gone to the extreme of dumping on the government's latest victims: the Miami 7, all of African descent, Haitians, young, poor, the kind of people W.D. stays away from.

An intelligent man, whose followers worship him, would have asked, What evidence does the government have. Instead, he claimed that these "terrorists" publicized in the media are the problem. His worshipful followers have a way of claiming that he did not say what he said. So, here is the quote provided by one of his devotees:

"Q. and A.: Terrorists are a problem for Muslims
Monday, July 10, 2006

By Rene K. Gadoua

Staff writer

When Imam W. Deen Mohammed heard about last month's arrest of six men in Florida accused of plotting to blow up Chicago's Sears Tower, he thought, "here we go again."

The incident reinforced many people's assumptions that Muslims are violent, he said.

"Terrorists in the news give us most of our problems," he said Sunday in Syracuse.

"It's the obligation of us not to be quiet and too much to ourselves and embrace the American people in the right spirit," Mohammed said before speaking at the closing event of the conference of the International League of Muslim Women Inc."

Note the funny aspect too. He was invited by an "International League...." Ever heard of it?

Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar Denied Family Visits for SIX Months: He said: "asalamu alaikum"

Br. Ahmed, as he is known among Muslims, a humble scholar of Qur'an and Hadith, who was paralegal assistant to the blind shaikh, Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman, is in New York's notorious prison/concentration camp, Metropolitan "Correctional" Center.

Recently, the government decided to deny him ALL family visits for SIX months. Why? He had said "asalamu alaikum" to his brother who visited him. The government claims that the "rules" do not allow him to use Arabic. Asalamu Alaikum is Arabic; hence his visits have been stopped!

His wife and children had not been permitted to see him for several months already. Now they have to wait another six months. Sentencing is due in September, and 6 months won't be over by then. There is a chance that Ahmed might be shifted to the American gulag hundreds of miles from his family, probably in "super max" in Colorado, without even being able to say farewell to them.

Is there any justice in this country for Muslims?

New Trend's Reporting on War News [5 items]
Abeer Al-Janabi and the Case for the Burka
by Nadrat Siddique
A Muslim Woman Feminist

Like the abuses at Abu Ghraib, the rape-murder of fourteen year-old Abeer al-Janabi by U.S. soldiers was labeled an aberration, excused under the now stale label of "work of a misguided few," by the military and their corporate media apologists. The obvious question is: How many "bad apples" can there possibly be?

Rumsfeld is the Secretary of Defense. Rumsfeld (and other U.S. military leaders) have opined that torture is okay. Rape is one type of torture. So, the syllogism holds that rape is okay. Why then is it surprising that that U.S. troops, under Rumsfeld's chain of command, might engage in rape-murders?

Military atrocities are almost always underreported. I would bet my car (one of my few assets) that hundreds if not thousands of similar attacks on Iraqi women have occurred. In my view, the attack was not an aberration, but wholly congruous with the savage way in which the war has targeted Iraqi civilians from start to finish. Time and again, U.S. soldiers themselves have attested to attacks on civilians.

Another angle to the perfidy visited on Abeer: Since this was not just a random attack, the soldiers had to see her before going after her specifically. So, she was not wearing a burka.

Burkas were rare in both Iraq and Afghanistan prior to imperialist invasion. In Bagdad under Saddam, next to nobody wore the burka. Now burkas are pervasive in Afghanistan, though not as common yet in Iraq.

In light of the U.S.-style liberation of Abeer Al-Janabi, the rants of how Islam/burka-wearing oppresses Muslim women ring hollow. Why wouldn't the Islamists want the women to wear the burka, given the circumstance of occupation by a party which abides by no international law, does not recognize the ICC (or any other body which would hold it accountable for ANYTHING), and insists on immunity for its troops? What nation in good conscience wouldn't want to protect the weakest segment of its population against war-time rape, rampant in just about every conflict? To me, what's odd is not that the Islamists want the women to wear the burka, but rather that many, even in the (Eurocentric) anti-war camp, with which I align myself, want Iraqi Muslim women to shed the hijab so they can look more like Barbie--never mind the unrestrained dogs running around their country.

The occupying power, which—under international law—bears responsibility for the welfare of Iraqi women, has shown itself incapable of guaranteeing their safety. And Bosnia should have taught women like Abeer not to wait around for Muslim men to defend them. Muslim women under occupation would do well to wear the burka, as well as to learn self-protection.

Victorious Taliban Forces Take Daylight Control of Two Towns

On July 17, 2006 elite cadres of the Taliban jihad forces captured two towns in Helmand province. The Karzai security forces fled after a brief battle in both towns. It appears that now Taliban are coming out to openly take over towns after having taken control of 75% of the countryside.

A brief geography lesson about these victories: Associated Press [and this was picked up by pro-Musharraf Daily Dawn] reported that one of the towns, Garmser, is "on the Pakistani border," and the other, Naway-i-Barakzay, is a little north of it. Looks like AP does not have a map of Afghanistan. The correct name of the first town is Garmsel, not Garmser, and it is not "on the Pakistani border" but 120 miles from the Pakistan border. There are no roads leading from the Pakistan border to Germsel.

The second town, Nawayi-i-Barakzoy is about 25 miles north of Garmsel, that is about 140 miles north of Pakistan.

Also on July 17, a martyrdom operator entered the "justice ministry" building in Lashkargah and killed 10 officials, including the Director and Deputy Director of the Justice Ministry. The justice ministry is notorious for its torture of prisoners.

Lashkargah, the capital of Helmand province is another 15 miles or so north from Nawayi-i-Barakzoy. All three towns are on the Helmand river.

July 16: The bodies of 4 Kashmiris tortured to death by Indian troops searching for "militants" were found by villagers.
In the Sopore area, mujahideen attacked Indian troops of the 112 the battalion, BSF, and killed 5 Indian soldiers in a grenade attack.

July 10: Russia claims to have killed Basayev, the leader of Chechen mujahideen. Basayev has been a thorn in the back of the Russian occupation forces for 5 years. Russian propaganda accuses him of responsibility for the deaths of school children in Beslan. Court reports, however, indicate that the children were killed when Russian forces stormed the building. Chechnia has been devastated by Russia in massive acts of planned genocide, including the murder of tens of thousands of Chechen civilians, including women and children, through artillery and air bombardments.

Owing to Basayev and others, the Islamic resistance to Russian occupation continues.

1. In May 2006, the United States declared that Jamaat ad-Da'wa, Pakistan's leading jihad movement working for the freedom of Kashmir, is a "terrorist" organization and is hereby declared unlawful. A series of interesting events followed.

* The leader of the movement, Hafiz Saeed, ridiculed the U.S. declaration in his Friday sermon at a large mosque in Lahore's central area known as Chauburgi. The sermon was attended by thousands of people. Hafiz Saeed said that Jihad is not terrorism and will continue regardless of objections by the U.S.

* Several thousand CHRISTIANS and HINDUS demonstrated in Hyderabad [Sindh province] and Islamabad in support of Jamaat ad-da'wa. They carried placards praising the good deeds of Jamaat ad-Da'wa during floods and hard times. The spokesman of Hindus said that were it not for Jamat ad-Da'wa's immediate help, they would have been wiped out when severe floods hit Badin, near the border with India.

* Jamat ad-Dawa's workers facilitated the orderly burial of Amer Cheema who was martyred by the German police for his defense of the honor of the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. Huge numbers of people attended the funeral but it was very orderly owing to the discipline provided by the cadres of Jamat ad-Da'wa's youth groups.

* Jamat ad-Da'wa [along with many other groups] organized funeral prayers-in-absentia for the Jordanian martyr Abu Musa'ab al-Zarqawi who was killed in a U.S. air strike. The biggest of these prayer services was led by Hafiz Saeed himself.

Till now General Musharraf has not been able to fulfil America's orders declaring this organization "terrorist" and "unlawful." The General's failure indicates the balance of power in Pakistan. The Islamists cannot remove Musharraf without fighting the army, and in turn Musharraf cannot destroy the Islamists because he has been isolated from the masses.

2. Allama Turabi Murdered by the Government to Disunite Muslims: Syed Munawar Hasan

On July 16, 2006 Syed Munawar Hasan, a top leader of Jamaate Islami and organizer of the Islamic coalition, MMA, visited Allama Turabi's family in Karachi to condole with them on his murder. Hasan was accompanied by many other Islamic leaders, including the leader of Karachi's Jamaate Islami.

Syed Munawar Hasan said that the murderers of Allama Turabi are sitting in the Governor's House. This murder, he said, like many others, has come from the fascist group [MQM] which has been imposed on Karachi by General Musharraf.

Allama Turabi wasa symbol of Shia-Sunni unity in the MMA Coalition and this murder was aimed at breaking the coalition, he said.

2006-07-18 Tue 20:09:14 cdt