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Producer "Imus in the Morning"

Dear Producer

Why is there no right of response to the idiocities of "Imus in the Morning?" On September 9, Imus was letting New York Times ' Frank Rich advocate censorship of Mel Gibson's forthcoming movie The Passion. The movie has not even appeared on the scene and we already have attempts to smear it on charges of "anti-semitism."

I know that Frank Rich writes for the most powerful newspaper in the country, The New York Times, but that does not give him the right to discredit a movie which he has not even seen. Imus did not object to Rich's claims that the movie will stir "anti-semitism," and that it will create "dissension." Rich had the gall to claim that the crucifixion of Jesus as shown in the Mel Gibson movie is only one interpretation of the Biblical story.

Who does not know that according to the Bible, the Jews took the responsibility for the crucifixion of Jesus? That's no interpretation. What's astonishing is the attempt to discredit a movie on Jesus in a country which is largely Christian. Have things come to such a pass that now Christian beliefs have become a problem in America?

Imus mentioned only for a second in passing that Frank Rich is Jewish. He did not mention that the New York Times also has Jewish ownership. Such confession of faith is important when a religious movie is being discussed. It indicates that people of Jewish faith, a tiny minority, are trying to discredit a movie which depicts the Biblical story of the Passion of Jesus on the plea that any blame put on Jews would lead to anti-semitism.

The cry of anti-semitism is indeed far fetched, a poor excuse for censorship in a country where all major media are supportive of and often run by Jewish people.

Frank Rich also went off at a tangent to gain support for his position by claiming that he is so liberal that he supports "gay marriage."

Do give your viewers the right of reply.


Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D

2003-09-14 Sun 11:41ct