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Jamada al-Awwal 24, 1426/July 1, 2005 #50

High Praise for our Sudan Critique of Diane Rayme from a brother we Respect Greatly!

As-salaamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh!
My Dear Imam Kaukab Siddique,
Al-hamdulillah! May Allah ta'ala bless you and your family. Your response to Ms. Rayme on the Sudan was fantastic - a must reading for everyone. You said so much in so few words to expose the lies and contradictions.

Jihad Abdul-Mumit [Richmond, Virginia]
{The writer is a former Black Panther leader.}

Political Prisoner Masaud Khan's Mother Criticizes Letter from Attorney of Political Prisoner Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar

Regarding the request of Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar's attorney for letters to be written for the judge to read prior to sentencing -- this is wasted effort by the writers of such letters, indicating hope to be instilled that the Judge will actually sit and read them and be swayed by the good character references and request for the mercy of the court. All attorneys follow the same procedure during the trial process. They have to show they are earning their keep. (We did the same for Masaud) but the attorney knows full well that such letters will not affect the Judge's decision and in fact that the Judge has already decided what sentencing he will hand down. The people should fast and pray for Ahmed for Allah's mercy on him and for him to remain strong in the midst of such adversity (his jihad). There is no longer any use in these days to hope for mercy or justice in this present system.

Gaithersburg, Maryland
WAR NEWS: Compiled by our Media Monitor

IRAQ: Bush says, We Won't Withdraw


Zionist Speaker Reveals Secret Behind Planned Israeli Withdrawal From Gaza

A long and rambling speech by an avowed and prominent Zionist Jew, Hirsh Goodman, was broadcast uncut by C-Span TV on April 30. Most of it was personal and boring as the speaker bragged of his achievements. However in the middle of the speech Goodman discussed the motivation behind the planned Israeli withdrawal from Gaza. The Jews are moving out because of the danger and uncertainty caused by the "suicide bombers" [martyrdom operators] Goodman explained. Jewish children and parents don't know when a suicider might suddenly kill their dear ones, he said.

Goodman put it in the terminology acceptable to his community, though on the factual level MANY MORE PALESTINIAN CHILDREN HAVE BEEN KILLED by Israel than Israeli children by bombers who miss their targets. However, his point was clear.

[In that context, the so-called protests by Jewish settlers in Gaza being televized by the Zionist media in the U.S., indicate the desire to draw the biggest possible compensation from the U.S. and to create an impression of "We are giving up our rights and it is painful." The Palestinians lack tanks, artillery and jet fighters but their youthful martyrdom operators turned the tide.]

One Segment of battle clear, One more foggy

U.S. sources have confirmed the downing of a Chinook helicopter and the loss of 16 troops, including 8 of the elite [of the elite] Navy Seals.

The Taliban made the claim BEFORE the U.S. news media caught on. The reports now available in the U.S. and Pakistani media indicate a Taliban victory. They used an RPG to bring down the Chinook. The Taliban then rushed the downed plane, mostly intact, and killed the Navy Seals and others in hand to hand fighting.

A SECOND ITEM which has not been fully confirmed, though mentioned, is being claimed by the Taliban. According to Lutfullah Hakeemi, the Taliban spokesman, an ENTIRE U.S. reconaissance unit has been wiped out by the Taliban. At least 7 of U.S.' best troops have been killed in this battle. The Chinook was bringing reinforcements to this unit.

[CIA agent Zalmai Khalilzad, who was installed as the U.S. representative in Kabul, suffered a shock from this setback, and had to be hospitalized. He has been telling American leaders that the Taliban are no longer a significant force.]


It's unheard of in Pakistan's history. Demonstrations are simply not held in June because it is unbearably hot. A new movement is sweeping through Pakistan. Known as Tehreek-e-Hurmat-e-Qur'an [movement for the sanctity of the Qur'an], it brings together people of all schools of Islamic thought, be they Deobandi, Brelvi, Shia or Ahle Hadith. The leadership is in the hands of the Jihad movement known as Jama'at ad-D'awa.

In mid June, large rallies were held in Lahore, Gujranwala, Sahiwal, Okara and Mirpur to condemn the desecration of the Qur'an by the U.S. The rally in Gujranwala was the biggest and blocked the G.T. road, the adjacent highway. General Musharraf sent in large police forces but they did not interfere with the mass rallies.

The main speakers demanded that the U.S. ambassador be kicked out and Amercan generals in charge of prisons where the Qur'an was desecrated be handed over to Pakistan for Islamic trial. Some of the speakers compared this demand to the extradition of Aimal Al-Kansi [who attacked CIA headquarters in Langley] and other Islamic prisoners from Pakistan to the U.S.

At a more sophisticated level, Pakistani journalists, writers and lawyers spoke at seminars organized to condemn the desecration and made similar demands.


The Pakistani High Court's order which acquitted most of the rapists in the ritualized rape of Mai Mukhtaran has been overturned by the Supreme Court. The rapists are being re-arrested and will be retried. As the Musharraf regime was not willing to punish the feudal elements who carried out the gang crime, Pakistan has been put in a defensive position owing to clever pressure applied by the U.S. government.


For four days, the ENTIRE Pakistani Internet system was shut down. The nearly 10 million Pakistani customers of the Internet could not get on web sites or send out email, June 27-30.

Our cynical observers say that the shut down happened after the Taliban announced the downing of the U.S. Chinook and promised to put a video of the downing on the Internet.
[They were unable to do so.]
The Internet system is slowly coming back to normal though sections of it are still down. The Pakistani "authorities" say that the main Internet cable feeding Pakistan was cut! [Go figure!]

Numerous reports are coming out of fighting in Chechnia against the Russian occupation forces. Resistance has emerged in Grozny itself.
The latest report [July 1, Fox TV] indicates that the conflict has spread to neighboring Daghestan. Russia admits that 10 of its troops were killed and 15 wounded in this latest bomb attack.

Reports indicate that Indian repression of the Kashmiri people is continuing with full force. According to these reports, India is taking advantage of the "peace" moves by Musharraf to crush the Kashmiris. There are almost daily murders of Kashmiris suspected of resistance by the Indian occupation forces. Acts of resistance are reported from various parts of Kashmir.
Jamaat al-Muslimeen News [2 items]
Bringing About Change by Peaceful Action
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

Jamaat al-Muslimeen Shoora: July 16, 2005

The Central Consultative Committee {Shoora] of Jamaat al-Muslimeen will meet in Greensboro, North Carolina on Saturday, all day, July 16, inshallah

Theme: Islam and Muslims in America after the Desecration of the Qur'an.

Purpose: Development of a program for America's Muslims based on the Qur'an and the Sunnah.

Confirmed speakers are from:
New York 
North Carolina 

Seattle: City of Economic Disparities: First Steps in Organizing Boycott of Businesses which Support Israel

by Nadrat Siddique

As-salaam alaikom.

I arrived in Seattle late Thursday June 23. It is a picturesque town, very hilly (somewhat as I'd envisioned San Franciso), and rife with economic disparity. I'd heard that it also had a reputation for being anti-corporate and anti-war (recall the city was the site of major demonstrations against the WTO a few years back). Indeed, soon after arriving, I saw signs calling for the impeachment of President Bush.

In the first area I visited (off International Boulevard) there were several halal meat/grocery shops on one block, a kebab house, and an Abyssinian restaurant. I bought some figs, bananas, and apples for breakfast from the halal meat store. A Somali sister worked the cash register, and several other East African looking women in hijab visited the store while I was there. I asked the Somali for directions to the mosque. It was only a few blocks away. Enroute, I saw a hijab-clad Muslim woman walking along the hilly road, carrying an umbrella to shelter herself from the sun, at home as she might be in Cairo or Karachi.

This part of town seemed quite poor, with very small houses made of siding, many of them old and ramshackle.

Just blocks away was the gargantuan Boeing Plant, responsible for the manufacture of machines used to kill Muslims in other countries, perhaps the friends or relatives of some of those living here.

The East African Muslims in this neighborhood were friendly and welcoming. I saw the mosque, but did not visit there yet. I will probably go there tomorrow and give them some New Trend boycott fliers.

I wound up going to juma'a prayers at the Eastside mosque. The road it's located on is discontinuous, and I spent half an hour looking for this mosque, after arriving in this upscale neighborhood. A chamelion-mosque? I had almost given up and was about to leave when I found it. The parking lot was full of benzes and BMWs.

I handed out about 100 boycott fliers, which were received without resistance. One Arab brother, after looking over the boycott flier, asked for a stack of them, and then set his son to distributing them.

It's funny that Starbucks, on which I personally squandered a goodly fraction of my income prior to the boycott, is named on the flier as one of the companies subject to boycott for their investment in Israel. And Seattle is one of the cities known for its independent coffee houses (including Seattle's best, which even those of us stuck on the East Coast are familiar with), a dire challenge to the Starbucks monopoly. Together, Seattle and I will put Starbucks out of business!

Tomorrow, inshallah, I will take more boycott fliers to some of the progressive bookstores and coffeehouses in downtown Seattle.

May Allah reward the Jamaat al-Muslimeen team which put together the materials educating people about Israeli apartheid. They have been a great help during my trip.
New Trend Analysis:

Iranian Elections: Ahmedinejad's Victory Gives Iran New Opportunity to re-Join Global Islamic Struggle

by our Iran Observer

Seventeen million votes were cast and Ahmedinejad, the mayor of Tehran, was elected President of Iran on June 24, 2005. His victory signals a massive comeback by Iran's Islamic forces which emanate from the revolution led by Imam Khomeini against the Shah installed by the CIA.

Much of the credit for the Iranian ability to keep Iran open to change through the ballot belongs to Imam Khomeini who, before he passed away, taught Iranians that voting is a sacred duty once the revolution has dismantled the foreign backed puppet regime.

Unfortunately, as the Imam became unwell and weakened physically, the revolution went through internal convulsions. It's main leadership cadres were assassinated by alienated terrorists, the MKO, who were often controlled and manipulated by the U.S. In fact the MKO terrorists tried to destroy the revolution itself but were thwarted by millions of Iranian men and MILLIONS OF IRANIAN WOMEN in their chadors who took over the streets to thwart what they saw as the U.S.-backed terrorist thrust by the MKO. {This terrorist movement had, and still has, strong support in the U.S. Congress.}

The new junior leadership of Iran wandered through the maze of sectarianism and nationalism and steadily delinked Iran from the struggles of the Muslim world although Iran continued to pay lip service to the cause of Palestine. Iran's ally on the Israeli front, Syria, did not fire a shot against Israel during the last 20 plus years, while its Hizbullah allies in Lebanon watched Israel's massacres of Palestinians in Jenin and the ongoing slaughter of Palestinian youths with only slight spurts of action. Syria left Lebanon as soon as the U.S. ordered it to.

In the issues of Kashmir and Chechnia, Iran's position has been neutral and hence unIslamic. In the case of Afghanistan and Iraq, Iran violated Islam outright by siding with forces loyal to the U.S., be it the "northern alliance" in Afghanistan or Allawi and Sistani in Iraq. Even the U.S. assault on Najaf, the slaughter of Moqtada al-Sadr's forces, the incineration of Imam Ali's Qur'an original in Basra did not disturb Iran.

Nationalistic Iran hailed the election farce conducted under the guns of 150,000 U.S. troops in Iraq. In an insensitive turnaround now Rumsfeld declares that the elections in Iran are not fair. Earlier Ms. Condileeza Rice declared that Iran should remove the Islamic leadership which conducts the elections in Iran!

As a result of Iran's nationalism and sectarianism, the Islamic leadership of the Muslim world is no longer Iran's as it used to be in the times of Imam Khomeini. The Muslim world is now led by Osama bin Laden, Mullah Omar, Ayman al-Zawahiri and Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi. Even President Saddam Hussain has reached a level of Islamic authenticity which he did not have in 1989 or even 1991.

Iran has been left far behind. For the Iranians this is a bitter fact but it cannot be changed by being bitter. Try to test Muslim opinion in any country of the Muslim world, from Morocco to the Philippines, from Nigeria to Chechnia, and one finds that the leadership we have mentioned above rules the hearts of the Muslims.

Which Muslim ruler today dares stand up to the U.S. as Saddam Hussain did? Which leader would continue to fight even after his country had been occupied, as Saddam Hussain did? Which leader would plan to provide weaponry and ammunition for a prolonged peoples' war as Saddam Hussain did?

Realistically, Iran has to recognize the new world of Islam. The Muslim masses are no longer interested in rhetoric and the flourish of troops marching over Israeli-U.S. flags. That was exciting a long time back when most Muslims were scared of America. Now that a son of Arabia, a tall man used to luxury and ease, is living in the rugged hills of Afghanistan as a "terrorist" hunted by Pakistan and the U.S. and every intelligence agency in the world, the Muslim world is looking at very tough standards of leadership.

Ahmedinejad lives simply, is highly educated, is a devoted Muslim and has won by popular vote. Here is a rare opportunity for Iran to re-join the world of Islam.
Chicago Calling by Ather Masood

"Takin' it to the Streets": Muslims Have Transformed the Park Where Once Bigots Stoned Dr. Martin Luther King

The Taste of Chicago opened Friday June 25, 2005 in downtown. The local media called it a most profound event in this City. But in reality, what happened in Marquette Park on Saturday June 26, 2005 was by far much more profound. The Muslim Community and the South Side of Chicago held the annual "Takin' it To the Streets," Program. Since its inception by the Inner City Muslim Action Network, "Takin' It to the Streets," has become one annual event for the world to see.

Marquette Park is named after the famous explorer who actually went thru these lands on his way to what is now Missouri. Named after the famous explorer who went thru Illinois:

Along the way he met those from the Sauk Nation. Marquette Park is on the South Side of Chicago. During the times of the Red Nation, Marquette Park served as a gateway into the Northern Parts of what is now South Chicago. Those who are from The followers of BlackHawk or Makataimeshekiakiak would often be found residing with nature in Marquette Park.

Marquette Park has an infamous reputation in Chicago. It was one of the places where the Klu Klux Klan met regularly back in the 50ís and 60ís. In modern times, the park became a place where various ethnic groups would attempt to find some process of integration.

And as times went on street organizations took over portions of this park. Indeed the Klu Klux Klan ruled Marquette Park until maybe the 80ís. Marquette Park became the home to street organizations from 1990 on. The 26, the Latin Kings, The Royals, the Gangster Disciples, and others, each holding a ground for themselves. The Gangster Disciples being a Black street organization muscled it's way into Marquette Park against the wishes of many including the mayor.

Black people were not allowed in these parts. Arabs were routinely chased out of the area. In 1987 http://www.publiceye.org/ethnoviolence/marquette.html tensions rose between various ethnic communities over the years around Marquette Park. Much of it had to do with gang violence, poverty, and other traits so commonly associated with inner city life. The work of IMAN is necessary not only in Chicago but in the US in general as well. When Martin Luther King jr. came to Chicago in 1966 he visited Marquette Park. Martin Luther King was stoned in this very place. It was soon afterwards when he made the famous statement of how shocked he was over the racial hatred in Chicago. http://www.vov.com/leaders/mlkjr.html It was a day of shame for America. A day of shame for Chicago.

That was then. This is now: Today it sits in between four peoples: Black, Polish , Mexican, and Falasteeni communities.

And so came the Muslims . On the VERY SPOT where MLK was pelted for the past 6 years the Muslim community has held this outdoor event calling people from every direction. Where once Mexicans, Arabs, Black people, and Polish people fought is now a place of harmony due out this fair. Something to think about. Something to believe in. On the very spot where Martin Luther King was stoned. ON this very spot the Muslim community comes. Blacks, Whites, Arabs, Indians, Pakistanis, Muslim and Non-Muslim all under God. All under the same place.

Bringing together the diverse Muslim Community on the South Side of Chicago, The Inner-City Action Network garnished support from African-Americans, Arab-Americans (particularly Falasteeni), Asian Americans and the very people who surround the park showing and expressing an alternative and unique Muslim presence in the city of Chicago. Many distinguished Muslim leaders were present. Followers of many different Muslim Organizations joined in on the event. They included Brothers and Sisters from the Haqqani Center, those under the leadership of Imam Jamil-Al-Amin, just to name a few. Imam Jamil-Al-Amin was well represented at Marquette Park. Two distinguished brothers on stage expressed their need for the ummah to defend Imam Jamil.

Rides and vendors from many vendors lined both sides of the park.

The work of IMAN is a unique Islamic event that deserves yearly attention for bringing together Sufis, Shias, Sunnis, Muslims of every Mazhab, and just people period together in one place for relaxation and contemplation. Beyond Takiní It To the Streets, IMAN holds a poetry night every month, social services, youth outreach programs within the local community of Chicago.


The Taste of Chicago can wait.

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