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On January 27, 2003 there were huge demonstrations in the major towns of Yemen against the U.S. plans for war on Iraq. [The protests were COMPLETELY blanked out in the U.S. media.}

All levels of society, pro-government and opposition, were involved in the rallies. They condemned America's "colonial moves."

Most significantly, impressive segments of the crowd called on the government to: "Open the doors of jihad" and permit the people to fight against the aggressors.

From our rep. Hamdiyeh Fatimah.

[It's a shame that U.S. Muslims are hiding in their mosques while the non-Muslims go out to try and save Iraq. The writer of this piece was the only Muslim there, other than 9 members of the NOI- editor]

The crowd at the Charleston, SC’s protest against the occupation of Iraq was small (100 or less) but a very good sample of the population. The participants ranged in age from babies in the arm to approximately 80-90 year olds.

Some protesters were walking, some were limping, and one was in a wheelchair. One couple was there with their great-grand child, young families were there, and the majority participants were female college students.

There was one recognizable orthodox Muslim and nine members of the Nation of Islâm (two Sisters and seven Brothers), who were also the only Black Americans in attendance.

The group marched from Marion Square (the site of the protest) to the College of Charleston’s campus and back to Marion Square. Of course, there were the usual few passers-by who shouted out their displeasure and a few cars sped up as the protesters were crossing the street while returning to the square.

The only speaker that I heard (I left as Maghrib was approaching) left no doubt as to his feelings about Bush Jr., Sr., and Bush Jr.’s warmongering comrades. The speaker was a Vietnam Vet (surprise, surprise) and he read from a script called "Get on the Bus."

I do not remember the exact words of the Vet Speaker’s script, it was very long, but I do recall that he covered just about every point regarding the fallacy of the War Machine's justification for a war against the Iraqi people. The crowd especially loved and cheered very loudly when the Vietnam Vet Speaker referred to the Bush Regime as "megalomaniacs."

The Vietnam Vet also mentioned the fact that all of the wars from the beginning of the US were against "People of Color." The vet did not miss a point.

There were poster signs regarding the bush regime’s desire for oil, their love of war, and the need to seek revenge for bush’s father ("No war just to settle a score.").

The Nation of Islâm passed out cards announcing the closed-circuit broadcast of a Farrakhan lecture, which will be held at the College of Charleston on February 23, 2003. Several other anti-war, anti-occupation of foreign lands, anti-bush groups passed out leaflets.

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