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Scroll down to article by New Trend's beloved correspondent William Hughes on how Zionists and Neocons are keeping their children out of the war while sending Hispanics, Africans and poor Whites to die in Iraq.
OBITUARY: On December 6,
Sis. Gabriella, the beloved wife of Br. Iqbal Yunus Khan
passed away in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada after several years of struggling against muscular dystrophy. Br. Iqbal is the founder of New Trend in Canada, and for years when the editor of New Trend used to visit, Sis. Gabriella regaled him with her wit and Italian sense of humor. Those were the days when New Trend's print edition used to be distributed in Toronto's Muslim communities on a big scale. She used to joke that "you have filled my home with paper," referring to the stacks of New Trends which Br. Iqbal kept for distribution to the reluctant Toronto community.
May Allah forgive her sins and fill her grave with light.

IF YOU ARE HURTING and if you have fears,

REPEAT THIS PRAYER. It plugs you into the Source of all power:
"Say: 'In the name of Allah' three times, and then say, seven times, 'I take refuge in the might [izzat] and power [qudrat] of Allah from the evil of what I feel and fear.' "
[Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, from Hadith in Sahih Muslim.]
[This du'a along with many others can be found in Ibn Taymiyya's Al-Kalim al-Tayyib, abridged and translated into English by Ezzedin Ibrahim and Denys Johnson-Davies under the title The Goodly Word.]


A radio program called "Marketplace" [Washington, DC] revealed on December 7 that U.S. forces have been sent to Sudan via private security agencies based in America. One of them, Dyna from North Carolina, has better armed agents than regular U.S. troops. Some of these forces are already fighting alongside REBEL GROUPS against the Sudanese government in DARFUR. Others are working in the guise of relief agencies. SEVERAL MILLION DOLLARS, the program said, have been pumped into the rebel groups fighting to break Darfur from Sudan.
Earlier, In November, National Public Radio, which has an impressive list of Jewish people working for it, revealed in passing that it is supported by a Baltimore area Jewish group working in DARFUR for relief activities.

The Islamic government in Khartoum has moved against two "charities," Oxfam and "Save the Children" which have been trying to destabilize Sudan, particularly Darfur with their "relief activities."

Observers say that Sudan has taken a long overdue step against imperialist "charities." Notice that the U.S. closed down IARA which was collecting funds from U.S. Muslims to help the people of Darfur
[and that too just before Ramadan.]
The corrupt Bush regime is trying to stop American Muslims from helping the needy, widows, orphans in Palestine and across the Muslim world. Bush's moves could backfire if Muslim countries or masses follow the example of Sudan and close down American and European charities in Muslim countries.
The U.S. military situation is getting bad in Iraq. New Trend received email, Dec. 10, from purported representatives of Iraqi resistance, detailing latest fighting in Fallujah and attacks by Islamic fighters in many parts of Iraq against U.S. occupation fighters. Also on December 10, CNN tried to let Americans know that the war is not going well by showing brief clips of a video
[the actual is 40 minutes long]
issued by the Islamic Army of Iraq. The clips show the mujahideen blowing up U.S. military vehicles and evading heavy U.S. artillery return fire after they fired mortars at the Americans. It shows the Muslims shooting down a Chinook helicopter. The most poignant part of the video is an Iraqi child holding an automatic rifle longer than himself while his father sings a jihad song urging the child to continue the battle after the father's martyrdom. The situation in Iraq is getting out of control of the U.S., from all reports, including a CIA report a few days. The U.S. is banking on its alliance with Ali Sistani and the Iranians for a fake "election: to be carried out. If the Iraqi Shias are not 60% of the population, as the U.S. alleges, but 40%, then the "elections" too could back fire. The Second Bush Term [SBT] is off to a disastrous start.

Essential Questions about Hadith

In a strange coincidence, when the U.S. launched its assault on Fallujah, the anti-Hadith people too went on the offensive on various discussion lists in an attempt to undermine the leadership of Prophet Muhammad [pbuh]. Readers who have never studied Hadith can be mislead by such propaganda. Reader Hamid Zeb has asked that we answer a few questions in simple language because most people don't read long articles.
Here are the questions written by Zeb with very brief answers by Dr. Kaukab Siddique. Documentation for each answer can be provided from Qur'an and Hadith:
  1. Does the Qur'an say that it alone should be the source of guidance for Muslims in all matters?
    Answer: No, it does not. In all matters related to the Qur'anic guidance, the Qur'an makes the Prophet's [pbuh] interpretation, teaching, implementation and wisdom decisive.
  2. Does Hadith say that we should not follow the Qur'an?
    Answer: No. The entire Hadith literature coming from the Prophet (pbuh) puts the Qur'an first and foremost.
  3. Does the Qur'an say that we should not follow the Hadith of the Prophet [pbuh]?
    Answer: No. It does not. The Qur'an uses the word "Hadith" in various contexts but NEVER to deny the validity of the Hadith of the Prophet (pbuh).
  4. Was Hadith narrated when the Prophet (pbuh) was alive?
  5. Was Hadith narrated by the Companions of the Prophet (pbuh) after he passed away?
    Yes. All the well known companions of the Prophet (pbuh) narrated Hadith from him.
  6. Was Hadith narrated by the two righteous generations of Muslims [known as Tabbain and Tabba Tabbain] after the Companions of the Prophet (pbuh)?
    Answer: Yes.
  7. Was there ANY Companion of the Prophet (pbuh) who taught that only the Qur'an should be taught and Hadith should be rejected?
    Answer: No.
    One Hadith says that 'Umar (r.a.) said "We have the Qur'an" when the Prophet, pbuh, was sick and asked for writing paper. The Prophet (pbuh) got better the next day and did not repeat his request.
  8. Has there been any great scholar of Islam who said that we should take the Qur'an only and leave out the Hadith?
    Answer: No.
  9. Is it true that Hadith was invented in the third century of Islam? Answer: No. Hadith existed from the day the Prophet, pbuh, uttered his wisdom and it was memorized by his companions.
  10. But Bukhari, Muslim and others lived in the third century of Islam .....
    Answer: Yes, but they were simply collecting Hadith which already existed and arranging it in chapters by subject and according to the needs of their time.
    For instance, if someone arranges Iqbal's poetry under chapter headings of "Belief, Jihad, culture, Self, the West, etc" it does not mean that Iqbal's poetry did not exist before the anthology was published.
  11. Why are Bukhari, Muslim and others so important for Hadith study?
    They used strict standards to reject the fabrications the Kings and their lackey "scholars" had spread to undermine the religion of Islam.
  12. If all the basic guidance is available in the Qur'an, why do we need Hadith?
    Ans: The Qur'an was revealed to Muhammad (pbuh). It is the word of Allah and under its guidance, Muhammad (pbuh) built a civilization and a culture which is essential to Islam The two, Qur'an and Hadith, always go together.
  13. Is there any part of Islam which would not be available to us if we followed only the Qur'an?
    Ans: A lot of it! For instance, Eid al-Fitr, our biggest day of celebration, is not mentioned in the Qur'an. All the issues connected to Eid al-Fitr, such as Zakat al-Fitr, are not given in the Qur'an.. The Adhan or call to prayer five times a day is not given in the Qur'an. Even the content of the five prayers central to Islam are not given in the Qur'an. Eating with the right hand is not there nor are issues of religious observance in daily life. Thus the fabric of Islamic civilization is in the Hadith which interprets the Qur'an.
  14. What about Islamic Law? Isn't it all given in the Qur'an?
    Ans: No, it isn't. Many important Islamic Laws are given only in Hadith, particularly those relating to the rights of women. For instance, the laws against rape and abortion are in the Hadith, not in the Qur'an.
  15. Can the Qur'an be understood without Hadith?
    Ans: No. The Qur'an and the Hadith have always been intertwined. That's why non-Muslims cannot understand the Qur'an. For instance, take the arrangement of the Qur'an by Madani and Makki suras. It has to be understood from Hadith. The Prophet (pbuh) was the living Qur'an. In his life we see why the Qur'an condemns Abu Jahal and his wife. Why does the Qur'an call Safa and Marwa "Shair Allah?" That's the story of one of the greatest women of all times and it's in Sahih Bukhari.
  16. But we hear a lot of Hadith which don't make sense. Why is that?
    Ans: Scholars who are either not honest or have not studied Hadith properly are responsible. Often they quote Hadith out of context. Some of them try to quote weak Hadith or Hadith of limited application to deny the rights of women and men. Owing to their dishonesty, they don't tell readers that a Hadith is weak or is not accepted by Bukhari and Muslim.
    Also, like the revelation of the Qur'an, Hadith was progressive. Islam did not in one day put an end to slavery, temporary marriage, unhealthy eating habits, intoxicants, etc. It took 23 years. As the community developed, it moved towards perfection. As in the Qur'an, we have to see in the study of Hadith, to which situation and aspect of the Prophet's (pbuh) struggle does it belong.
    There is no alternative to study.
I will conclude with a Hadith: "Seeking knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim, male and female."


compiled by Kaukab Siddique:

SOURCES of the Attack on Hadith:

In the Indo-Pakistani subcontinent, the attack on Hadith was begun in a ferocious book by a Christian missionary William Muir titled The Life of Mahomet [1861]. "Qur'an alone" [or "Coran' as he spelled it], was Muir's term. It was answered by Muir's friend Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in his Series of Essays on the life of Muhammad.
Khan wrote well but was very defensive. Gradually he developed the idea that Islam is based on "reason" and thus slowly slid into an incipient anti-Hadith position. The most devastating attacks on Hadith were carried out by two Jews, Ignaz Goldziher in his Muhammadanische Studien [1896] translated into English in 1967, and Joseph Schacht in The Origins of Muhammadan Jurisprudence [1950, reprinted 1964]. Among Pakistanis, Ghulam Ahmad Pervez tried to popularize the rejection of Hadith and wrote a series of books in which he emphasized the "Qur'an only" slogan. His most blatant abuse of Hadith occurs in his Maqame Hadith [[1953 reprinted 1965 and 1984]. A group of people formed around him and established an anti-Hadith forum called Tolu-i-Islam. A more subtle attack on Hadith was launched by Dr. Fazlur Rahman in a series of articles and a book titled Islam [1979]. He claimed that Sunnah is valid but Hadith is not! Both Pervez and Fazlur Rahman supported the anti-Islam governments of Pakistan and were driven into obscurity owing to the Islamic movement launched by Maulana Maudoodi.


Islamic scholars have dealt with the anti-Hadith menace with great erudition and have made it impossible for the "Qur'an only" group to make any headway in Muslim countries. Syed Abul Ala Maudoodi led the way with a special number of his magazine Tarjuman al-Qur'an titled "Mansabe Risalat Number," [1961] which was published as a book Sunnat ki Aini Haysiat [1963]. Mustafa Azami in his Studies in Early Hadith Literature [1968]
[which I had the honor of editing for English when it re-appeared in 1977]
pulled the carpet from under the feet of the anti-Hadith people by documenting the fact that Hadith was transmitted continually from the time of the Sahaba till it was collected by Imam Bukhari, etc. Excellent shredding of the anti-Hadith propaganda has also been done by scholars outside the ambit of Jamaate Islami. The best of these are:
  1. Hayate Hazrat Imam Abu Hanifa [by Abu Zahra, Egyptian], 1945, translated into Urdu in 1980.
  2. Tadweene Hadith by Syed Manazir Ahsan Gilani. 1956.
    [Pervez stole from an earlier version of this and tried to give it a totally repugnant meaning.]
  3. Hifazat-o-Hujjiyate Hadith by Muhammad Faheem Usmani, 1979.
  4. Hujiyyate Hadith by Muhammad Ismail Salafi. 1980
There are numerous other fine rebuttals of the anti-Hadith fitna but they are polemical rather than scholarly. In Studies in Arabic Literary Papyri, [1967], Nabia Abbott published original manuscripts of Hadith from the first century of Islam thus making the story of "invention of Hadith in the 3rd century" a slander which is absurd for scholars.
Key trial: December 6, 7, 8, 9

Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar Speaks in Court like True Muslim. "My Closest Relatives are Christians: How can I be against Christians?" Innocent U.S. Citizen Being Tried because he Opposes Egyptian Tyranny.

[Eyewitness Account.]

Monday- This was just a day to learn Ahmed's background, where was he born, where did he go to school and why did he come to America. The answers to the first two was "Egypt" but it was the answer to the third that the government didn't care for and objected to based on irrelevance. Ahmed stated that he came to America because any who spoke out against anything related to the Egyptian regime was guaranteed a place in prison and most definitely faced torture. A true fact that was published by many international groups! He then went on to tell of his life in America, getting married, having children, work history and his faith. Although Ahmed was nervous his answers were truthful and he even made the jury laugh.

Tuesday- This was the start of the line of questions that dealt with his relationship with Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman and the Legal Team, Lynne Stewart, Ramsey Clark, Abdeen Jabarah and translator Mohamed Yousry. In this area the transcripts from Ahmed's phone calls spoke for themselves. His relationship was a business one and the calls were for the defense case. The calls and prison visits to Sheikh Omar were at the forefront and the supposed foundation for the governments case. They claimed in their opening statements in June that the Sheikh passed on information to Ahmed that was a call for violence. This was proven to be far from the truth. Peace was what was conveyed! Peace between the Islamic group and the Egyptian government, and since the Sheikh was cut off from the world he could not convey his thoughts to the outside. Ahmed was not able to visit or speak to the man and was therefor given this information by the lawyers and translator. He was asked if he was a follower of the Sheikh, his words were "I am a follower of Islam and I am a follower of the Prophet Mohamed" and that was that. The government painted the picture as if Ahmed himself was in constant communication with the Sheikh, not true. In this area many inconsistencies have been proven on the governments part. Thank God!

Wednesday- This day was about Ahmed connecting, via conference call, people involved in the "Islamic Group" with each other. The point stressed here was the fact that Ahmed did not know the numbers of these people and that calls were made to him! What did they want from him? He was considered a fair and respected man that could be trusted. The people wanted to bring peace first within the group and ultimately with the regime in Egypt. This was Ahmed's dream: peace in Egypt! First, because his family is still there suffering at the hands of the severe conditions of the country, secondly Ahmed was hoping for peace so he could finally go home to see his family that he hasn't seen since 1992. The next issue was the much heard about "fatwa" to kill all Jews. This was a turning point in the testimony. What was contained in this statement was an angrily written announcement to kill JEWS and AMERICANS for the slaughtering of the Palestinian people. To understand this a little better I must give a little background...
12-year-old Palestinian Mohammad al-Dura On 28 September 2000, Sharon, the then opposition leader, heavily guarded by Israeli soldiers and policemen, walked in to al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. On the fourth day of the intifada, 20 Palestinians were killed by Israeli bullets, missiles, tanks, and helicopters, including the 12-year-old Palestinian Mohammad al-Dura, who was killed in front of TV cameras by the Israelis as he was hiding behind his father.

The government refused to allow footage from Al Jazeera to be shown to the jury because it would create sympathy. So Ahmed did the next best thing, he told the story in details. Ahmed became noticeably saddened and paused. As tears came to my eyes I looked and noticed I was not alone. Ahmed went on to say the fatwa was issued after this incident! "The Muslim and Arab world was crying together" crying for our brothers, our sisters... our children. He admitted the content of the statement needed changes and went on to say he did change two words. First he eliminated the word JEWS, replaced it with ZIONISTS claiming there is a difference between the two. Second he eliminated altogether the word Americans! This was a statement published out of anger. Ahmed was asked to the best of your knowledge was any action taken based on this statement his answer .. NO. This is the one and only area that is consistent with the governemnts indictment. In the indictment it is clearly stated that NO VIOLENT ACTS OCCURRED because of Ahmeds phone calls, and this was over the phone. The Al Jazeera tape was not needed after all.

Thursday- More on the telephone connections between people involved in the Islamic Group. This is where the government claimed conspiracy to commit violent acts, because the people Ahmed was connecting together were believe to have committed violent acts in Egypt. Through out the calls Ahmed is on the side of peace. So this is what the government calls conspiracy to commit violent acts? It was in black and white and on audio CD's. I am still trying to figure how they got an indictment from the Grand Jury for this case??? From the tapes they played and what the defense presented there is actually nothing at all. The day ended with a phone call from a coworker of Ahmed's from the post office. It was a week after September 11. She was choking up as she spoke to Ahmed. She was worried about our family, most importantly about our children. In the call both her and Ahmed cry over the losses at the post office where he worked. He also spoke about the attacks do not represent Islam or the Muslim community. She agreed and said she knew that no God would ask to kill innocent people. She begged Ahmed to protect our children and watch them carefully. She spoke of how many people at work send their regards to the family and just don't know what to say. The last questions were along the line of .. Do you promote violence- the answer: NO, Did you conspire to kill people- NO, Did you conspire to defraud the US Goverment- NO, Did you ever conspire to kill Christians.. NO My Father in law is a Christian, My Mother in law is a Christian My brother and sister in-laws are Christian and my wife was a Christian when I married her!
Monday, December 13 starts the cross examination by the government. This will be interesting to see how they will attack his testimony. Our lawyers have stated that Ahmed has put it all on the table and by way of the truth. I know this is long but after reading the mainstrean papers I felt the "Truth" had to be known. The newspapers are there to sell not to inform. Our lawyer even spoke with the NY Times reporter on her article Tuesday the 7th and how she needed to get the facts straight!
[Who supports the war and who gets killed?]

Dying in Iraq: It's Not for Offspring of the War Hawks: From Wolfowitz to Lieberman

by William Hughes
[The writer is a long time human rights activist and contributes occasionally to New Trend. He lives in Baltimore.]

The number of American military deaths in Iraq, as of Dec. 5, 2004, stood at a staggering 1275. The list of those brave Americans who will never come home except in a body bag, goes on for pages. You can find it all at: Iraq Coalition Casualties (http://icasualties.org/oif/): the names of the deceased; their home towns and states; their service ranks and the dates that they were killed in combat, via an accident, or by a fatal disease.

What you won't find in that roster are the surnames of any of the offspring of the prominent Neocons, or the War Hawks in the U.S. Congress; or in the Bush-Cheney Gang; or of the raving Right Wing media types, or of the mouthy Hollywood celebrities who helped to push us into this horrific war on March 20, 2003. Their children haven't paid the ultimate price for their parents' ideological folly. Other kids, however, from across America, have. These are the ones, who aren't rich or politically connected. They honestly believed in the flag and, mistakenly, thought that the Congress was doing right by them in giving President George W. Bush, Jr. the green light to invade Iraq under the guise of "exporting democracy." This was only one of many of the Washington-based regime's fraudulent claims leading up to the war.

There are a lot of Hispanic names on the roll call of America's fallen heroes. They dominate this tragic record. In fact, Puerto Rico, alone has lost 11 of her finest sons so far in that conflict. Of course, there is no way to figure out if a deceased soldier is an African American or not by a surname. We do know that African-Americans presently include 15 % of the U.S. combat population, so it would be no jump to say that they also make up about 15 % , or more, of the casualties in Iraq. There are plenty of surname entries that sound Irish, Italian, German, English, Polish and Jewish; and many other ethnic groups, too long to detail here. The surname "Gonzales" seems to come up the most. But, there are no familiar Neocon surnames! I looked, without success, to see if I could specifically find a Perle (Richard); a Wolfowitz (Paul); a Bennett (William); a Bolton (John R.) or a Feith (Douglas). Despite an extensive search, none of those surnames were found (See, for background on the Neocons, http://www.antiwar.com/orig/lind1.html).

For this discussion, let's not leave out that genius of a pundit, Ken Adelman. He rants for the Washington Post. With the prescience of a man, who has never heard a shot fired in anger, he wrote, "I believe demolishing Hussein's military power and liberating Iraq would be a cakewalk. Let me give simple, responsible reasons: (1) It was a cakewalk last time; (2) they've become much weaker; (3) we've become much stronger; and (4) now we're playing for keeps." He penned all of this nonsense from the safety of his comfortable office, at 1515 L. Street, in D.C., on Feb. 13, 2002. I found no U.S. casualty with the surname of Adelman. You would think, however, if he was so sure that the Iraqi War was going to be "a cakewalk," that he would have volunteered his own heroic service and the services of any of his military age-eligible children. But, alas, Adelman declined to go that far.

In Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" flick, he made the shocking point that of the 435 members in the House of Representatives and 100 members in the U.S. Senate, only one had an offspring fighting in Iraq! Well, it appears Moore was wrong, but not by much. Now, the Moore-bashers are claiming that there were actually three members out of the 535 members of Congress that had a family member in the military in Iraq. Big deal! Let the record now show that the Congress that shamelessly gave the Bush-Cheney Gang a blank check to invade Iraq had three of their own fighting there!

As for that Congress, Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX), the "Oliver Cromwell" of American politics, was foaming at the mouth pushing for the Iraqi War to start, while on the other side of the aisle, Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (D-CT), was just as anxious to see those blockbuster bombs and missiles lighting up the sky over targets like Baghdad, Mosul and Fallujah. These two blood thirsty militarists got their death wish. We now know the lethal results (www.warresisters.org/piechart.htm). Naturally, there is no evidence that any soldier named DeLay and/or Lieberman has paid the supreme price for the reckless warmongering of that duo.

Then, there is that Iraqi War-loving chorus found in the Media. Leading up to March 20, 2003, I personally tracked and challenged these characters and their dubious arguments in favor of the Iraqi War. Some are also Neocons wearing two hats; while others just blab away on Talk Radio. Three are actors: Ben Stein, Ron Silver and ex-U.S. Sen. Fred Thompson (R-TN). This latter trio has ties to Watergate figure, G. Gordon Liddy, and a pro-Iraq War rally, which was held, in Washington, D.C., on the National Mall, on April 12, 2003. Here is a partial sampling from my list of Media-related warmongers: William Kristol; Bill O'Reilly; George F. Will; Mona Charen; A.M. Rosenthal; Marty Peretz; Zev Chafets; Mortimer B. Zuckerman; Rupert Murdock; Charles Krauthammer; Dick Morris; Ann Coulter; Sean Hannity; Russ Limbaugh; Arnold Schwarznegger; Linda Chavez; Joel Mowbray; John Podhoretz; Laura Ingraham and Jonah Goldberg. And, let's not forget that lonely "liberal" from the Moonie-owned Washington Times, Nat Hentoff! On April 7, 2003, he endorsed the Iraqi war. Some liberal conscience Hentoff is! Well, what do you expect from a guy, who wrote a piece on 11/25/02, apologizing for the excesses of Israel's Ariel Sharon?

Needless to say, none of the offspring of the above cited War Hawks has fallen in Iraq, nor do I expect any of them ever will. These War Hawks are too smart to let their own children go over to that Iraqi hell hole, get shot up and die and/or to suck up all of that toxic depleted uranium. So, what do they really care if somebody else's kid goes over and does the fighting and dying?

Where have the 1275 American dead in Iraq come from, if not from the ranks of the offspring of the War Hawks? To date, California has sacrificed 150 of its gallant citizens; Texas 115; Pennsylvania 64, New York 59; Florida 57; Illinois 55 and Ohio 43. These seven states lead the nation at the moment in the numbers of fatal casualties. My home state of Maryland has recorded 19 deaths so far, four of them coming within a stunning five-day period. The grim results of this totally unnecessary, immoral, illegal and unjust war will continue to hit home in the cities, towns and villages of America, in the months ahead and possibly for years to come, unless stopped by an outraged populace. (If you want to hear one father's heartbreaking anguish over losing a son in the Iraqi conflict, then please take the time to watch and listen to this video of Fernando Suarez del Solar, that I took at an Anti-War rally, in Washington, D.C. It's found at: http://baltimore.indymedia.org/media/all/display/1792.)

There is only one thing we now know for sure: The warmongers, if the past is prologue, will not have to shed any tears over the loss of their own sons or daughters as a result of their dying in the Iraqi War. That predicament will be left only for those whose trust continues to be badly abused by an ultra hawkish regime in Washington, whose serial lies, if linked together in sentences, would probably stretch around the globe.

William Hughes 2004

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