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RAMADAN: While Fasting, Remember the Oppressed and the Downtrodden
Help Mosques in Poor Communities, Support Women in Transition
Our Political Prisoners, scattered across America, deserve a little of your Time
[Join the Boycott of Products and businesses which Support Israel]
Funds for Children in Uganda, Nigeria, Bangladesh, India and Other Countries of your Choice

Dear Muslims: asalamu alaikum

The blessed month of Ramadan is approaching.
1. Fast.
2. Establish the obligatory five daily prayers.
3. Perform extra prayers, such as tarawih.
4. Recite the Qur'an and study both Qur'an and Hadith on a daily basis.
5. Cut down drastically on TV viewing.
6. Keep the iftar meals simple and as near the Sunnah as possible.
7. Do not be wasteful in the routines of life.
8. Honor the old, women, children, youths striving to serve the needy.
9. Do not honor the rich and the powerful.
10. Constantly remember Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his wives and companions as role models. Try to get away from adulation of worldly leaders.
11. Prepare for Islamic da'wa by practicing true speech and the giving of good advice.
12. Stop pampering your family if family members already have the necessities of life.
13. Remember those who have suffered at the hands of the oppressors in Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Sudan and Somalia.
14. Honor those who were martyred in the U.S. bombing of Afghanistan during Ramadan last year.

Please do not make it a month of feasting. Do not pollute the mosques with representatives of establishment groups such as Republicans and Democrats. Mosques must be identified as places devoted to the worship of Allah and should be places of mercy, justice, equality, brotherhood-sisterhood, not places of pomp and show of the rich and the mighty.

During this month, send your zakatul fitr to feed the needy in poor communities, particularly in Uganda, Nigeria, Bangladesh, India, Afghanistan, Palestine, Pakistan, or wherever you sense that there is need to help families with many children.
AMERICA's GULAG IS FULL OF MUSLIM POLITICAL PRISONERS. Please pray for their health and safety in Ramadan. Here are a few of those whom we would like to write to with your help.
1. Dr. Omar ‘Abdel Rahman.
2. Imam Jamil al-Amin.
3. Ahmed ‘Abdel Sattar.
4. Victor Alvarez
5. The Lackawanna six.
6. The Portland Four (including the first Islamic woman)
7. Sis. Haila Gabr (who killed her rapist)
The Zionist EXPLOITATION OF WOMEN has become a worldwide phenomenon.
There is a global effort to take the clothes OFF women and make them the objects of marketing and legalized prostitution. This global attack starts with the brainwashing of young women within America (teaching them to degrade and expose themselves before males) and then extends all over the world, teaching women that their modesty and outer coverings, such as dopattas, burqas, outergarments, scarves, are signs of their backwardness.

ISRAEL itself is the central point of this degradation of women. THERE ARE 250 BROTHELS IN TEL AVIV ALONE. Here are a couple of quotes from an article titled "PIMPS IN THE PROMISED LAND" by Dr. Martin Brass published in the October 2002 issue of Soldier of Fortune. [Sent us by Br. Ijaz.]
"Ten girls were locked up in a filthy, foul two room brothel with only mattresses on the floor. 'These girls are kept like dogs,' a Tel Aviv police officer told U.S. News and World Report."

"This is a whole industry - recruiting (women), bringing them and distributing them to all of the parlors," said Ehlraim Ehrlich, former commander of the Tel Aviv vice squad. This ‘national industry' brings in $450 million yearly."
Please pray for the women being prostituted by the Jews in Israel. The defeat of Israel will, inshallah, liberate all these exploited women. Remember that these women are human beings like all human beings. There should not be such silence about their suffering because of the control of U.S. media by Israel's friends.

DURING RAMADAN, develop your TAQWA (Allah-consciousness and awareness) of the suffering of the Palestinian children which is funded directly by the U.S. government. You can be MUTTAQI in this situation by joining the boycott movement against businesses which support Israel, among them:
Coca Cola
Arm and Hammer Products
Hilton Hotel
and many others (Ask for our boycott list.)

Remember that Allah does not need your prayers and fasting if you do not become MUTTAQI and if you do not care for the suffering of the UMMAH. Islam is not a religion of private salvation.


One of our sisters has produced an attractive color coded DA'WA folder titled DISCOVER ISLAM. It's probably the best Da'wa packet available and is available for distribution to new Muslims and non-Muslims interested in Islam. Obtain copies by sending a small donation to:
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