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{Jamaat al-Muslimeen reports: On February 24, Dr. Kaukab Siddique and Sis. Motisola M. Abdallah were on WOL radio (Washington-Baltimore). They seriously questioned the legality and legitimacy of the case against Imam Jamil al-Amin. Also Sis. Doris, a Christian friend, has sent the following:

The March 18, 2002 issue of The Nation magazine carried a very comprehensive and sympathetic article entitled, "H. Rap Brown/Jamil Al-Amin: A Profoundly American Story," by Ekwueme Michael Thelwell.

The Nation magazine is generally sympathetic to the Palestinian cause, against Bush's "war-without-end," against Ashcroft's curtailment of freedoms, etc. A very worthy magazine.
Best wishes, Doris R.}
How the U.S. Media Covered (up) the defeat Near Gardez

Only ONE TV channel had the honesty to admit openly that the U.S forces were beaten at their own game. On March 5, CBS gave a considerably detailed account in which it conceded that the Americans wanted to trap Al-Qaeda and Taliban BUT WERE THEMSELVES TRAPPED. According to CBS, the U.S. expected the enemy to "surrender"!

Read the U.S. government accounts carefully and the following seems to be the situation:
1. There have been no U.S. advances against the forces of Islam.
2. American reinforcements are being rushed to the area.
3. Relentless bombing is going on.
4. It will take another SEVEN days to dislodge the Islamists

At the PROPAGANDA LEVEL however, the U.S. fed the following lies to its people through the Zionist media:
1. "We body slammed Al-Qaeda." (CNN Headline news)
2. "100 to 200 Al-Qaeda have been killed." (CNN, MSNBC)
3. "500 Al-Qaeda have been killed" (channel 13 in Baltimore and other local channels."
4. "We caught Al-Qaeda in the open and killed hundreds." (CNN)
5. {EXACT OPPOSITE} "They are not to be found running here and there. They are hunkered down and putting up stiff resistance." {Military command on CNN}
The claim is being made that the U.S. serviceman who fell out of the helicopter was seized and killed on the ground. He had actually survived the fall but three Al-Qaida men got him and dragged him away.
How does the U.S. know this? The camera of the pilotless drone photographed this happening and it could be seen in Tampa (military headquarters in Florida).
Why the drone did not open fire? It is supposed to do it automatically on sighting the enemy.
If the drone could spot ONE soldier being dragged away, why can't it photograph the ONE HUNDRDED to TWO HUNDRED dead Al-Qaida who were supposedly caught in the open and killed?
All these stories hide the basic fact that BOTH Al-Qaida and Taliban are neither down nor out. They have just defeated an American offensive. (A FIRST IN THE HISTORY OF ISLAM.)
{On March 5, CNN admitted that various European elite units were with the U.S. forces when they were beaten back. NEW TREND REPORTED THIS FACT TWO DAYS BEFORE CNN. Read our report.}
New Trend's reports indicate that only ONE HUNDRED or so Taliban and Al-Qaida forces were involved in this fight. Other Islamic units have appeared at six different places in the Khost-Gardez area but they were not involved in the fighting. The fighters are mostly Saudis, Algerians, Egyptians and Chechens from Al-Qaeda and Pakistanis and Bangladeshis from Taliban. {Based on close reading of the available information.}
U.S. bombing might destroy the entire 100-man force but it has given time to the other units to place themselves.
Some American reporters have been honest enough to point out that villagers in the area are SIDING WITH THE AL-QAIDA/TALIBAN. The call for Jihad is quietly being passed on.
The Karzai clowns in Kabul are disturbed by the Islamic victory. The entire situation could change, they fear. Karzai held an emergency press conference to reassure everyone that his side is winning BUT HE HAS ASKED AMERICAN FORCES TO COME IN AND SECURE HIS "GOVERNMENT." British forces in Kabul are not enough to keep the Karzai clowns afloat.

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