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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Sha'ban 4,1430/ July 27, 2009, # 36

See photo from Pakistan which U.S. media have censored. Please scroll down.

After the humiliation of Prof. Gates and President Obama's gutsy comment, the united police force of Cambridge demanded that the President apologize! Obama retreated rapidly and has invited the police officer to the White House. Our friend Dr. Wilmer Leon explains how institutional racism works and, somewhat tongue in cheek, explains how to deal with police if you are Black [write in: if you are Muslim]. Please scroll way down, especially if you thought America changed after Obama. "Nice" photo too.

Spotlight from Imam Badi Ali, North Carolina:

Spotlight #1: While Hamas and the Palestinian Authority are facing each other, Israel is continuing to expand and "develop" its settler enclaves and to raid and persecute activists and their families. The focus should be on the real problem: Israel.

Spotlight #2: The West recognizes the emerging power of Islam and is working on new ways of undermining Islam from WITHIN, instead of through direct confrontation. The White House acquired Dahlia Mogahed, a woman who wears hijab. French government, opposed to hijab, also has an Arab woman. Overall these Muslim people who come close to the western power structures are not there to defend Islam but to help the western powers to understand the Muslim world so that those who are standing against the West, labelled as "extremists," can be defeated.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [news]
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

Outreach: Jamaat al-Muslimeen Literature given to 200 people after Juma' at Baltimore's Biggest Mosque

On July 24, 2009 Jamaat al-Muslimeen's literature was given to 200 people at Masjid Rahma on the west side of Baltimore city. The congregation has grown here to about 500 people, most of them Indo-Pakistani-Bangladeshi with a few African Americans, Africans and Arabs.

The literature given out included an extensive article on Iran and the efforts of the U.S with westernized Iranians to weaken the country. The next item was Dr. Siddique's interview with Umm Hasan, woman leader of Jamia Hafsa/Red Mosque before it was destroyed by General Musharraf's commandos. Also included was factual reporting on fighting in Afghanistan which has resulted in Taliban victories including the death of a British commander.

News of Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Shoora meeting along with a report on Chinese supremacist attacks on Uighur Muslims, plus info on revisionist historian David Irving's trip to America were included in the distribution.

National Islamic Shoora Meets in Pennsylvania: Anti-Israel, Interracial, Strongly pro-Woman, anti-War, Based on the Qur'an and Hadith.

On July 25, 2009, the National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen, with delegates from across America, met in a small Pennsylvania town adjacent to Lincoln University.

The formal presentations made at the all day gathering were as follows:
  1. Keynote address by Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz on the Mis-education of U.S. elites and the roots of supremacist & hegemonistic ideas.
  2. Sis. Karen English on the Boycott Movement against businesses which support Israel.
  3. Imam Badi Ali on the fabrication of "American Islam" and the corruption of Muslim groups in the U.S.
  4. Sis. Ashira on the connection between U.S. Muslims and Africa.
  5. Sis. 'Aisha on Police Profiling and how to stop police atrocities against African Americans and Muslims.
  6. Dr. Kaukab Siddique did the tafseer of Sura 2 verse 177 under the topic" Islam integrates, indissolubly, Faith, worship, Social Action and Jihad."
There were brief breaks for lunch and salat. Dr. Shabazz led the salat.

The meeting was presided over by Dr. Siddique.

Government Agents Harass Jamaat al-Muslimeen Again.

Days before the National Shoora meeting, government agents "visited" Br. Aquil, the representative of Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Philadelphia. Thus these agents have "visited" Jamaat representatives in three different cities, although Jamaat al-Muslimeen has made it clear that it works for non-violent resistance to oppression and stays strictly within the limits of the law.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen now has a good attorney who represents not only Dr. Siddique but the Jamaat as a whole.
It's not clear whether the government agents took the initiative to harass the Jamaat or they were put on the trail by puppet "Muslim" or Jewish organizations.

Resolutions issued by the National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen:

About Our America:
  1. Police tyranny and police crimes against the poor, the Black, and the Muslim have become commonplace in major cities across America. The hand of racism has emerged through the sleeve of the police culminating in the outrage against an African American university professor who though known as a supporter of the White House and a critic of Africans was humiliated by an ordinary policeman because he talked back. We condemn police atrocties and urge Americans to call for an end to police tyranny and racism.
  2. The education system in America needs to be overhauled so that it is not elitist and so that it reflects the realities of the world we live in and becomes a system for social transformation. Education as it is supports hegemony, war and institutional racism. We urge Americans to look critically at the education system and question its values.
  3. We condemn the objectification and exploitation of women in the media. Islam brings about respect, honor and equal participation of women in decision making. The forces of consumerism and entertainment are undermining women's role as equal companions of men and the nourishers and foundation for decency and morality. We urge Americans to oppose and condemn the sexually demeaning and exploitative use of women in American films, videos, TV and advertising in general.
  4. American corporate media, be it CNN or FOX or MSNBC or PBS or NPR, have become mere tools of the Democratic and Republican parties and are denying the American people access to the realities of the world. For instance the non-stop storytelling about Michael Jackson on all channels blanked out Cynthia McKinney's abduction by Israel and her efforts to bring relief to Gaza. The anniversary of Pakistan army's assault on the Red Mosque and Jamia Hafsa [Women's Seminary] was ignored although it is the root of the war going on in Pakistan at U.S. instigation. Let's join hands to oppose the moves of corporate media and to create independent channels of information.
  5. America's Muslims have been denied unity and guidance from the Qur'an and the Sunnah owing to the efforts of the White House to create an "American Islam." The use of puppet organizations to create the impression that U.S. Muslims support American policies in the name of fighting "terrorism" in Iraq, Somalia, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine denies Muslims here the right to express themselves. We demand that the government stop its support for puppet Muslim organizations.
  6. We urge the Muslim ummah, globally, and the Muslims of Amerca in particular, to boycott businesses which support Israel directly or indirectly. Starbucks, McDonalds, Nestle, Home Depot , Sara Lee, Coca Cola, Estee Lauder and Timberland are among the top supporters of the Israeli occupiers of Palestine.

  1. The ongoing Israeli effort to cut off the entire population of Gaza from the rest of the world is a huge crime against humanity and an unforgivable violation of international law and Islamic law. Gaza is the symbol of holocaust and genocide in our times. Let us unite against the siege of Gaza.

  2. We urge President Obama to withdraw American forces from Iraq. Six months after Obama was inaugurated, U.S. troops, 139,000 strong, are still stuck in Iraq. They cannot win even with the use of overwhelming force. They are supporting a puppet regime and thus fueling the continuation of conflict in Iraq.

  3. We condemn the continuing U.S.-NATO occupation of Afghanistan, the steady reinforcement of U.S. military forces in Afghanistan and the use of B-1 and B-52 bombers and other weapons of mass destruction against the poorly armed Taliban who are standing up for Islam and an independent Afghanistan. The NATO attempt to engineer and install puppets through fake "voting" in these circumstances makes a joke out of self-determination

  4. Palestine does not belong to the Jews. It belongs to the Palestinians and to the Muslim ummah at large. Continued funding of the Israeli war machine and the attempts to crush Islamic resistance are futile and certainly will not lead to peace. We urge the government to stop funding Israel if it is serious about peace.

    Pakistani Generals:
  5. Under U.S. tutelage and under the scrutiny of General Petraeus and Mr. Holbrook, the Pakistani generals led by Kayani are trying to destroy the Islamic institutions and Islamic way of life in Swat, Buner, Dir, Bajaur, Darra Adam Khel and other areas of Pakistan. More than three million people were made homeless by the Pakistani military. About two hundred thousand have returned to their homes only to find them demolished. This is GENOCIDE and the Muslim world should condemn the Pakistani military action in clear words.

    Pakistani resistance:
  6. The Pakistani army's attempts to force its way into South Waziristan and the bombing of villages there by U.S. drones are proving futile and are spreading the war into other areas of Pakistan. Efforts for peace and negotiation are needed. We urge the Pakistani people to speak out clearly against the use of air attacks, heavy artillery and tank columns against a proud people whose only "crime" is that they believe in Islamic brotherhood and have a sense of honor against oppressors.

  7. The Somali people's efforts to help Islamic activists in Somalia should not be dubbed as acts of terrorism. Somalia has the right to be an Islamic state without interference by the U.S. and other countries. We urge the White House to stop its demonization of Somali Islamic fighters.

  8. Iran is being targeted by Euro-American pressure groups and media, with the help of alienated elements within Iran. These attempts to isolate and weaken Iran are bound to backfire as long as the concept of Wilayate Faqih is in place. The constant hymn of hate against Iran is inspired by Israel-related groups and should not fool Muslims. We urge Americans to support Iran's rights as a nation and oppose Israeli warmongering against Iran.

  9. China's Muslims are undisputably a significant part of the Muslim ummah. The Chinese supramacist attacks on Muslims in eastern Turkistan have hurt the entire Muslim ummah. Further atrocities along these lines will damage the Chinese advances and goodwill in the Muslim world. Efforts should be made by both sides not to fall into the trap of being used by Euro-American and Zionist groups.

  10. India has an occupation army of 700,000 troops in Kashmir. The Indian army has killed Muslims, raped Muslim women, burned their homes, desecrated their places of worship. In these circumstances, the American defense agreement with India is a slap in the face of the Muslims of Kashmir. We urge India to withdraw from Kashmir and we call on the American people to stop Indian atrocities against women and places of worship.

  11. The Muslims of India are terrorized by India's upper caste Hindus, so much so that they are afraid of showing any support, even verbal, for Islamic resistance anywhere. Babri masjid, desecrated and destroyed, has not been restored to Muslims. India's Muslims are so terrorized that they are refusing to take the bodies of the fighters who attacked Mumbai in revenge for Kashmir and give them proper burial. We urge the Muslims of India to unite on the basis of Islam and to demand an end to the ban on authentic Islamic organizations like SIMI [the students' Islamic movement of India.] Instead of following conservative [and frighened] Muslims organizations, we advise India's Muslims to form new organizations and work with the Dalits, Christians, Sikhs and other oppressed people of India.

Letter: Re: ISNA has lost Islamic legitimacy: Future generations will suffer from this failure and let down

Dear Brothers,
ISNA is no longer a Muslim organization worth talking about. The locals are also the same. They have divided the Muslims of America into the Elite and the non-elite. The leadership is so busy trying to placate the non-Muslim elite of this country and in inter-faith that they have no time even to turn their heads and look at the underprivileged in the Muslim community, who are looking at them in dismay Their fetish of the handshake with a presidential nominee, who turned around and kicked their behind is still fresh in our memory.

The Blacks are disillusioned already but the disillusionment of Blacks, who are Muslim will pose a serious challenge to Islam in the future, which our children will have to deal with. Soon the situation will be an embarrassment for the future generations of Muslims and a bonanza for non-Muslims, who will be ecstatic and point out the "grand hypocrisy of Islam". If Marx was alive, he would also have a field day.
Do not waste your energies in criticizing ISNA and other Elite. Come out with a concrete plan to tackle this problem before it is too late.

Waheeduddin Ahmed
[The writer is a prominent Imam, teacher and scholar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin]

Letter: ISNA is no longer an Islamic Group but Continues to Coopt Innocent Muslims, especially Turks

I want to thank Brs. Kaukab and Omar Afzal for their consistency about ISNA. Finally, more Muslims are coming out and pulling their support out of ISNA and we should recognize their efforts. I agree with Brother Waheed, ISNA is no longer an Islamic Organization that is defending the interests of Muslims in the USA. Br. Kaukab and I realized this in the early 1980's and cut our membership then. In fact I resigned from the MSA/ISNA Shura as the North Central Representative. Yet, many people continued to support and legitimize ISNA.
After 9/11 ISNA put Islam between the FBI and the missionary school of Hartford Seminary by selecting a Professor from this school as the ISNA president. Thus one side of ISNA went to bed with the FBI, and other side provided legitimacy to the Hartford Seminary to dilute Islam and produce missionaries with money from Muslims. It is strange that two Muslim groups from Turkey were competing on who is going to give more money to this missionary school. While one group was offering 750 thousand dollars, the other topped this with 2 million dollars.

Br. Waheed says criticizing ISNA is not worth the time because everybody knows that ISNA is no longer a Muslim Organization. It is true that ISNA is no longer representing Islam. Not only have they put Muslims between the FBI and a Missionary School, they have added another conflicting topic among Muslims: Ramadan and Eid ul Fitr based on astronomical calculations. However I slightly disagree with Br. Waheed. We should talk about ISNA and expose them because they are continuously co-opting new groups for their activities.

At their last convention (July, 2009) ISNA cleverly co-opted a Turkish group under the banner of ISNA Turkish Symposium. Many credible Turkish Muslims gave talks and even religious representatives from the Turkish Embassy participated according to Milli Gazete (July 7th edition) and other news media.

It is a fact that in recent years the number of Turkish Muslim students in the USA is increasing. Credible Turkish Muslim newspapers wrote glowing news about the ISNA Turkish Symposium and listed some "prominent" Turkish Muslims. Giving talks in such a gathering will provide a supply line of new Turkish Muslim students to ISNA. That is why we must talk about ISNA so that it can be difficult for them to recruit innocent Muslim students, as they have done in the past.

Suleyman Kurter
[The writer is a well known scholar of Islam, a former university professor, very active in Da'wah, has produced much Islamic literature especially on Turkey's spiritual leader Shaikh Badiuzzaman Saeed Nursi, is aligned to the movement against war and supports Dr. Siddique's books on Islam as well as Br. Shamim Siddiqui's book on al-Fateha].]

Letter: Let's Move Forward to Fill the Gap Created by ISNA's Delinquency

ISNA is lost through the eagerness of its leadership to be liberal and accommodative with the growing elitist group. It is no longer the platform of Muslim masses. Unfortunately, it has transgressed the trust that people place on its mantle. That is why I had to pronounce: Inna Lilllahey wa Inna Elahey Rajeoon"

NOW there is no organized national organization in this country to undertake the cause of Ummah, advocate its burning problems vigorously, introduce the Deen of Allah to the people of the land as their dire need, be its model and present Islam as the savior of mankind in the context of modern world.

That big gap is there and we have no choice but to proceed ahead and fill the gap. The addressees of this letter are quite capable to address the situation, if they resolve to do so. My humble service will always be at their disposal, Insha Allah.

Shamim Siddiqi
[New York City]
[The writer is a leading da'iee of Islam in America and the author of numerous books including Al-Fateha and its Significance.]

Dr. Siddique's Response to Letters about ISNA from Prominent Muslims

ISNA has confessed that they have been in bed with the FBI for two decades. While Muslims were being bombed, they were visiting the Pentagon to see how well the operation was going.
The most recent ISNA convention was endorsed by the White House.. Obama's representative spoke to these miserable wretches, and ISNA proudly published a press release about this "honor." Meanwhile, USA is bombing Pakistan.

These ISNA agents want to undermine the Sunnah.
As long as people keep thinking of ISNA as Muslims and leaders, this fitna will remain. The Qur'an considers those who do not judge by Allah's Law as Kuffar. Check it out. If you don't find it, let me know.
Remember that ISNA has funds and the White House on its side, so ISNA's Fitna will continue.

Now they are bringing puppet imams and Rabbis from Europe. They do not want Muslims to oppose the worst enemies of Islam, the Rabbis.
This Fitna will not be easy to end just as Qadiyani fitna flourished for a while because of British support. Maulana Maudoodi almost had to sacrifice his life to stop the FITNA.
See how blatantly ISNA proclaims its ties with the worst enemies of Islam. There is no shame in them at all, be it Syed Sayeed or "imam" Magid.
Only Dr. Omar Afzal succeeded against them when he challenged their efforts to turn EIDAIN into Christmas type holidays.

The Reality of America if you are a person of Color.
Can you think of any country in the world where a university professor would be handcuffed at his home by police?

(AP Photo/Demotix Images, B. Carter) In this photo taken by a neighbor, Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. is arrested at his home in Cambridge. Notice the Black collaborator in front. How would a local Black cop not know that this is Prof Gates but he did not stop his White colleague or express any surprise as far as we know. Why the handcuffs on an old man who walks with a stick? Police brutality is common in America. If this had been a Muslim, he would have been wrestled to the ground.

Sometimes Even When You're Right, You're Wrong
"Once Dr. Gates embarrassed Sgt. Crowley, in Sgt. Crowley's eyes, he was left with few options."

By Dr. Wilmer J. Leon III [Maryland]

On Thursday July 16, 2009 after returning from a trip to China, Harvard University scholar Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. had difficulty opening the front door of the home he leases from Harvard. After he and his driver struggled with the front door Dr. Gates gained entry through the back door of the home, shut off the alarm, opened the front door, and the driver left.

According to Cambridge Police Department Incident Report #9005127, a neighbor called the police and reported a possible breaking and entering at the residence. The woman "...observed what appeared to be two black males with backpacks on the porch..." Her suspicions were aroused when, "...she observed one of the men wedging his shoulder into the door as if he was trying to force entry." The uniformed police officer went to the front door, saw Dr. Gates standing in the foyer and asked him to step out onto the porch. Dr. Gates refused.

According to the Incident Report, after identifying himself as Sgt. Crowly and explaining that he was "investigating a report of a break-in in progress" at the residence, Dr. Gates opened the front door and stated, "why, because I'm a black man in America?" After supplying the officer with Harvard University identification, the officer radioed for Harvard University Police.

One thing that is not discernible from the Incident Report is the demeanor of Sgt. Crowly. All too often police officers introduce "attitude" into a situation with an aggressive or condescending tenor and tone that can quickly escalate an already naturally tense situation. When the element of race is injected into the equation, all too often a simple traffic stop or investigation by the police can escalate into confrontation. It has not been indicated by any of the reported statements made by Dr. Gates' attorney, Charles Ogletree that Sgt. Crowly injected any "attitude" into the situation.

This gets to right to the heart of my point. As an African American male I have always been taught to show respect to the police, even when or if I feel that the officer is wrong. As a survival technique, I am teaching this to my son and I convey this to my students and all of the other young people that I engage in my lectures. My parents and other elders have always taught me, "an argument with a cop is an argument you will always loose...if you don't get along with the police; you will probably go along with the police and that's a trip you do not want to take. Even when you're right, if you fail to comply you're wrong. You're objective during an encounter with the police is to leave that encounter in the same manner in which you entered it, in one piece. You can challenge the officer later in court. " That's "Black Man - 101."

Instead of simply and calmly complying with the officers request, showing proof that he lived at the residence, and thanking the officer for protecting the neighborhood; Dr. Gates decided to follow the police officer outside and berate him in front of a gathering group of people. According to the report, "As I descended the stairs to the sidewalk, Gates continued to yell at me, accusing me of racial bias and continued to tell me that I had not heard the last of him."

Even after the officer warned Dr. Gates that he was becoming disorderly, according to the officer, Dr. Gates continued to yell. "Gates ignored my warning and continued to yell, which drew the attention of both the police offices and citizens, who appeared surprised and alarmed by Gate's outbursts...It was at this time that I informed Gates that he was under arrest." Once Dr. Gates embarrassed Sgt. Crowley, in Sgt. Crowley's eyes, he was left with few options. Sgt. Crowly may not have been right, but that was real!

If Dr. Gates ignored the warning and continued to yell, there are very few police officers that would allow themselves to be humiliated in front of their co-workers and the public. The police operate from legal as well as perceived authority. Once the perception of authority is challenged, in their minds; they have difficulty being effective.

With the number of people who had gathered at the scene, it should be fairly easy to determine who is telling the truth. I am sure that this will all come out in court or through another fact-finding process.

Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. is a 58 year old African American male. He is the director of Harvard's W.E.B. DuBois Institute for African and African American Research. As a Harvard University professor he failed "Black Man - 101" don't argue with the police unless you want a beating and to go to jail! Has he not seen the arrest data? Has he not seen the incarceration data? Has he failed to learn the lessons from his elders that I have learned from mine?

Some of Dr. Gates' African-American colleagues are saying that this is part of a pattern of racial profiling in Cambridge. Some believe that the arrest would not have happened if professor Gates was white. These points may very well be true and we all wish for and are working towards the day when racial profiling is no longer a reality in America.

In 2009 in Cambridge and in most other towns in America, even with his Ph.D., Henry Louis Gates Jr. is still an African American male in America. The lesson to be learned from this; if you don't get along with the police; you will probably go along with the police and that's a trip you do not want to take. Even when you're right, if you fail to comply you're wrong. Is this fair? No, but it's real!
Dr. Wilmer Leon is the producer/host of the nationally broadcast call-in talk radio program "On With Leon" and a Teaching Associate in the Department of Political Science at Howard University in Washington, DC.
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Islamic Leader Munawar Hasan turning Tide againt U.S.-Pak military Collusion:
Huge Crowd in Multan

... courtesy Umeed Khan, Lahore: Syed Munawar Hasan addressing a mass rally in Multan against American aggression while hundreds of Islamic banners dot the crowd. The U.S. media have COMPLETELY ignored the huge crowds he has addressed, probably because Zionist media get their information from the secular daily Dawn and people like Ahmed Rashid and Prof. Hoodbhoy.

July 26, 2009: After leading mass rallies in Karachi, Hyderabad and Quetta, Jamaate Islami's ameer Syed Munawar Hasan led a mammoth rally in Multan from Kalima Chowk to Kutchery Chowk. Hasan has united Pakistanis on the one point agenda of: U.S. out of Pakistan.

In the Multan rally, he spoke against the evil triumvirate of Pakistan, Kayani, Gailani and Zardari [the army chief, the Prime Minister and the President]. Through them, America is fulfilling its program in Pakistan, he said. He ridiculed the army's claim that it has taken control of Swat, Dir, Buner from the Pak Taliban. He said if that is so, the army should withdraw, let social service and charitable groups go in, let the media go in and let the people return.

He said, America's inteference will be stopped, inshallah. He said that we will confront America on every front by peaceful means, be it culture, education or politics.

The JI leader also focused on the crimes commited against the people of Baluchistan. Even the police report of Nawab Bugti's murder has not been written, he said. Hundreds of Baluchis have disappeared in government custody, he said, and the government is sitting on their records.

Touching on government plans to raid Islamic schools [medressas] in southern Punjab, he called on Shahbaz Sharif, the Nawaz Sharif group, to speak about the deadly explosion in a medressa in Mian Channu which was apparently engineered by the regime to give it an excuse to raid medressas in Punjab.

About India, he said the regime is ignoring Indian interference while claiming that it has evidence of Indian agents operating in Pakistan. Why doesn't the government lodge at least a symbolic protest with India or withdraw its High Commissioner, he asked.

The massive gathering was addressed by a whole list of speakers, including Dr. Waseem Akhtar, the ameer of Punjab's Jamaate Islami.

Islamic Leadership in Swat-Buner-Dir is Alive and Well: Muslim Khan speaks to Media

July 23, 2009: Muslim Khan, the famous leader of Pak Taliban in Malakand called media from an undisclosed location to say that the Islamic leadership cadre led by Maulvi Fazlullah [known as the lion of Swat] is alive and well. He vigorously denied the Pak military claim that the Maulvi had been injured in a Pakistani air strike.

He added that the military committed the terrible crimes of driving millions of people from their homes simply to please America and to get large sums of from the West. He said the Pak Taliban are totally committed to Islam, Pakistan and armed resistance to tyranny.

Muslim Khan also played a pre-recorded message from Maulvi Fazlullah, about a fews days old, asserting his will to contiinue his resistance to the U.S. backed military till Islamic Law [Shar'ia] is established.

[Meanwhile on July 24, Pakistan announced that it has arrested Maulana Soofi Muhammad, the father-in-law of Maulvi Fazlullah. Maulana Soofi is the leader of the peaceful movement for Shari'a law. He had not participated in the fighting when Kayani invaded Swat. He was living peacefully in Peshawar and has been arrested along with his three sons and his security chief.]

The military started a powerful smear campaign against Muslim Khan after his message came out, accusing him of being a child killer!

2009-07-29 Wed 20:03:06 cdt