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A number of our readers in Pakistan have now confirmed that New Trend's site is blocked in that country. Such blocking operations require governmental action and cannot be done by individuals.

The blocking action indicates that our criticism of General Musharraf was extremely effective. Readers who appreciate our work should help to spread the message in Pakistan.

Also, we thank those in Pakistan who are already sending our Internet magazine to others on their lists.
What Do Pakistanis Feel about U.S. "Victory" in Iraq?
Interview with Syed Munawar Hasan: Secretary General Jamaate Islami Pakistan

May 8, 2003: New Trend was able to interview Syed Munawar Hasan in spite of his hectic schedule at Mansoora, Jamaate Islami's headquarters on the outskirts of Lahore city. He had just come from ‘Isha prayers at the sedate mosque within the township-sized headquarters area which was packed with worshipers.

Br. Hasan has spent his life in the Islamic movement, through numerous ups and downs which Pakistan has seen. He is one of those people who can neither be bought nor cowed down. With a strong constituency in Karachi, he has always been outspoken though very understanding and mature in his dealings with people of a great variety.

New Trend: Has the Islamic coalition suffered loss of momentum owing to the seeming American "victory" in Iraq?

Br. Hasan: The Islamic coalition remains united and on the upsurge. There is a massive Islamic wave now. The negative things happening here are coming from the man America has here, General Musharraf. However, he is isolated and the people are not misled by his moves.

New Trend: Are you aware that Pakistan's intelligence services chief is visiting Washington?

Br. Hasan: Yes, that is true. He is there. Also Armitage is here, Rocca is here. They are doing what they want to, but it won't be easy for them.

New Trend: Are you aware that major Kashmiri resistance groups have been placed on the terrorist list?

Br. Hasan: Yes, that includes Hizbul Mujahideen.

New Trend: Do the Islamic groups united in the Islamic coalition (MMA) pray together or is it only a political coalition?

Br. Hasan: They pray together, alhamdulillah, including the Shia'. The leader of the coalition leads the prayers. This year the prayer leader is Maulana Noorani. They all pray behind him, be it Qazi sahib or Maulana Fazlur Rahman ..... [here he gave a list of names including the hard core pro-Taliban leader as well as the Shia leader].

New Trend: Do you think General Pervez Musharraf might be allied to Parwezis who deny Hadith? These Parwezis are busy with a lot of abusive traffic on the Internet and they all support Musharraf.

Br. Hasan: Parwezis are not a serious issue in Pakistan. They became ineffective here more than three decades back. As for Musharraf, literary studies of any kind are not part of his line of thought. He does not have an interest in Islamic knowledge which would be serious enough to be connected to anything requiring the study of books on Islam.

Br. Hasan asked some questions in turn:

Br. Hasan: How is the situation of Muslims in America; how is your situation?

New Trend: Any Muslim in America can be arrested at any time for any reason. They haven't started arresting professors yet; however Prof. Al-Arian was arrested though he was a supporter of Bush in the election campaign.

Br. Hasan: It looks like the U.S. is giving up all its civil rights gains.

New Trend: Attempts are underway to pass a new law which would rescind a person's citizenship and deport him/her to the country of origin.

Br. Hasan: That's quite a change from the country America was.

New Trend: The difference is that previously this country was pro-Israel but now it is run by Zionists for Zionists. No one else matters.
by Iraq Monitor

This is indeed sad! Just when the U.S. decided that Iraq had been liberated and "reconstruction" could begin, there were three attacks on U.S. troops on May 8:
1. A sniper killed an elite U.S. trooper in Baghdad with a shot to the head.
2. North of Baghdad, an Iraqi walked up to a U.S. soldier guarding a bridge and shot him dead with a pistol and, apparently, escaped.
3. Iraqi guerrillas used a mine to blow up a U.S. military vehicle west of Baghdad, injuring a U.S. soldier. [Source for all three items: NPR and CBS.]
Comment from Lynne Stewart: Attorney Famous for Defense of Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman, herself Facing Persecution

Sincere thanks for your contribution shedding the light on current world events. I have been speaking almost non-stop, about my indictment and the war at home on civil rights and the Constitution. Implicit in this is my honored and principled client, Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, and his defense of Islam.
Keep up your good work.
Lynne Stewart
[Brooklyn, New York]
as-Salam `alaykum!

I really enjoyed the article by William Hughes! Does he have a website or does he contribute to any other publications on a regular basis?

What he said here is vitally important. Zionism is the blind spot of the peace movement in the US and being unable to see your main enemy makes fighting him nearly impossible.

I would be interested in corresponding with him if he does not have a regular website which I could look up. Wa-s-salam!

Eric Mueller
William Hughes is the author of ³Andrew Jackson vs. New World Order² (Authors Choice Press) and ³Baltimore Iconoclast² (Writer¹s Showcase), which are available online. He can be reached at

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