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Once again we remember the great crimes committed against the brotherly Islamic/Arab nation of Islam when the united force of NATO (along with Saudi and other lackeys) led by USA bombed Iraq for 42 days.

Along with the physical attempt to annihilate Iraq went the propaganda offensive in which American jingoism was projected through CNN. The Americans were shown as technoligically super wizards wiping out a despicable enemy by way of their radar guided missiles and smart bombs.

After the 42 days, the media showed droves of Iraqis surrendering. The images went into the homes of well-to-Muslims around the world and scared the daylights out of the Muslim elites.

WHAT THE MEDIA DID NOT SHOW WAS THAT THE IRAQIS FOUGHT BACK AGAINST THE AIR ASSAULT WITH ALL THEY HAD. A glimpse of the Iraqi resistance was revealed recently in story of the American pilot named Speicher who is missing in action in Iraq. For the first time CNN admitted that Speicher's late model plane was shot down by an Iraqi jet fighter.

The TOTAL NUMBER OF AMERICAN/BRITISH fighters/bombers shot down by Iraq is 50: by far the largest loss inflicted on the American forces by any eastern country. Even the Vietnamese did not do so well.

REMEMBER that the secret code of the Iraqi air defenses was handed over to USA by the treacherous Russians. In that context, the Iraqis did very well indeed.

The slaughter of the Iraqi forces followed because they were withdrawing peacefully. They did not realize that they would be slaughtered by the American war machine just as the "Red" Indians and their buffalo were slaughtered at one time by the forefathers of todays imperialists.

So hail to the Iraqi air defenses which shot down 50 (FIFTY) of America's latest planes.

The US also suffered a blow at Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia when its air force units were hit on ground by the mujahideen. (Like the Afghans used to raid the Soviet air units.)

Finally we had the USS Cole which was blown up by two mujahideen.

Observers say, Iraq correctly considers the American onslaught of 1991, one battle in an ongoing war against Muslim nations.

The People United Can Never Be Defeated, Inshallah. The struggle goes on.
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2001-01-18 Thu 19:06ct