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Sudan: Reconciliation will Continue In Spite of Garang's Death

On August 4, 2005 GPAC [Give Peace a Chance] organized an important seminar in Washington, DC. The program was chaired by Br. Hodari Abdul 'Ali, a prominent African American leader, and brought together a great diversity of viewpoints on Sudan. Sudan's Deputy Chief of Mission in Washington, DC, Mr. Salah, was invited to bring the audience up to date on the situation in Sudan following the death in a plane crash of Sudan's newly installed Vice President, Col. John Garang.

Br. Hodari Ali pointed out that both the Sudanese government and the southern movement, SPLM led by Garang, wanted peace and hopefully this process will continue. He also said that it is the government's responsibility to reconstruct the south after the ravages of decades of war. Also, as agreed upon, after six years the south will still have the option to leave Sudan through a referendum. In the meantime it will enjoy autonomy.

Mr. Salah said that the unrest and violence in Khartoum have tapered off and the sitution is getting stabilized. The government sent out loudspeaker vans into the streets reminding people that the peace agreement will continue in full force and will not be affected by Col, Garang's death. Mr. Salva Kiir has taken the place of the deceased leader and will be accepted by the Sudan government.

A lively discussion followed the presentations and was well moderated by Br. Hodari Ali to allow all views to be heard.

Br. Kaukab Siddique, editor of New Trend, made the following points:

The rioting by Christians in Khartoum went on for 4 days. Was this spontaneous or does it mean that the forces which want to destroy Sudan have mistaken the acceptance of peace by the government as an expression of weakness which emboldened them to riot in Khartoum itself?

Is it not true that Sudan is still under U.S. sanctions? It shows an attempt to weaken Sudan to bring about the will of outside forces.

The U.S. claimed there was genocide in Darfur but when Sudan made major concessions and joined the "war on terror," the genocide charge was withdrawn.

This change of policies led to acrimonious debate between those who insisted that it was genocide, so that the U.S. could have an excuse to intervene militarily, and U.S. government officials who now claim it is not genocide because they want cooperation.

The large figures of people killed and made homeless in Darfur seem to have been cooked up. There are no studies which would indicate any systematic effort to travel in Darfur to be able to compile such figures. I have yet to see a study on HOW the figures were put together and if they have any legitimacy.

The program was followed by light refreshments and informal discussions. GPAC is active both in the U.S. and Sudan and organized a big U.S. delegation to visit Sudan for "on the spot" study of Darfur and other issues.

JDL Tries to Break up Small Protest at Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles

by Curtis Maynard

July 29, 2005. The IHR [Institute for Historical Review] protestors stood outside the offices of the SWC on Roxbury Avene.
Even though the LAPD had been informed days before the protest, they did not show up at first. Before they knew it the peaceful IHR protesters got set upon by the Jewish Defence League (JDL): Pushing and shoving from these 'pillars of tolerance' just across from the so called "Museum of Tolerance". IHR protestors were holding posters of Rachel Corrie and anti SWC signs with slogans "No Tax Dollars for the SWC".

Director Mark Weber stood face to face with JDL "leader" Shelly Rubin. Weber stood out in front of the JDL terrorists, holding two signs, and showed them the contempt they deserve. 10 - 15 ( lots of no shows) IHR demonstrators against 30 - 40 JDL terrorists.

The IHR demonstrators refused to be intimidated by these 'pillars of tolerance'. A whole half an hour of this before, after phone calls to 911, did the LAPD show up, some of the officers with smirks on their faces. It seemed to me and everyone there, that the LAPD knew exactly what the policy was. Letting the JDL free rein to attack the IHR folks in the hope violence would ensue, so as they could arrest the IHR protesters was the clear message.

One IHR protestor was dressed up as the grim reeper holding a sign of Rachel Corrie with the slogan "Zionism Kills".

One JDL terrorist was dressed as a Ku Klux Klansman; what point he was trying to make was a bit confusing !

JDL terrorists were spitting and screaming, pushing a bull horn into the face of Director Mark Weber, who refused to be intimidated. Screaming that they were glad that Rachel Corrie was killed, to quote one fat JDL woman, "One less white person in the white gene pool".

Lots of press attended, KTLA a local TV station, plus others. Director Weber holding a press conference with the backdrop of the JDL terrorists screaming, "how dare you come into a Jewish area and protest like this". Usual slurs by the JDL against the peaceful IHR protestors. One young pretty woman reporter noted that the JDL said there would be "neo-nazis" at the protest, but she was a bit puzzled because she couldn't find any.

After an hour of this mayhem, Director Weber called the protest over; we had made our point.

What stood out on the days activity. The courage of IHR Director Mark Weber, and the IHR protestors, who looked into the heart of the enemy and found them to be wanting. Showing them to be the utter cowards that they really are. The Los Angeles Police Department showing us who their paymasters truly are; it was no accident it took them 30 minutes to show up AFTER two 911 calls. ( The dispatcher told our callers they knew exactly what was going on. )
Montreal Perspectives
by Jalaluddin S. Hussain

London bombings- Montreal reactions

Recently, three letters to the editor of The Gazette, Montreal, summed up very well the thinking and reactions of the Montrealers, in a representative manner. The gist of these letters is given below:

Christopher Hundt

- I am tired of seeing Muslims asked to show over and over again that they are not terrorists or terrorist supporters;

- Muslim leaders have made it clear that using Islam as a justification for terrorism is a serious perversion of religion;

- To give Muslims advice is one thing but to act as if they have some resposibility beyond that of any other person, to act against terrorism, is simply not right.

Stephen Hunter

- I believe the investigation in London will reveal that the young middle class men, who chose to strap explosives to their bodies, were encouraged by their Islamic leaders, the clerics in their mosques, whose fiery rhetorics declare the West to be made of infidels and enemies of Islam.

Hussain Syed

- In the globalized world, the rampant poverty and abject humiliations suffered by many Muslims, because of imperialist and exploitive policies of the governments in the West, have made many young Muslims, both men and women, extremely angry and frustrated, and they consequently become highly pro-active and radicalized.

The Gazette's condescending editorial

"Muslim leaders strike right time", is the title of a recent editorial in The Gazette, the only English daily newspaper of this second largest city of Canada, with a growing Muslim population.

This condescending editorial makes the following points:

- the recent terror attacks (in London, U.K. and Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt) betray the real culprit of Islam;

- mentioned the Canadian Islamic Congress, President Mohamad El-Masry's call for "smart integration" in the Canadian society, instead of living apart from the larger Canadian society and becomong prey to imported ideologies;

- Non-Muslim Canadians know that the great majority of Muslims living here are peaceful and law-abiding citizens.

While this writer agrees with many of the points mentioned in this editorial, he also knows for a fact that this paper is owned by the late Israel Asper, who was a pro-Zionist champion for the political and expansionist causes of Israel, in Canada. The newspaper's appreciation of the Canadian Muslim leaders should therefore be taken with a pinch of salt. Their comments are always aimed at dampening the freedom-seeking and resistance-to-occupation spirit of the Muslims in general and the Palestinians in particular.

Condemn state terrorism also

While this writer, also, unreservedly endorses the recent denunciation of global terrorism by the 120 Canadian Muslim religious leaders, he equally demands that whenever terrorism is condemned as a political weapon, we need also to condemn the ruthless state terrorism, which is being daily perpetrated by USA and UK in Iraq and Afghanistan, by Russia in Chechniya and by Israel in the Occupied Territories.
LETTER: One-Eyed Fatwa in Light of Malcolm X' Teachings

As-Salaam-Alakiu Bro Kaukab

I Pray Allah that this short note meet you in good health my brother in faith due to the circumstances that you face with the zionist forces in the University, based on your stand aganist the forces of Zionism. Stay strong! I know you will!

Regarding that information you had on that fatwa:
these organizations inside of America and elsewhere issued a government fatwa. They are trying to tell their Masters, we are good Muslims!

Malcolm X said thirty plus years ago: when the Master is in trouble such people say: "Master are we sick!" or if the master's house was on fire we rush to put it out. Its the same thing today among the Muslime here in the United states! worst of all the oppressed want to please their masters! you could have the Fbi inside of the Mosque telling us we must spy on each other or weed out the extremists. That is saying that the brothers who are standing up aganist Imperalism should be put out the Mosque for their views. May Allah guide you and keep you strong.

yours in faith
Abu Talib sekou
Revolutionary Khutba: One in a series

Who has the Right to Speak on Behalf of U.S. Muslims?
When we Pray, What do we Affirm?
Dajjali Fatwa of Government Lackeys Condemned.

On August 5, 2005 Dr. Kaukab Siddique gave a juma' khutba and led prayers at a congregation on the west side of Baltimore, Maryland. These are the main points of the khutba:

Text for Part I of Khutba: "When My servants aske thee [O Prophet], concerning Me, I am indeed close [to them]: I respond to the prayer of every suppliant when one calls on Me: Let them also, with a will, listen to My call and believe in Me that they may be rightly guided."
[The Qur'an 2:186]
Text for Part II of Khutba: Those who believe ... "conduct their works by mutual consultation and consent [Shura]..."
[The Qur'an 42:38] PART II: After the LONDON BOMBINGS, some groups in USA have called for condemnation of terrorism and have issued a FATWA towards that end. -----------------------------------------------

Tony Blair HAS Lost his Marbles: Seems to be Advised by Zionists and Guided by International Jewry

by our Media Monitor

In his August 5 press conference, British prime minister Tony Blair issued the following edicts: -------------------------------------------

Ayman al-Zawahiri re-Emerges: Why Can't the Islamic Leader be Captured in spite of $25 million bounty?

by New Trend's media monitor

On August 4, al-Jazeerah aired a video of Ayman Al-Zawahiri, the Egyptian who is said to be second only to Osama bin Laden in the Al-Qaidah leadership [with Mullah Omar in a separate category.]

Modern technology makes such communication possible because videos can be emailed instead of being hand delivered, thus making the arrest of the sender difficult, if not impossible.

Just about every U.S. TV channel discussed the sudden emergence of the Al-Zawahiri tape and now it is New Trend's turn. Both Bush and Blair condemned it. Here are the visible aspects of the brief video: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

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